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    for yellow page advertising purpose, what's the generic term of phishing?

    they may not understand how it happens, but I'm fairly certain most people know what Identity Theft is
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    suggestions for a network tap

    Depends on what you're looking to accomplish. for something that supports SPAN, you'll obviously need a managed switch. I don't have much experience with lower end switches, but you can usually find some older cisco switches for cheap on ebay if you want to go that route. Finding a cheap...
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    for yellow page advertising purpose, what's the generic term of phishing?

    identity theft? phishing doesn't mean they were hacked, they were tricked and gave up their own info to the wrong people.
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    suggestions for a network tap

    I second the SPAN option. what switches do you use? TAPs are great when you need them, but they are not scalable IMO, especially when you get into fabric-based networks.
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    Which Distro To Replace Windows?

    I installed ubuntu on my desktop that I use more for server purposes than desktop. However I also installed Ubuntu for my wife on her laptop. she uses it just fine and I rest easy knowing I can most likely fix any problems that come up because it's what I'm most familiar with. as you've done...
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    reclassifying internet service as a utility

    I am in favor of anything that encourages more competition. Until that happens, everything else is a moot point.
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    Cisco 2801 question

    do you want access FROM the switch TO the Internet? or TO the switch FROM the Internet?
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    Free air cooling technology for data closets

    stupid forums lost my post... the short of what I had typed was: I know very little about this topic, but I wanted to look into it when we build our house. the concept makes perfect sense to me. I'm interested in this topic, so hopefully someone can provide more insight.
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    UBNT gear and vlans

    is the AP tagging? Is the Zyxel tagging? Making a few assumptions, I would try the following: if you're not using VLAN 1, disable it. tag all traffic between the zyxel and toughswitch don't rely on 'native vlans'... it's a workaround more than a design. if you can tag, then tag. if the AP...
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    Help Needed With Network and VLANs

    see this: imo, always plan for the future. if the device supports tagging, do it. less down time in the future for adding new functionality yes, both must be trunk ports that allow 20, 30 and whatever...
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    Load balancer/wan failover

    you don't want to use LACP on 2 links that have different bandwidths (i'm assuming that your new connection is higher bandwidth based on what you've stated above). you'll overrun 1 of them very quickly. you can do redundancy very easily by using a routing protocol across both links...
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    Competition with ISP's

    It may not be "great" always, but it's definitely better than a monopoly... imagine that same situation where only 1 telco offered anything and it was still at 1mb speeds and cost you twice as much as what they currently charge... that's what it's like without ANY competition.... no incentive to...
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    ASA 5505 or SRX210 for home lab?

    for example, PA's are very weak in routing features
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    what is your background?

    Thanks for all the replies so far... I find it very interesting to see how wide of a variety of specialties everyone is involved in.
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    what is your background?

    I seriously had to read this a few times to figure out what you were talking about... /facepalm
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    ASA 5505 or SRX210 for home lab?

    I'm not sure on this, but I *think* they support a restful API. the CLI itself is somewhat similar to JunOS, but not exactly alike. I don't know if they have scripting capabilities directly in the shell or not.... I haven't had a whole lot of experience on them yet.
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    First Time VPN

    You need to pick one type of VPN that is the same between the 2. ie. picking ONE of: IPSec PPTP L2TP OpenVPN etc. SSL is *usually* for client VPN's, not site-to-site If both sides don't support a common VPN type, you won't be able to set it up between the 2. You'll have to replace one of...
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    what is your background?

    Hey everyone.... I am attempting to do some basic market research (which as far as i can tell, is not against the rules, so apologies if it is). I was curious what kind of backgrounds everyone around here has. 1) what specific type of IT work do you do? (for example: datacenter networking...
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    Why are my pings decrementing and looping?

    that's just how long it took that particular ping to hit it and respond... it's the round trip time per ping. If the TTL was changing values / decrementing, you'd have a loop.
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    ASA 5505 or SRX210 for home lab?

