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  1. northrop

    EVGA 3090 FTW3 $980 - Microcenter (in store only) Slashing prices on everything EVGA...
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    11700K + ASUS Z590-P Prime WiFi - $270. Microcenter - In Store Only

    Another day, another Microcenter deal. Thread title says it all. Not a bad deal if you have MC nearby.,-asus-z590-p-prime-wifi,-cpu-motherboard-combo
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    '+' indicators broken?

    I noticed some time ago that not every thread I post in is marked with the little '+' on the side. In this particular example, it's this thread. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature (or both).. just got me wondering why that might be.
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    ESA accidentally doxxed every journalist registered for E3

  5. northrop

    Time stamp formatting is a little off

    Just noticed this today:
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    SmugMug acquired Flickr

    Announced just a few hours ago. I know that a few of you here use Flickr to host your images. Smugmug, as some of you know, is a paid service.
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    Images getting converted to thumbnails

    Not sure if this is even a bug or what... but I can't seem to link back to images from my host site. Everything I hotlink gets converted to an attachment and turned into a thumbnail instead. Direct link: Instead of a...
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    Odd behavior with StumbleUpon

    I've noticed this twice today, and I'm not sure how or why this is happening as I am unable to replicate this. This is while using Chrome Version 60.0.3112.101 with StumbleUpon v.11.304 Upon opening this thread, a StumbleUpon pop-up button shows up within the text window, this is while the...
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    Joined date format... again

    Same thing as before. Started noticing it this morning.
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    Luminar for Windows Enter your e-mail address, it will prompt a 200MB download and you will get an e-mail with the beta code. Never used it until today. For the few people here that still don't have LR/PS/ON1/C1/whatever else, this might be a good time to try something different. Mind...
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    Tired of your Canon and Nikon? Try a.... Volvo

    That's pretty awesome. Entire exhibit shot with a car's camera.
  12. northrop

    Underlined dates/dot boarders

    Noticed this today. Some dates are underlined, some are not. Actually, I've noticed a lot of strange "boarders" throughout the forum today. Using both Chrome and FF.
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    Joined date format

    I noticed that people with the joined date that follow the format month/xx/year is messed up vs month/x/year. See attachments. Date is pushed down to the next line. Not a huge deal, but my OCD is kicking in ;)
  14. northrop

    Anyone use LED studio lights?

    I'm looking at getting LED lights for my home studio. Does anyone here have any experience using any of them? I've got my eye on a couple of them right now, but don't really know what direction to go with. Primary...
  15. northrop

    Two step verification not worky?

    I've had the two step verification via e-mail turned on by default since the new forum was introduced. Worked great, every 30 days I'd get an e-mail with the code for each of my devices. Dunno what's causing it not to work right now. I had to turn it off in my settings, otherwise I wouldn't be...
  16. northrop

    DxO OpticsPro 9 Elite

    As always, DxO releases its old versions of the software for free (current version 11 is on sale for $150) DxO & PROFIFOTO | Site is in German. Just enter your e-mail address, and you'll get a download link (Windows/Mac) with a serial number to register your product.
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    Might as well get a new thread for this too. Beta sign up available. F2P with micro-transactions. GWENT®: The Witcher Card Game
  18. northrop

    New build, need some suggestions

    Well, my current rig decided not to work anymore, and I need some new components. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc - Photo editing, followed by gaming. Although I haven't played a single game this year, so it's really not a priority. 2) What's your...
  19. northrop

    Nik Software

    Google Nik Collection Starting today... it's all free to download :) I forgot how much I paid for it, but it was totally worth it. Silver Efex alone is probably the best b&w converted out there. Highly recommend it to all of you guys!
  20. northrop

    Half Life Miami If you're familiar with Hotline Miami, you know what you're getting. Free download available. Get it while it's still there, before they take it down, for whatever reason ;)
  21. northrop

    black bars after fresh install

    This is driving me nuts. Did a fresh install, no hardware was changed. After installing AMD drivers, the screen gets shifted to the left, and I get black bars on sides, and bottom. The only way to fix this right now, is to just uninstall the video drivers completely. :rolleyes: Scaling option...
  22. northrop

    Need a P&S

    - Budget... pretty open, say up to $1k, but preferably within $600/700. - Zoom with moderate range - Not an interchange lens system - Modern with good IQ This isn't for me, and considering I'm not really in the loop with any P&S cameras, I'm at a loss. I've kind of narrowed down the choice to...
  23. northrop

