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    MacBook Pro sleep behavior-

    Hey everyone, day 4 (I think) in the mac camp and I am loving it. Problem: When I close the lid I dont like waiting 30-40 seconds for the memory to be written to HDD, so I used the terminal command <sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0> to set it to immediate sleep. This works great. The problem...
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    Networking Vista and Macbook Pro

    Hey, I just got a macbook pro today, and I am loving it. I need to network my Vista desktop (sig) to my new apple to be able to transfer files and things like that. I am a total mac noob, and have no idea what I am doing. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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    Smash Bros Brawl - WFC connection error

    I just bought it today and I want to check out the online play, but I cant seem to connect to anyone and after about 30-45 seconds I get error 85020. Anyone able to get online? Is this a Nintendo problem, or a wi-fi connection problem?
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    I need a good voice distortion program

    I am trying to get a program that can take microphone input and distort it (including reverb effects, echoes, variable lag...etc). I tried using the software that came with my X-Fi, as indicated in this thread. Unfortunately, just like creative's drivers, the software is a total piece of shit...
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    How do I get this console with my X-Fi?

    Anoyone know what software I have to install to get this?
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    New to Linux...installing nvidia drivers?

    Hey, I just downloaded Ubuntu 7.05, and am excited to check out beryl and linux media center... But before I can do any of that, I have to figure out how to install stuff. I have DLed the proper drivers from and I just cant figure out how to install them. I used the terminal and...
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    STALKER help...cant find Strelok's Stash

    I have found the room underground and the "Find Strelok's Stash" sub-mission is complete, but now it says find more information about that supposed to be in this room? Where should I look? Thanks for the help.
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    DFI nF4 Expert memory overclocking problems...strange

    I have been trying to OC my new DFI board. Everything is going very well, but the memory overclocking seems to be a little strange. I can boot memtest with my TCC5 memory (2x512) at 275+ MHz, 3-4-4-8. It will run all day and be rock stable. As soon as I try to boot windows, computer crashes...
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    Brand new WD SATAII 500GB drive...format or quick format?

    I am sitting here watching this beast of a drive format. Its going to take a while... I was wondering, this is a brand new drive, does it need the full on format, or will a quick format be sufficient? Thanks for your help!
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    should I just buy an ipod, or keep waiting?

    My ipod got stolen about 6 months ago. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a new ipod announcement. september comes and goes. macworld 2007 comes and goes, with no announcement of a new ipod. I really want an ipod, and my mom even gave me $250 to apple for christmas, and I have...
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    DVD+RW Media Questions

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    x64 linksys drivers...

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    Macworld 2007 discussion thread

    Well, its that time of year again. January 9-12 is Macworld 2007. Any predictions on what we will be seeing? I am hoping for iTV and a new iPod. I have a gift certificate for $250, but I wont be buying a 5G ipod...gotta wait for 6G; I hope they are released at macworld!! What are you all...
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    So now that christmas is over...

    When will I be able to get a Wii at MSRP? I am prepared to wait till february, but I would like one ASAP. Do you still have to camp out or is it just a matter of calling the stores at the right time?
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    Garry's Mod 10 to be released via Stem tomorrow!

    WOOHOO!! Its finally here. I've been waiting forever for this to finally happen! Anyone else excited to drop the $10 for this?
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    PS3 loses more exclusives

    I hope all those people who are paying thousands of dollars arent SOL!! The PS3 needs exclusive titles, titles that only the cell processor can handle, not just games that are also available for the 360.
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    Valve's Multi-Core Source Engine

    Just read up a little on valve and what direction they are taking the source engine with respect to multi-core CPU's. They say dual core is good, quad core is excelent. In fact, Gabe Newell said that they have been putting off buying new hardware to wait for kentsfield. I have been really...
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    So is nF4 still the best 939/PCI-e platform?

    Soon, with the coming of G80, it will be time to ditch the old AGP system. Sad, I know; but all good things come to an end. So, I have a 939 X2, and will obviously need a 939 board. Last time I researched this, it seemed that the DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert was the best all around...
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    Equalizer in WMP11?

