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    LHR or not for gaming?

    I see EVGA KL cards for $560. and KR cards for $580. Should I get the KL, is there any disadvantage for gaming?
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    Low priced video cards

    I don't believe you get something for nothing. I also don't believe the number of web sites offering high end cards for $ 150-$400. These sites say in stock when no one else has cards in stock. Delivery within 7 days. Sites offering Paypal, Visa and other card transactions. Are there people...
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    Comcast wifi 3.1 modem needed

    Comcast just raised yet again the cost of my rental modem to $14 a month. It is time for me to get my own, When I do searches for a wifi 3.1 docsis modem compatible with comcast my eyes start to glass over. Could I get recommendations from current users in my situation? We do not have alexa and...
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    Bought my 34" curved AW3418DW @ $720. Knew I had held off waiting for Black Friday deal and this was it. Lowest price I have seen and tired...
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    Dell 3417W or AW3418DW?

    Getting the urge to upgrade my 27" dell to something larger. Only difference I can see between the two is the Dell supports 1.07 billion colors and the Alienware supports 16.7 million colors. Machine has a 1080 gpu and a 6700K cpu with 16GB memory. $300 difference between the 2 monitors. 1st...
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    2560 x 1440 or 1920 x 1080?

    Thinking of changing monitors but I don't know about the res difference. I am looking at this monitor: The post for this monitor says that g sync is by AMD that isn't correct is it? My current monitor is a 2560 x 1440 27"...
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    Sound card or onboard sound for gaming?

    i have a Gigabyte Z170 gaming 5 board I have been using for a year or two now. When it was set up I was advised to use the onboard sound as it was as good as any sound card available. In my old system I had a Xonar sound card I was pretty happy using. I do not have any complaints about this...
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    Older Steam games

    Do the older Steam games run on the newer computers? I would like to play the Thief series but as I remember there were some problems with it and new computers on install. I bought Deus Ex human revolution and never could get it to play on my machine. Steam refunded my money after I gave up...
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    Installed 1080Ti & now comp keeps shutting down

    I installed my new 1080 Ti yesterday and today my computer keeps shutting down. It has happened several times within the last few minutes. Right now I am thinking it might be the power supply not being strong enough to keep everything up and running. It is several years old and I thought it was...
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    Geforce 1070 Mini any good?

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Mini ITX OC 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Cards GV-N1070IXOC-8GD I am looking for a Nvidia 1070 card and saw this one. It is a mini version of...
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    Stopped playing SOTA need a new RPG game to play

    Need a suggestion of a new game to play now that I have stopped playing Shroud of the avatar. I like RPG style games. checked a few sources but nothing popped out to me. Don't care about R vs R or PVP just PVE style. I don't want to waste money on games buying them blindly.
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    WTB 1155 MB inexpensive as possible.

    Current 1155 board died and I would like to replace it. PM me what you have and the price. Thanks Don't want a micro board.
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    WTS Division key

    $38 paypal or $35 gifted. Code is sold .
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    Need some help with a disaster

    I went to install a new 970 vidoe card this morning and when I hit the release for the bard connector and pulled out the card the plastic connector came out with it deforming many of the pins. Right now I am on an old 10 yr machine trying to find out how to proceed. The Board is a Gigabyte...
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    BenQ GW Series GW2765HT 27-Inch Screen WQHD 2560x1440 IPS LED-Lit Monitor

    Been looking for a new monitor and this BenQ looks pretty good. I am here to ask if my thoughts are good and I should buy this or keep looking? I have a new 970 arriving Tuesday to pair up with this monitor. Currently just playing Shroud of the Avatar MMORPG style game Upgrading from a HP2511...
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    Coil Whine on a 970 is it a problem?

    I have been waiting to buy a 970 for a few months now and today found what I think is a good price $310. EVGA GeForce GTX 970 04G-P4-3975-KR 4GB SSC GAMING w/ACX 2.0+, Whisper Silent Cooling Graphics Card - Reading some of the reviews I keep seeing references to coil whine and how...
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    Replacing a Samsung

    I bought a 125 GB Samsung ssd 3 or so years ago to try it out. Now it is full and I need to replace it. I am going to buy 2 500GB SSD's. New Egg is having a sale on a few drives but I don't know the quality or reliability of these brands...
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    All in one cable modem any good?

    Been having connection issues with Comcast. Tech today installed a new line from house to street pole. He suggested I ditch their netgear wireless router and buy a good all in one unit. He said I would see a more solid connection than I have with my Cisco cable modem and their netgear router...
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    All in one cable modem any good?

