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    Tape backup solutions

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    Ports blocked but NO firewall/router?

    Windows XP, no router, no network. When I use laptop it's ok. So it sounds like something to do with the Windows on the desktop? and no, it's not Windows Firewall, that's disabled.
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    Ports blocked but NO firewall/router?

    Hi, my computer seems to block all ports even though I have no firewall or router. I can do things like IRC and web browsing but I can't receive DCC in IRC or use file share programs. I can send with DCC though. When I do online port scans all ports seem to be closed/blocked. Any ideas?
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    battle of the forget parts: 6200 vs 9800

    How does 6600 (vanilla) non-GT compare to 9800 Pro?
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    Conroe vs. AMD FX-62

    What X2 would the Conroe 1.83GHz be equivalent to?
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    Can't get to sleep

    The indexing thing is off. I thought HDDs spin down when computer is idle?
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    Can't get to sleep

    Can someone explain to me why the fuck my laptop's HDD is constantly scratching away while my laptop is idle and I'm in bed? :mad: :mad: :mad: I do mean literally seeking/writing/whatever the fuck *constantly*.
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    Cyrix: Getting Back Into The Gaming Processors Market

    Someone ban this fucking idiot.
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    Safely Remove Hardware

    Bit off topic but my external HDD *always* says Windows is in use when trying to safely remove it? I just have to make sure it's not working and unplug it anyway.
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    Intel's answer to AMD's HyperTransport?

    *bump* Anyone heard anymore? :confused: With Dell's decision about AMD it looks like Intel can't afford to delay or scrap their "CSI" and need to bring it out as soon as possible. Will Nehalem have CSI ~2008, or? :confused:
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    Woodcrest 6/25/06 product availability, Cloverton Q1'07

    I think Clovertown is a glue job of two Conroes while Kentfield is native quad core.
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    The Dothan CPU in this laptop is running at 0.7V at 800MHz 90% of the time :)
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    What kind of price will a decent Conroe motherboard cost? is around £80 reasonable to assume?
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    Worth it to go from AMD 3800X2 to Conroe?

    Well I still got an XP2400+ back home and might upgrade to something like X2 3800+ or a low end Conroe this summer. Depends how far AMD X2 prices drop after Conroe's introduction.
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    Baby's first Conroe...

    Are you going to benchmark it?
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    Number of platters in the Seagate ST3200820AS 7200.10 200GB drive?

    It's 2, which is very disappointing considering 7200.9 had a single platter 160GB. Why not just make a 187GB single platter 7200.10?
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    Conroe release date

    If you're going for Merom-based notebook that is Q4, so not July (Q3) like Conroe.
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    On the fence

    Atleast wait for Conroe and then see how it compares with AM2.
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    What transfer rates do you guys get with your external enclosures?

    I get around 40MB/s with my IcyBox and a Samsung P120 250GB.
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    I got the idea that you needed DX10 to run Vista's new GUI?
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    Why do people need DX10 for Vista? what happens if you don`t?
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    How does 6600 compare?

    Maybe not but I'm not getting it just for CS 1.6. I want to hopefully never need to upgrade again as I don't game at all except CS 1.6. I might buy something like X2 4400+ after the Conroe makes the prices drop. But Conroe seems like it will price very attractively anyway so I might just get that.
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    How does 6600 compare?

    I just need something that is 99fps (constant) capable in CS 1.6. The CPU will be medium to high-end so that should be OK, for example: low end Conroe or X2 4200+. It's just the graphics card I wasn't too sure about. Thanks.
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    How does 6600 compare?

    Does a 6600 (NOT GT) equal the fastest Geforce 4? or is it closer to 9800 Pro performance? I tried looking for reviews but just found 6600GT reviews and not 6600.
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    Intel CPU and nVidia card?

    OK thanks, he wasn't a fan_boy just a noob if he's wrong. He didn't mean Intel have bad chipsets, just chipsets that don't work well with Nvidia. Well anyway, thanks for clearing it up.
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    Intel CPU and nVidia card?

    Hi, someone just told me that Intel don't have good chipsets for Nvidia cards? is this true?
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    Conroe launch speeds, prices, details.

    Are the 4MB Conroes dual core and 2MB single?
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    what will conroe cost? and what mobo chip set?

    Are only the 4MB Conroes dualcore?
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    Duo Core VS Tom's Hardware

    This "20%" you're talking about is Intel's claim about Conroe v K8. Sorry kid.
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    New Conroe benches from Victor...

    Any idea how 950 will compare to the low to medium-end Conroes? Will it be better to get a low-end Conroe for Vista for example? I'm not a gamer at all. But I want a very smooth Windows experience when multi-tasking etc. The only game will be CS 1.6.
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    "Stress technology" can you say K9 4Ghz in 2007.

    haha you are so funny. Seriously, how old are you?
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    New Conroe benches from Victor...

    It seems that Conroe will be released at lower prices than Presler?
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    New Conroe benches from Victor...

    Will 950 seriously be dropped to around $250? that is cheap as candy. However I live in UK, but it will still be cheap compared to today of course. How will a 950 compare to XP2400+? :)
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    New Conroe benches from Victor...

    This is why I may not go for Conroe afterall. These Presler price drops are very attractive. I don't need much power, just enough to get 99fps constant in CS 1.6 :cool: and general smooth usage.
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    New Conroe benches from Victor...

    Will there be further price cuts on the Presler lineup?
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    FX60...Should I?

    There's Conroe in just a few months time too to think about.
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    External Enclosure

    What is a great external enclosure? Something that has great build quality, so maybe plastic with rubber layer to soften small impacts. I was thinking firewire would be essential feature, but is there much difference in performance? :confused: I think build quality is more important maybe.