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    LG OLED 65" C7 - $3500 OTD at Fry's

    I got lucky today. I usually look every Friday for deals at Fry's. I applied a code from an email during check out and the price was 3500 and they pay the tax! Add another $50 for same day shipping. Here is the link. Don't forget to sign up for promo codes. Fry's will pay the tax =)
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    iPad Mini 3

    I read about this and just came away totally perplexed. The old model is now $100 cheaper and the new model only adds Touch ID. It seems like a total rip off. I haven't been happy with my Nexus 7 and I don't want a bigger tablet. Anyone else feel a total WTF moment?
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    WTS: 3 Monitors and 2 Gigabyte 280X

    I'm selling 3 HP ZR24w monitors. None have dead pixels. I'm only interested in selling to local buyers. I don't have the boxes to ship, and even if I did, I just had surgery recently and I can't lift or move a monitor. $140 each and the price is firm. I checked ebay and I think I have the best...
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    Sapphire 280X Dual X

    I'm selling my friends Sapphire 280X Dual X. It's the model that included the BF4 edition, but the game is not included. It was used for mining and was undervolted. He pays 32 cents per killowatt hour and he targeted minimum power use while mining. $300 shipped. I'm also selling his Sapphire...
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    BF4 code

    It's from AMD's gaming evolved bundle. $20 via paypal.
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    HIS R9-280X IceQ X2

    Asking for $360. Don't like the price PM about it. Local pick up in southern California only. I may consider shipping if your heat is high enough.
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    WTB: Battlefield 4 BF4 code

    Hit me up.
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    WD Caviar Black WD1501FASS 1.5TB - 109.99 FS In for two. May be an odd drive (read reviews), but I haven't seen 1.5TB Black drives this cheap. Wow... these used to be 89.99. That was a great deal. EDIT: If your drives disappear after waking from sleep install the following...
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    Which 5870 to avoid?

    Looking to get a 5870 today. Yeah, impulse buy but I can afford it... (Long story...) Which brand should I avoid? Did XFX change the stock HSF with a cheaper model?
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    Refurbed 150 GB Raptor

    I have a refurbed WD 150 GB Raptor that I got back from RMA. $100 shipped via USPS with insurance.
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    iPod Touch car audio

    Griffin RoadTrip with SmartScan or Belkin TuneBase FM with ClearScan? I hate visiting the iPod only sites. I keep reading differing views. I want the one with the least amount of static and the one that I won't have to crank the volume in my car. I hate that because I will have to lower the...
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    2x1 GB GSkill "HZ

    I've upgraded to 4GB, so no more need of this. (2x1 GB) GSkill "HZ" (4-4-4-12) DDR2-6400 - G-O-N-E I didn't overclock much, my E6600 has always been set at 3GHz and at a 1:1 ratio the RAM was overclocked only a little over 800MHz. I have the RAM in its original packaging (the same plastic...
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    FS: 400GB Seagate in WD My Book Enclosure

    EDIT: RAM added. I recently bought a My Book 750 GB kit but removed the drive for internal use. I'm selling one of my internal drives with the external enclosure (USB 2.0). The drive is a 400 GB SATA Seagate (7200.10 i believe). $70 shipped. SOLD If I can sell this quick I will buy another...
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    Just scored me a Lian Li V2000 Plus

    For the grand total of $80. Yeah, i can hardly believe it either. It led a good life in a CoLo, but it's still in great condition minus a few minor scratches. This will probably be the first and last server case I will ever buy. To be honest it's too large. I think I'll try to get used to it but...
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    FS: X-Fi Fatality FPS

    I'm selling a X-Fi Fatality FPS with remote, front panel IO module, ribbon cable, and software CD. The left-most pins (for the IO module) on the card are slightly bent, but it works fine. The pins were slightly bent after taking off the ribbon cable. SOLD If anyone is looking for a...
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    WTB: Tuniq 120, Local to me only please

    I'm looking for a Tuniq 120 local to SoCal only. San Diego/Orange County(depending on location)/ LA (depending on location). I need this for the weekend and do not want to buy from out of the area.
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    Pull images from MySQL into HTML

    I'm looking for a way to place multiple images from a MySQL database and place them into a webpage. Every resource i've found only works on one image (while i want to display many). The jpegs are stored as BLOBS. Here's what i've done, after setting up a connection to the DB: /* Query the...
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    Can't change vCore on 975xbx

    I'm running Vista Ultimate 32bit right now and i can't seem to change my CPU's core voltage. I make the change in bios, but Core Temp always reports the default voltage (1.3250). I tried raising it bios, but got a zero temperature increase (i thought maybe Core Temp was wrong). I'm using the...
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    FS: Windows Vista Bill Gates Edition

    I bought this a few weeks ago from a fellow forum user here, but i've ran into some money issues and i have to sell it. It is still sealed and unopened. $200 shipped. I'll take $10 bucks off if someone buys it locally (i hate paypal). Heatware under kennyb. EDIT: This is a retail kit that...
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    XBOX 360 HD-DVD player updates?