    I have the same thing at home (srx 210) and have work experience with Juniper and Cisco. Feel free to send me a PM if you have questions on getting started.
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    First Time VPN

    what settings can you configure on each side? are you trying to do IPSec? GRE? MPLS? SSL? I'm not familiar with the featured of those routers.
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    Routing issue

    By 'core' I assume you mean switches? if you're not sure what the address is, you need to find it. likely you have something old still in the mix and it needs removed or fixed. also i'm not sure how the FW handles multiple circuits (which it sounds like you have), but you could...
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    Arista switch stacking or MLAG?

    to connect the switches together, it's just a standard LAG. you want the redundancy. it's not MLAG because it's 1 switch to 1 switch.
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    Recommend a router for site to site VPN

    sounds like he never programmed before either :) personally i like the layout... i like hierarchical configs.
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    Small Office Upgrade

    I haven't done any consulting work myself yet, but I would think that you would want to include your time with all of the other work and make it a flat fee. Try to figure out how long it would take you to do it, how much you want per hr, then make that your fee. If you complete early, good for...
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    Adding a new switch

    in general, you probably don't need an IP on the new switch. more than likely you just need to connect the 2 switches together via a VLAN trunk, and create the VLANs on the new switch that are used on the current switch. Then assign the proper VLANs to the interfaces that connect to the hosts
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    Arista switch stacking or MLAG?

    MysticRyuujin is correct. MLAG (aka MC-LAG) is the more generic term for what Cisco refers to as vPC. The switches themselves are managed separately, but the connecting devices think they have a LAG connection to a single switch. for question 2, I *believe* that all ports are the same and not...
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    juniper firewall/vpn recommendations

    I don't think you're going to get SSL VPN capability with any of the Juniper FW products. They have a separate product line for that (SA series). The SSG line (netscreens) are definitely a solid box, but be warned.... Juniper as a whole will push you to the SRX line, and have essentially...
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    help me decide on a cert path

    I certainly don't disagree with you there. I have a wealth of knowledge in security practices, I've just never dealt with the operational side of it (from a SOC perspective). I'll certainly keep this in mind.
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    help me decide on a cert path

    yeah, my biggest problem has always been that I have so many interests, it's difficult to pick a specialization. I'm thinking I should maybe focus on SDN and whatever might help me in that arena. I'm not sure if there are certs for that yet though.
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    help me decide on a cert path

    i have about 9 'accelerated' years of experience and a master's in IA (accelerated meaning I was thrown into large datacenter engineering work right when i started so it certainly wasn't like some basic small business network for multiple years). I'm at the point in my career where i'm...
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    help me decide on a cert path

    So overall, do you think it's more worth it to pursue lots of "low level" certs vs going for a single "high level" cert? anyone have experience with or know of anyone that took the Cisco Certified Architect? That one really sounds interesting to me, but I don't know if it's worth the time and...
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    Do you still avoid using all 0's & all 1's subnets & hosts?

    yeah, doesn't make sense to me either. the only thing i could think of is if he has a network of x.y.z.0/23 and wants to use x.y.z.255 or x.y.(z+1).0 as a host IP. It's perfectly fine to do so, but many people don't simply because they have 4th octets of 255 or 0.
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    help me decide on a cert path

    So I'm thinking about finally going for an "IE" level cert. I'm just not sure which direction I want to go and wanted to get some feedback. I only know of a few of these certs in existence and even fewer that I'd potentially be interested in. What would be the best path to go down in...
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    Looking for a free or Open Source NetFlow solution!

    i don't know how good it is or if it's still under development, but cflowd was a free netflow collector that existed like 8 years ago. also, doesn't MRTG do something like this? Does your ubiquiti box support SNMP? you can poll the interface using SNMP and have an application keep track of the...
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    Help me with my NAS, please

    So I think I am going to go with Open Media Vault. This gives me the ability to run Plex (which is what I've been using for streaming to my Roku). Also, I could then use either FlexRAID or ZFS. I can decide how I want to do that later, but at least now I can start figuring out the specifics of...
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    Help me with my NAS, please

    ok, i'll start researching the OS's a little more and post back once I figured that out.
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    Help me with my NAS, please

    thanks! that makes sense about the backup. I may consider something along those lines. maybe I can make a rasp pi system with a couple drives for my backup. I don't have tons of that kind of stuff, so I wouldn't really need a large system. but that's for another thread. for the connectors...
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    Help me with my NAS, please

    Thanks for all of the info thus far. I'm not too concerned with file transfer speeds. mainly just so it can keep up with the transcoding. I'm more concerned with setup and maintenance of the software and ability to monitor the health of the drives. concerning the case for a potential backup...
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    Help me with my NAS, please

    Ok, I'm not too familiar with SAS vs SATA, so I wasn't sure if I could still use SATA drives with SAS connectors. I'll definitely consider these cases over the 4020. I was only looking at them for power reduction. As long as I can still spin down the Reds while not in use, I'm fine with...