    I downloaded the free vista (my beta 2 key works!!) and am currently using Build 5536. Usually I am a winamp guy, and know jsut how I like the equalizer, but im giving WMP11 a shot. The problem is I am a slight audiophile, and I can hear how flat WMP plays the songs, but I cant find the...
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    Star Fox Command for the DS

    This game comes out tomorrow, and I have it preordered from it should be shipping tomorrow and arriving wednesday. Anyone else looking forward to this game? Im really wondering how well they used teh touch screen to control the ship, but every preview I read says its really easy.
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    Zune registered with FCC, produced by Toshiba

    Just saw this on engadget and thought I would share, a search didnt find 'Zune' and 'Toshiba' together.
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    Browsing the [H], and guess what Nod32 found-

    Every time I go into this thread about the cease-fire in the middle east, I get slapped with one of these: I dont know what it is, or why, but It comes up every time I load that particular thread. Just a heads up.
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    How to change res in Condemned: Crininal Origins

    Hey, just got this game, fired it up, but I cant seem to get it to change resolution. I want to set it at 1680x1050, but there is no 'Apply' button or anything, so I can set it then go back to the main menu, but nothing changes and when I go back to the video settings its on 800x600 again...
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    Error on the frontpage?

    stopping kids from going to R rated movies is law, I believe Clinton made that one. I believe you might have meant the "explicit content" sticker on CD's, because that is not a law, it is volentarily enforced (or not) by teh store in question.
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    Warm: Free AOE3 with purchase of 4400+ @ ZZF

    I got a free copy of AOE3 with my purchase of a 4400+, and the deal is still going. Not sure what chips its on, but X2 4400+ for sure. You wont see it till right before you pay.
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    Have an X2 4400+? I need your help!!

    I am about to purchase one of these chips, but there are 2 different SKUs available to me through ZZF. There are: ADV4400CDBOX or ADA4400CDBOX They are both teh same price, so naturally I want to get the better one. If you have an X2 4400+, would you do me a favor and look at your box...
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    Which one of these 4400+ X2's overclock better?

    ZZF shows two different 4400+ X2 CPU's. ADV4400CDBOX ADA4400CDBOX The latter is $10 cheaper, but would I gain a significant OC buy getting one over the other?
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    SiN Episodes Arena Mode!!

    Have you guys tried this? I guess it got released in the last update of the game, and I totally forgot about it till yesterday. Its actually pretty fun. Its like a game of CS that uses only bots and spawns them all the time. Its cool though, because due to the adaptive AI system, you dont...
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    Half-Life 2 Episode Two Site is up!! there is really no content at all, and was probably put up with the videos of the past few days, but it is up. No info but exciting none the less.
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    A 4800+ X2 might be a better deal than a conroe for me...should I upgrade at all?

    I have a 3000+ @ 2.2 GHz ATM, limited by my shitty mobo. The chip can do 2.75GHz no sweat in an nForce based mobo. I am going to upgrade to a PCI-e based system soon in the near future, because my 6800GT is getting dated, and I really like the G80; so upgrading the mobo is a must. For 939...
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    Need a new DS title...

    Just returned Metroid Prime, didnt like it too much. Now, I have about $36 in the DS fund; time for another game. Games I own: New Super Mario Mario Kart Super mario 64 Games I've had my eye on: Tetris DS Sonic Rush Wario Ware Animal Crossing
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    WTB: Nintendo DS games.

    I am especially looking for Tetris, Mario Kart and Resident evil. Let me know if you have one of these games (or any others) for sale or trade. Thanks!
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    Best place to buy used DS games?

    I just picked up a DS lite...this thing is so awesome. Now I need games. I dont have $35 for each game I want, so I was wondering where the cheapest used games are. I hit up gamestop for Super Mario 64 DS for $20, that was a good deal...but even Tetris seems to be $30 everywhere, used. $5...
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    Is a custom WinXP install disc possible?

    Reinstalling windows is a pain in teh ass. The worst part is installing norton, then installing firefox, then installing winamp, then installing forth and so on. Is there a way to make a copy of my existing XP disc, tweak it so things like firefox are installed right off the bat...