    DxO OpticsPro 8 - free until the end of January
  24. northrop

    G500s "search highlighted text in defaoult browser"

    Drives me nuts. How/where do I set this up? I was able to do that with my G500, which took a dumb on me, so I picked up the G500s in its place and for the love of god, I can't find this option available anywhere. With G500, I could just highlight random text anywhere on the screen (doesn't...
  25. northrop

    Need some filters

    This is a short notice, since I'll be leaving in a couple of weeks, but I need to pick up some filters. What I do need is: - "big stopper" type thing. I'm currently looking at B+W ND 3.0 with single coating. - circ polar. Again, looking at a B+W offering. (both in a 77mm variant) I've...
  26. northrop

    A $36 question

    Amazon or B&H? I want to pick up the 85mm Nikkor in the next few days, and I have a dilemma :rolleyes: Amazon prime or B&H? In my area, Amazon is using a local couriers for the last mile, and those guys can be a bit.... sketchy. All my shipments have been delivered on time (or rather, on the...
  27. northrop

    So I did my first paid gig this weekend...

    ... and it wasn't bad :p A friend of mine talked me into doing an engagement party "with" him. I never did anything like that before (unless you count my friend's bridal shower), and as a landscape photographer (almost exclusively) I was going into this with a little warning sign on my forehead...
  28. northrop

    Total Annihilation successor!

    HA! Made you click. Ok, this probably won't even scratch the surface of TA, but this Kickstarter project does look interesting. Not to the point where I'm willing to donate anything over $15 (if that) but given the recent C&C-F2P transition, and the lack of anything interesting in a great...
  29. northrop

    McKay Photography Academy

    :eek: photo safari, anyone? :cool:
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    Need a new shoulder strap

    Any recommendations? I was looking at the R-strap, but it seems they all attach to the bottom of the camera. I don't want that as I work too much with a tripod. I looked over a few Domke, OP/TECH, Tamrac and some random straps on B&H, but couldn't find anything I like. Am I missing something...
  31. northrop

    D800 samples

    I see no love for the Nikon here on these forums :p Anyway, the sample shots come from nikoncafe, thanks to Domdog31 (original thread for those with an account): ISO 6400: random samples with 100% crops: Ok.... I am impressed. Looks like I need to do some...
  32. northrop

    LR4 is now out At $149 for the full version and $79 for an upgrade, I say this is a great deal.
  33. northrop

    Mass Effect 3 demo - 2/14/12

    Didn't see a thread for it. 40 minute video of the demo:
  34. northrop

    Looking to upgrade my PC

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc - Primarily for photo editing (Lightroom, Photoshop, with additional other photo editing software). Might get into HD video editing (this is something I haven't experimented enough with, but given an option I'd like to...
  35. northrop

    [H]ey C[H]icago p[H]otographer

    Volume and I are getting together this Saturday for a little photo fun. The more the merrier, so if you'd like to join us post in this thread and let us know. We don't really have a plan yet, as this will be our first outing, but... couple shots here and there, maybe a pizza/beer after. Who...
  36. northrop

    need a netbook capable time waster

    I'll be on a plane for about 10 hours next month, and I need a good time waster. :p Here's a short list of things I've already beaten to death and don't want to play it anymore: World of Goo Flotilla Lumines Osmos Peggle Plain Sight PvZ Reaxxion Shatter Trine Jewel Quest SMB I'm pretty sure...
  37. northrop

    Looking ofr a decent 2.0 (2.1?) setup

    Hi guys. My nearly 10-year old harman/kardon speakers are dieing, and I'm in a need of a replacement. I'm not looking for shelf speakers/amps/receivers/etc. Mostly due to the very limited space and I really don't want to deal with it. I just want to be able to plug them in, and call it a day...
  38. northrop

    Some vacation photos

    S. Dakota Badlands Mount Rushmore Crazy Horse Wyoming Devils Tower Colorado Rocky Mountains National Park Mesa Verde...
  39. northrop

    LG LH30 problem

    help me. this display is driving me nuts!!! the screen is not aligned properly. everything is "pushed" to the right and for the love of God i can't find the option to move it to the center. i don't have the manual either. :o i'll upload the photos of this "problem" when i get home.
  40. northrop

    thinking about the Comfort Laser

    anyone ever used on of these? My MS Ergo 4000 is giving me some problems, and I'm looking for alternatives. Right now I'm only considering ergonomic keyboards such as the one above, but if you have anything to suggest, please feel free. I'm not a gamer and this is strictly for everyday use...