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    I need a new monitor. Any help would be appreciated!

    So, I've currently got a HP 2509m that is going out on me. It's served me well for a couple of years but its time has come and gone. I'd like a new monitor to be the following: 25-27 inches great for gaming budget friendly (no more than $250 US) I'm not a stickler for specs. I just...
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    Kingston SSDNOW V+200 120GB $79.99 @Amazon

    Obviously posting too early is hazardous to forum reputation!
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    Don't Starve - browser-based Minecraft-style game? Pretty interesting. It's still in beta but it's already pretty fun.
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    World of Warcraft battlechest & expansions $10 each
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    Need a laptop. Need advice

    I want a good gaming laptop that's no bigger than 15 inches. I'd prefer 12-14in but if 15 is it, 15 is it. Primary applications are Starcraft, Diablo, TF2 and Battlefield 3. The only requirement I have is that it's not made by Alienware. I have a M15x and I just don't like their build...
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    Hot? Antec Eleven Hundred $59 AR at Central Computer The reviews on it have been pretty decent, if I remember correctly.
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    Corsair A50 - worth it?

    I see that the A50 is 50% off at Amazon right now - I might dabble in overclocking it a bit, but certainly not looking to push the edges. Thanks!
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    $500 budget for CPU/motherboard combo?

    I have had an intel core i7 920 for the last 3 years and it just gave up the ghost. I need to replace it ASAP. I have a 560 gpu, 12gb of ram and a 750w power supply. I don't overclock so I'm looking for out of the box gaming performance. Thanks in advance, [H]
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    Save 30% off on Logitech Gear at Amazon "Offers good until April 7, 2012" Pretty good deals. I'm in for a G700 @ 69.99.
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    SanDisk Class 10 SDHC cards up to 55% off at Amazon 16, 32 and 64GB Variety.
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    New Corsair Air coolers at CEBIT "The beefier Air Series A70, meanwhile, doubles up with a duo of 120mm fans - again attached with noise-reducing rubber mounts and offering selectable speeds of 1,600RPM or 2,000RPM - and raises the copper heat pipe count to four, each of which...
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    Don't feel like digging...

    What are my best options to significantly improve upon the graphics performance of my machine without breaking the bank? Currently using the following config: 9600 Phenom 4GB RAM Nvidia 8800GTS I'm not dedicated to one camp. And I play using a 1680X1050 resolution. Thanks.
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    Fallout 3 bundle exclusive to Includes everything from the...
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    Moist? Xbox 360 Premium for $220 + $10 shipping

    Saw this on C|
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    GTA Clothing - SPOILER?

    Alright, so...first island has one clothing store I know of...the russian store. Second island has two. A sorta-urban store and two stores where you can buy suits. Third island, I haven't found any. Where are the clothes? I'm tired of running around looking like Mr. Pink in Reservoior...
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    replaced my ipod: need to pull music from it

    so, i got a new ipod touch 8GB for christmas, and now need to pull the *non-itunes* music from my old 4GB nano. how do i go about doing that? i tried google, and there's a TON of software out there. i would like a recommendation. BTW, I'm a PC user. thanks!
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    AGAIN: Killzone developer lying about how their game looks

    So, remember the whole debacle about Killzone at E3 2005? "yes, that is in-game footage" And then it wasn't. And now they're doctoring screenies. "[The screenshots] are only the tiniest bit touched up ... there was a little bit of colour-correction done and some minor polish, but...
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    Crysis benchmark question

    I want to be able to tell the Crysis benchmark to loop indefinitely. Right now, it loops 4 times, and then stops. I want it to keep looping the CPU benchmark until I tell it to stop. Anyone know how to edit the batch file to do this? Thanks!
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    alan wake

    What the hell happened to this game?
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    $60 on my eb card and can only buy ONE game this holiday season

    What do you buy? Consider I already own Orange Box and Halo 3. Guitar Hero 3 Call of Duty 4 Assassins Creed I'm thinking GH3 or Assassins Creed as Halo 3 is more than enough FPS/multi-Player action for me.
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    metal gear solid 4 *delayed* yet another reason for me to hold off on buying a ps3. is there anything interesting coming out for sony this year? sheesh!
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    microsoft game division sees first quarterly profits
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    crysis beta keys available NOW at fileplanet
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    achievements: have they changed the way you play?

    Title says it all: do you find that achievements in 360 games change the way you play your games?
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    Square not happy with the way things are going with the PS3 Square Enix President Yoichi Wada told reporters on Friday that Sony must change its strategy if it wants to see the release of the Playstation 4. According to Wada, "Sony first unveiled the PS3 as a mighty home...
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    call of duty 4 beta?

    anyone else get into this? downloaded it last night, but hope to play it this weekend.
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    360 power brick dead...not MS fault.

    my girlfriend's dog ate my power brick cable last night (the end leading to the 360, not to the wall) and I need a new one. Anyone know where to buy one?
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    WTB 360 Power brick

    anyone have a 360 power brick they're not using? my girlfriend's dog ate through mine. PM me if you do. thanks!
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    ET: Quake Wars Movie

    Mmmmm...tasty! sound effects were fantastic and the graphics were impressive. i can hardly wait
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    hellgate london movie so...the more and more i see this game, the more im worried its going to suck. combat just doesnt look fun.
  31. J

    bye bye emotion engine 80GB PS3 to use Software emulation. Oh dear.
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    out of warranty price reduction for 360 units

    Just got off the phone with xbox support. my machine isn't covered by the new warranty extension (no 3 red lights), but they said that they reduced the price of the warranty repair to $100 (from $140) and after pushing a bit harder, I was able to get it reduced even further to $50. As...
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    new 3 year warranty for 360 owners

    From: Open Letter From Peter Moore To our Xbox Community: You’ve spoken, and we’ve heard you. Good service and a good customer experience are areas of the business that we care deeply about. And frankly, we’ve not been...
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    ebgames/gamestop refurb fee?

    ebgames/gamestop charge a refurbish fee if you bring them a console that needs work, but what's the fee?
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    WTB: 360 ELITE

    my 360 took a crap on me. i want an elite. you got one for sale? i'll take it. PM ME.
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    can we get a "my 360 died" sticky?

    because mine just did. :( launch system and fought the good fight, but alas, it couldn't take it any longer.
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    world in conflict beta keys through Razer First 1000. Might wanna move!
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    All-Pro Football 2K8...2K games returns to football!

    Screenshots look good. Could be interesting playing as some of the NFL greats. Faces look 100x better than in Madden, that's for sure. Not that it really matters, but it's nice to see a company pay attention to details like that.
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    Xbox Live GOLD 48hr Trial keys. I have 6. First come first serve.

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    MSNBC Interview with Rob Pardo re: SC2 Will NOT be released this year. oh, and an interesting one.. Will Blizzard remain a PC developer? I don’t know. If you talk to our biz guys, they like the PC for a lot of reasons, but we don’t make our decisions based entirely on business or...