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    Confused by new 23" monitors 16:9

    Please help, My brother wants a new monitor for Christmas and I have been looking at a bunch of 23" monitors on the Egg. I have figured out that these all seem to be 16:9. Does this matter? He will be using this for games mostly. Should I stick with the more expensive 16:10 22-24 inch...
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    Hey, I'm thinking about buying this board for my new system. The main reason I want this board is because I have a pci-x raid card. Anyway, the only thing that I am wondering about is this review. One of these guys claims...
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    Need help with motherboard selection and other ideas

    Hello Multiprocessing experts. One of my clients gave me their old server and I'm thinking about using it as a work station / gaming machine / small file server / everyday computer. The main problem is that the Aopen motherboard does not have an AGP slot among other things. I'm thinking about...
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    WD360ADFD Raptor

    I thinking of getting 4 of these for a 4 drive raid 0 array. Are these as fast as the WD740ADFD? I don't need the extra disk space, just the speed. Any hard facts, links or charts? Thanks
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    Need help with dual displays

    Hello, I just got a Dell Inspiron E1505 for a client and an extra monitor. This client wants to put the extra monitor on the other side of her desk so her clients can see documents. She is an Attorney. I wanted to setup the system so both monitors display the same image. Here's my problem...
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    Build me a machine for Photoshop

    Hey guys, One of my clients needs a new machine for photoshop CS2. This is what I'm thinking 1. Intel DG965WH 2. Core 2 E6600 3. 2 gigs Kingston value ram (this is what my supplier has, although he can order anything). 4. MSI Nvidia 7600 GT 5. Antec Sonata case 6. WD Raptor 74 for...
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    Advice needed, audio visual and computer stuff

    Hello, One of my clients is looking to buy a large TV for his conference room and asked me for recommendations. He's thinking 40-50 inches. I'm looking for a TV that can be easily connected to a computer. He will probably connect a laptop or a dell desktop. I'm hoping for a TV with VGA...
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    Advice needed. Please help

    Hello Multiprocessing experts, One of my clients just gave me their old server and I need advice on how to proceed. Here's a list of components 1. Aopen DXPS Plus-U motherboard. SCSI on board. 2. 2x Intel Xeon 2.4 processors 3. 2 gigs ram 4. Antec 0 channel u-320 dual raid card 5...
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    IBM Rack server

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me piece together some info. I went to University of Michigan property disposition today looking for goodies. I usually go there every couple months to see if they have any good stuff. They get rid of all kinds of retired computer stuff, as well...
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    Upside down cases, heat pipe coolers

    Hey guys, I'm planning to buy a lian li V1000 case and I was wondering if there is any evidence that a motherboard with heat pipe coolers will actually have problems in a case like this. I've been looking at some of the boards from Asus. I also might buy an A8N SLI premium from a friend...
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    Need help with video card purchase and cooling

    Hello Experts, I need some advice. I'm building a computer for a guy who wants it to be very quiet. I'm thinking of getting these 2 things I would like a video...
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    Please help with quiet fan options

    Hello Experts, I do onsite computer support and repair. I build alot of computers, but most of my clients only need minimum components. I'm getting ready to build a higher end machine for a client who has requested a quiet computer. Here's the parts I have ordered Intel Pentium D 930 Intel...
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    free disk recovery tool

    Hello Experts, I am trying to recover data from a bad hard drive. Anybody know of a free disk recovery tool that I could use? Thanks ribs
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    best free antivirus for server 2000

    Hello Folks, I am trying my hand at building my own webserver. I just finished installing Windows Server 2000 on my machine. I was wondering if there is a good antivirus solution for this machine. I usually use AVG Free, but I don't think it works on Windows Server 2000 Thanks ribs1
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    Anti Static Mat

    Hello, I'm looking for an Anti-Static mat to put on my workbench. I build 2-3 computers a week and I think I may have zapped a motherboard a few weeks ago. Anyway an anti-static mat would probably be a good idea. I used to work in a shop that had a nice one that had a ground lead attachment...
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    Raid 1 for backup

    Hello experts, I had an argument with a coworker today that I hope you guys can solve for me. We do onsite computer support for small businesses. A lot of our clients have basic file servers that we build. My partner usually sets them up with raid 1 for backup. Usually 3 80gig drives, 2 of...
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    IDE Raid controller

    Hey Guys, I'm building a file server from spare parts and such. I've get tons of IDE drives lying around 20-80 gigs. I'd like to get a cheap and good raid controller for these drives. I will probably do a 3-4 drive raid 5. I'm using a standard desktop board from MSI that I have laying...
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    advice needed

    Hey Folks, I planning to scrape together some parts and build a file server at home. I'm wondering if you guys can give me some suggestions. Might do a dual proc system just for the fun of it. I will probably use the server just to backup data from my 2 windows machines and my girlfriends...
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    Pentium 4m in a desktop

    Hey Guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I have a Pentium 4m processor SL6CG. I would like to use it in an MSI Ultra motherboard. I'm pretty sure it can work because its 478 pin. Can anyone give any insight on how well this will work? And detailed instructions on how to make it work...
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    Just built new rig, please help

    Hey guys, I just built a new rig and I'm getting ready to do a little overclocking. I have not done this before Specs are as follows Opteron 170 MSI 7800gtx 2gb Gskill Lian Li v1000 case Zalman Heatsink A8N-E Anyway, before I get started I have a few questions 1. Is the Asus AI...
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    Please Help, LSI Megaraid Elite 1600 not working right

    Hey Guys, I have a Dell Perc3/dc (lsi elite 1600). This card is actually the Dell version flashed with an LSI bios. I have it on an Intel D865glc board. I can only get channel 2 to work. Channel 1 does not work. Should I flash it with the Dell bios? Is channel 1 dead Any thoughts would...
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    Please Help, Laptop Dead

    Hey Guys, I have a Dell Latitude c840 laptop that stopped working. No power, no lights, nothing. Tried a different power cable and it still won't power. Any Ideas? Thanks ribs1
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    need advice for u160 scsi raid controller

    Hey Guys, Please give me your advice if you can. I would like to buy a u160 raid controller for my dad. He just wants it to play around with and set up his drives. I got a bunch of 9 gb drives on Ebay. Card must be compatable with an Intel d865 glc motherboard. 1 or 2 channel. budget is...
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    New Gaming build, please criticize

    Hey Guys, I'm getting ready to order these parts for a new gaming rig. Any comments, suggestions etc would be appreciated Mobo: Asus A8N-E Processor: Opteron 170 Ram: G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) Model #: F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX Case...
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    Need advice for a new gaming machine please help (noob)

    Hello, I was wondering if you guys could give some suggestions for a gaming machine from the ground up. I have built lots of computers but no gaming rigs. I'm building this machine for a friend. I've built about 100 computers so I know what I'm doing (all office, no gaming). All my builds...
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    advice needed for a noob

    Please Help, I'm thinking of buying some parts on Ebay and building a 2 processor system. Mostly for fun and partly for better performance. All I do is surf, play Age of Empires 2 and 3, office apps and such. What would you guys recommend if I wanted to spend 500-1000 bucks? I'm planning on...