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    Need advice on buying a tablet

    My wife would like a tablet for Christmas and I don't know which one to get her. I have not been following the tablet market. What features or brands should I look at?
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    Creative headset and Xonar card conflicts?

    I am about to order a replacement headset ( ) I wanted to know if there would be any conflicts in the software install and the Xonar drivers? I didn't buy a SB card this time out cause I wanted to get away from...
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    Can you install games on a USB drive?

    I don't know if this is a dumb idea on my part or not. I was thinking of getting a couple USB drives and installing a game on each of them so I didn't have to load up my SSD. Also are any USB drives USB3? Would they run slow on a drive like this?
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    I ordered a 3570 instead of a 3570K

    I never planned on overclocking to begin with but I had planned to buy the K version originally. I ordered the cpu late at night and after 10 minutes had past and I looked the invoice over and saw my error. I tried to cancel the order with NE but they sent me a e mail telling me they were...
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    Which Nvidia card should I get.

    I am trying to decide which Nvidia card I should get for a new build. I currently have a 470 and think I need to upgrade to a card with more than 1 GB of ram. Price wise I would like to stay less than $400. I would also like a card that is both quieter than the 470 and runs less temps than 91C...
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    Replace X-FI card with?

    Going to do a new build as soon as case gets here. My current X-FI card is not a pci-e card and I will need to replace it. Should I go with a Xonar DGX or is there a better choice? All I want it for is gaming, no other audio uses. Build is a 3570K, Gigabyte UD3H build. I should add that my...
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    Good pricing on Win 7?

    Looking to get another copy of Win 7 64 for a new build. Just trying to find the best price out there.
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    TD Crucial V4 256 gb $140 W/FS Not sure how great a deal this is or how stable this SSD is but it caught my eye and I am thinking of getting one.
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    ncix order delay

    Is it usual for ncix to take 5 days order time to finally ship an order? I usually don't order from them but thought I would give them a try. I placed my order Nov. 7 and it shipped this afternoon the 12th. Compared to the Egg this is a long delay. Just wondering if it was bad luck on my part...
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    New 2511X

    Just got my new HP 2511X monitor and so far I think it is great. The blacks are really black compared to my old Acer monitor. Everything is just so much sharper. I turned down the brightness to 50 and still think it is a tad too bright. Is there a guide to adjust the settings numbers?
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    Is everyone using 5.1 speakers?

    I just got off the phone with Klipsch about getting my sub repaired. They tell me $160 to send it to the repair facility, plus return shipping. I am thinking for a little bit more I could buy a new system that might last longer without repairs. I went to Best Buy this morning to see what they...
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    Dumping the sub woofer and controller

    I think it is time to junk the pro media ultra sub woofer and its controller. I would like to replace them with a new sub woofer and a receiver that can handle 5.1 speakers. I have no idea what to buy or the cost of these two items. Any suggestions for me? I don't want to break the bank here...
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    8800 GTS just went

    My 8800 GTS started giving off green tint on the monitor last night. The card is an EVGA with the product number 640-P2-N821-AR. So it does have a lifetime warranty. I was sure I registered the card as I have an account on the web site but trying to go through the RMA process online no card...
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    DX 11

    I tried the search but nothing came back for what I want to know. What do I need to run DX11 game graphics? I am running DX10 now and game update will impprove that to DX!!
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    Good GPS?

    I don't know if this is the forum to ask or not? I have been searching for days reviews on different GPS units. It seems none of them make people happy. I am getting weary eyed trying to decide. Can anyone recommend a good unit? I would like one that doesn't use MSN traffic service (due to...
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    ctamon.dll error at loading?

    I have let Win 7 install creative drivers and I downloaded and installed drivers for the Titanium fatality SC. This ctamon.dll error at loading keeps popping up upon each new boot up. Would anyone know a solution to this problem? (win 7 x64)
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    Need a Win 7 x64 driver for a X-FI titanium

    Is Creative's driver for win 7 x64 X-FI titanium card any good? The last I had read was it made popping and cracking sounds. I just installed ultimate 64 and need a driver for the sound card.
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    Buying Win 7 & an ISO disk off an auction site.

    I didn't want to post the auction site link for fear it was in violation of the tos. I found this listing: MS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit pro KEY + iso DISK MS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit pro KEY + iso DISK MS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit pro KEY + iso DISK Microsoft Windows 7...
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    New build and I don't have any power

    I just put together a new build for a relative. This is about my 4th build so I think I put it together ok. The problem I had when I went to turn it on for the first time is that the power button stuck in the on position. I had the side cover off and caught a very, very slight whiff of something...
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    Suggestions for a sata DVD/CD burner?

    Are these all pretty much the same? I think I need to stay away from any that have lightscribe. Other that that one looks like another to me.