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    iCloud hacked

    So just the hot ones...
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    An OS for punishment?

    How about
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    Please don't laugh at me...

    What's the last version of VS that runs on XP? He can have that. There is a want in there somewhere. Does he NEED VS2013? Then he wants XP. OR is it the other way around.... I want my car to run on water,,,,Sorry not gonna happen
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    Log entry question

    Are you running a VPN? or maybe Tomcat? I would say it is probably a public key issue. have a look in /etc/ipsec.secrets
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    Concern over heatsink weight on X79 motherboard.

    As long as everything is screwed down properly (heat sink to motherboard and motherboard to standoffs) it will be fine. I suppose it could get damaged if there was a lot of motion, say you dropped it or something.
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    multi core cpu's?

    @Dogs, that is absolutely true in regards to what the OP was asking. Didn't mean to derail this thread.
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    multi core cpu's?

    Sure there is something special about multi-threading in any OS as they all use different schedulers. Performance from any 1 scheduler will show differences. However the biggest differences appear in the GUI. In linux there is a choice of what you would like to pull from userspace to create a...
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    Songs for speaker comparison/testing ?

    2 That I like for their range and layers are Sheesha - Banco De Gaia Chocolate Elvis - Tosca Neither i think are very quick so we are not looking at response time with these.
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    Songs for speaker comparison/testing ?

    I think that is a very tricky question. I think it depends on what kind of music you like (as you said songs as opposed to spoken word clarity). The best songs are song that you know well. A good set of speakers will hopefully let you hear something that you have never heard before. My favorite...
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    multi core cpu's?

    try 'htop' it will show the load on each core
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    Cron Help! Need to edit a coldreboot command

    That's tricky. The way I do it, and maybe there is a better way, is you have to do some math and logic. So for every 45 min I would setup 3 different cron jobs as such 0,45 0-23/3 * * * 30 1-23/3 * * * 15 2-23/3 * * *So the 0,1,2 says start the every 3 hours at different times. I'll...
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    Cron Help! Need to edit a coldreboot command

    My bad, we all make typos
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    Cron Help! Need to edit a coldreboot command

    It does not mean once every 3 days, it means at the 0 minute of the 0 hour every 3 days. Sure that would work but not why you think, 30 was just a number i pulled out of the air. So by putting 30 it will run at the 30th minute of the hour. If you put 0 it will run at the 0th minute of the hour...
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    Linux Mint Debian Edition

    What Ubuntu has done is taken Debian and modified it to meet their own goals, so much so that it is no longer compatible (to a degree). It like saying your kids came from you but have grown into their own person and are not exactly the same as you
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    Cron Help! Need to edit a coldreboot command

    That would run every minute of every other hour That would run on the 59th of every other hour. Anything over half really messes with the timing when using "/" because it is not a continual counter. For example in the minute column the biggest number you could have there is 59 as 60 would be an...
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    Cron Help! Need to edit a coldreboot command

    That means it will run on the 59th minute of every 2nd hour. That is a hard example to understand. Let's say that instead you wrote */10 */2 * * * this would run every 10 min of every 2nd hour. or put another way every 10 min at 14:00,, every 10 min at 16:00, every 10 min at 18:00 ...
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    Cron Help! Need to edit a coldreboot command

    If you enter does the system restart?
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    Monitor each machines bandwith usage?

    How is your network set up? When I was using Smoothwall as my router, that was a standard feature
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    Linux Desktop, Mixed Screen Orientations?

    Just had a try in ArandR and this works fine for me. Don't know if it makes a difference but I am using Openbox on Debian
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    Cron Help! Need to edit a coldreboot command

    the /10 means every ten minutes. if you put a number there without the / it will happen whenever the clock says that minute.
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    Anybody here using any linux distro?

    I might get called picky for this but Linux is not an OS, it is a kernel. OSX is based on a different kernel called Mach which is a BSD. I'm not sure what you are asking by saying 'the same type' I haven't used windows in years and other than a few old games, there is nothing that I miss or...
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    Charging for Open-Source

    Depending on the license the 'open source' code is written under, for example the GPL. there is nothing that says you can't charge for it. It is up to the user what he is willing to pay. If your mom makes you dinner would you be willing to pay her? How much do you think that is worth?
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    How do I undervolt a Delta fan?

    Could be a few things, There needs to be a load on the 5V line for this to work. it also could be a regulator on your PS. Not enuf info in your sig to sort it out. The easiest solution is to get a fan controller then you can fine tune what speed you want.
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    Noo question... Subnetmasks and gateways

    Just curious, if you don't have a router, then you are not assigning DHCP addresses. So all of your devices are being set statically? Your subnet mask would be
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    Mechanical keyboard c/w DC adapter, good or bad?

    I have a CM Storm trigger with the brown switches. Has that dc port as well. I am surprised that a flash drive would cause that voltage issue. Do you have it connected directly to your motherboard or is it plugged into something else along the way?
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    How do I undervolt a Delta fan?

    In a DC system as we are look at here, there is no ground. All equipment is driven by the potential between the supply wire and the return wire. All that is happening here is changing the return to a higher value. 12-5=7 volts. You could overclock your fan by changing your 'ground' to say the...
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    NAS/streaming media question

    you could jailbreak those boxes
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    Cooling Liquids??

    Actually pee would be good. Ammonia carries more heat than water and would kill anything in the loop. However it would eat through all your copper blocks but it would turn a funky blue.
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    Itx chassi with double LP slots?

    how about
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    Using the Linux Commander

    Sounds like you figured it out.I've never used Partedmagic myself but I do use Openbox (that is the desktop manager you see), so I understand what you are looking at. Had i realized that you were trying to recover data from a bad HDD i may have suggested you mount the drive from the command line...
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    Using the Linux Commander

    I guess what I was getting at I don't believe that the drives are mounted. df then requires some logic to figure out what's going on. Using blkid will tell you right away with less brain work. Don't get me wrong, i use df alot especially on my file server to see how full things are, but I think...
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    Replacing my tower with a compact desktop, please review

    I would vote going for the non-k version as it has more features, like VT-d which would help with VMware. Also this would bring down your cost as you no longer need a Z rated board. I put a 4670 on a H87I-PLUS and am loving it:D
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    Using the Linux Commander

    df shows your file system. I think the OP needs something more like but since I don't know what version of linux you are running this may or may not work. It sounds like you are new to this and are choosing a difficult path by trying to do this from the command line. I would suggest installing...
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    Using the Linux Commander

    Do you mean Midnight Commander? What flavour of Linux are you using? Have the drives been mounted? Here's a quick reference to to file system layout
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    430W enough for my system?

    you could try
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    What is your Haswell idle temp?

    vendor_id : GenuineIntel cpu family : 6 model : 60 model name : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40GHz stepping : 3 microcode : 0x16 cpu MHz : 3400.000 acpitz-virtual-0 Adapter: Virtual device temp1: +27.8°C (crit = +105.0°C) temp2: +29.8°C (crit =...
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    Floppy Drive

    Does the floppy drive need to work? I mean do you really have floppies around to use with it? What if you hanged the face plate and put the usb ports or a card reader behind it?
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    using rsync over SSH

    Sorry don't know much about OSX but I would use '--rsync-path="sudo rsync"'
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    is Ubuntu the most used Linux distro there is?

    Well according to Mint and Debian are ahead of Ubuntu. Mint by almost twice as much. For me choosing a distro is more of philosophical question than anything else.
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    I love getting deliveries

    huh...i wish I knew about this before....I may have to make another order soon:eek: