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    Ninox Astrum - Modular Gaming Mouse

    check it out, only 8.5K$ left on indiegogo !!
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    Get Even ( supports Steam OS !! )

    Looks so promising ! haven't felt this kind of excitement since the GDC 2006 crysis 1 demo !! graphic whores around the globe let's unite, spread the word and greenlit this gem yesterday !! :D
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    Deadly Premonition (ex-xbox-360-exclusive) pretty much the only game that i really enjoyed playing before getting rid of that white underpowered dust magnet vote YES !! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEE :D
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    important guide for lightboost monitors

    Check it out -> There are only 4 or 5 monitors out there. hope there will be official support from nvidia in the near future instead of doing all this mumbo jumbo, plz try the guide and share your feedback :D
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    cs promod 1.09 beta is out ! looks like CSS, plays like 1.6, sounds like 1.6, costs ZERO dollars, download now !
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    friction-less mousekit ! Not my cup of tea, i prefer a medium amount of drag so i can get better control over my mouse, just spreading the word :)
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    Black Ops 2 - Multiplayer Details Call of Duty 2003-2012 R.I.P
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    new vegas first timer - any essential mods / tweaks ?

    Ok so i got the game on a previous steam sale but still haven't got around playing it yet, QBZ pointed me to a rather huge mod list but i got overwhelmed while downloadin half of them from fallout nexus :p I just want to disable mouse acceleration, make the game look 10x times better than...
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    zowie AM

    ZOWIE GEAR - Introducing ZOWIE AM - new ambidextrous mouse WANT WANT WANT !!! :D :D
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    Puretrak Valor moar info about the mouse here -> Deathadder killer ? :D
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    Are you a bc2 player ? Do NOT buy gtx460 if ....

    You don't buy a high end cpu first !!!! The link says it all, i have a Q6700 @ 3.3ghz and I tried both gtx260 and gtx470 in dx10 during this summer getting poor results, here's my current dx10 config [WindowSettings] Width=1680...
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    Thinking of going back to AMD

    I'll try to make my story as short as possible : Back in 2007 when i replaced my 1900xt with a 8800gt i realized my AMD setup was holding back the card too much ( amd opteron 180 dual core @ 2.75ghz ) so I sold everything amd related and bought a pretty nice combo with little money...
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    ati radeon 5890 ETA ????

    Since fermi was such a total fail to my eyes and a serious waste of time ( don't wanna flame I just had to get it out of my system :D ) what's current situation with the 5890 ? google search shows squat, i'm not going to buy a 5870 after 6 months of waiting for something faster (...
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    Perfect Dark Remale ( XBLA ) GES beta 4 - bad company 2 - arma 2 arrowhead - alien vs predator - call of pripyat - metro 2033 and now THIS ? screw you gaming industry, you absorve all of my precious free time !!!! :D
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    minimum cpu for 5970 ?

    I still got the same graphics card since march, gtx 260 slightly over the evga FTW clocks, rest of my system is E6600 @ 3.3 ghz 4gb ddr2 DFI 975 x/g windows XP sp3 + 7 home premium in dual boot corsair 850W TX silverstone TJ-07 x-fi titanium fatal1ty champion series 2 raptors +...
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    advanced user going from nvidia to ati .....

    Hi there, I'm thinking about getting a 5870 on launch to replace a gtx260 that i paid 70 dolllars for on march ( my 4850 was having stability issues due to very ineffective stock cooling so i RMA'd the card back to the store and bought the gtx260 192 on discount ). I always used...
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    nvidia + bravia 40w000 = bad combo ?

    I've connected my gtx260 to a 40inch HDTV last week through a 5M dvi -> hdmi cable, here are 2 issues that i can't see to solve them even after hours and hours of google-ing 1) RGB setting : as we all know since nvidia released forceware 177.xx we are finally able to choose wether...
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    want to use my cans on an xbox, what are my options ?

    I'm about to buy an xbox 360 soon so it would be really sweet to use my dt150s or any other pair of my collection to pick up the direction of footsteps and gunfire in halo3 and other fps games, what's the best way to do it ? 1) xbox 360 > x-fi titanium through spdif-in > headphones 2) xbox...
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    Neo Tokyo (half-life 2 MOD )

    hey guys check this out, it just got released, really nice job for a fan made mod, classes cloaking vision modes etc, and very nice firefights, combat feels like F.E.A.R ( no crosshair when you're not zoomed though, really nice touch :D ) only a...
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    LCD/plasma for wii60, help me choose

    I recently played some disaster day of crysis and moh heroes on my old 20" sdtv, even when with a rgb scart instead of composite i find the image to be really blurry,it actually hurts me eyes especially when i try to read 2-3 parapgraphs of text. So i need something better for my wii...
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    stalker complete 2009 ( SoC mod compilation )

    guys you HAVE to play this most of the mods in this package give you a MAJOR graphical overhaul, i finished the game once with oblivion lost + STALKER Weather Overhauled 3.0 CORE + SWO 3.0 quick fix#2 + SWO 3.0 texture...
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    Cold Warearmed (free ArmA total conversion mod)

    don't know how i missed this ! downloading now :D there guys, enjoy !!!
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    DT770/80 got upgrade-ditis HELP !

    it all began when i was looking for a decent source for my dt770s, stock x-fi was subpar, tried pa2v2, not bad for 46$ but they just don't have enough juice much better bass than the x-fi tho, i settled down on audio-gd compass but i haven't placed my order yet But now i have different...
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    disk boot failure ? WHAT ?????

    my specs are E6600 @ 3.33ghz dfi 975 x/g evga gtx260 192 65nm @ default 2x2gb crucial @ 740 4-4-4-12 2 x 74gb raptor @ raid 0 ( onboard ICH7 controller ) 1 x WD6401AALS divided in 3 partitions ( onboard ICH7 controller ) 1x WD200 + 1x WD3200KS both connected to this sata...
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    gtx260 192 vs gtx 216

    I've done a fair amount of googling before posting this, but i am still confused :S see in my country the cheapest gtx 260 available is evga 192 version at 185 euros, my next option is twintech 216 at 258, money is NOT an issue but i still doubt that the extra cost for the 216 is well...
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    modded zero dac vs modded little dot I+|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318 VS...