    I just got the Matrix HD set for for 19.99 (hate me :D). The first time i played the movie i had really bad sound sync issues. I wasn't online so i gave updating the dashboard a shot. The dashboard updated and when i played the disc at the warning screen i saw another pop-up saying there was an...
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    xbox 360 screen tearing over VGA

    Did this rear its ugly head after another MS update? I hadn't logged into Live for months and after logging in last night for an update, VGA screen tearing is back. I tried playing The Bourne Supremacy HD-DVD but was greated with a horizontal tear throughout almost the entire movie. Even the...
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    500GB Maxtor SATA/300 --- $119 @ Fry's

    Title says it all. I didn't see any prior posting so good luck everyone!
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    Is a Linksys RV082 sufficient

    A friend of mine is looking for something that will limit internet access on 8 computers to only 5 websites. Each computer runs XP Home with no central server so a software solution is ruled out (some user's may be savvy). Also, these computers hook up to a Covad router/modem which tech support...
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    New P5B-Deluxe won't boot (dead?)

    I was helping a friend out last night with a new build last night: Asus P5B-Deluxe E6600 Corsair XMS2 DDR-800 5-5-5-12 1.9V 1900xtx Seagate 500GB SATA The powersupply is a Corsair 600W unit but i've also used my PSU which is known good since it currently powers my 8800GTX. The first time the...
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    Fatality FPS - $129.99 Fry's B&M

    I stopped by at Fry's in Orange County and saw a Fatality FPS for $129.99. It's good for another 2 days. I believe until the 9th.
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    FS: Assorted DVDs, including DragonballZ

    DVDs from Majinbuu: The hatching Atonemment Defiance A heroes farewell Emergence Revival Tactics Fusion: Play for time evil buu ambush hope returns the last saiyan internal struggle losing battle WorldTournament the draw blackout Kid Buu: saiyan pride regression...
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    ShopOnkyo: Anyone used it?

    I'm currently looking at a new sound system and stumbled upon Onkyo's online store. They sell refurbed items and i wonder if anyone here has ever purchased something there. I'm looking at a HT-790 for $317 shipped. Factoring in the necessary cables (the refurbs ship with none), my total is about...
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    FS: Water cooling gear

    Up for sale is a GT240 radiator, Swiftech Apogee, Swiftech chipset, Swiftech 655 pump and Swiftech microres. I bought this gear from a fellow forum member but it has gone untouched for the last couple of weeks. My interests have changed and i doubt i will get back to water cooling anytime soon...
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    FS: PS3 60GB

    It's a 60GB unit bought from GamesStop. I'm looking for $1000 not including shipping. Serious buyers only, lowballing will get ignored. I will add shipping depending on where it's going to. I've received PMs. I would accept an unmodded XBOX 360 Premium as partial credit. Only the system and...
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    8800 GTX 2D clocks

    What are they? My card seems to be stuck in 3D mode and idles about 75C (as seen through atitool, ntune does not work). Also, for anyone seeing performance issues: The system process has been eating cpu cycles for no apparent reason. This never happened with my x1900xtx so im ruling this as...
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    FS: ATI 1900XTX

    Built by ATI 1900xtx in retail packaging. $270 shipped OBO. I will drop the price for local buyers in SoCal if they can come by for pick near UCI (as i'm really busy in school right now). Not looking for trades unless you have a really nice aluminum case that has the space for an internal...
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    Help me find a new case

    I've been using a Koolance system for a few years and i'm trying to find a good looking case to house an internal water cooling system. I want something in the same vein as my current Coolermaster ATC 111-SX1 only larger and without the door. God i hate having a front door on my case, but the...
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    Maybe hot, maybe not still good price E6600 - $313.90 - Free Shipping I cant believe how fast these have come down.
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    FS: Asus A8N-SLI Premium $80

    I'll want to sell this board local to Orange County, CA . Sorry, due to possible fraud i cannot accept personal checks or money orders from anyone. I also have an Athlon 64 x2 4400 that will let go for $170. Listed on ebay until Wednesday then i'll pull it. Local only or add $15 for shipping...
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    intel D975XBX owners: temperature readings

    I finally got my system up and running last night but the temperatures are baffling me. Can other D975XBX owners please post their temperature readings? I'm idling at 43C on water and this is higher than my old 4400 x2. My waterblocks temp sensor, which is of course always wrong by 4-8C, is only...
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    Intel 975xbx + G.Skill HZs = FTW?

    I've already secured the board from a fellow forum member, but DDR2 choices are killing me. From what i've read the G.Skill F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ 2GB is a safe bet but my wallet is going to bleed for months. Can any forum guru please give me advice on what to choose in this price range? I'm buying...
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    If you want to oc a E6400.. Doesn't sound too bad. Some e-tailers are still overcharging on both items so this may be a deal to some.
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    eVGA 7900GT CO Superclock

    I'm sending a 7800GT to eVGA's step up program this week. I'm just waiting for the RMA since i already made it to the top of the queue. This is actually the second card from my SLI system and the first one is already in the mail so i expect to send this one in the mail very soon. I'm looking for...
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    1900xtx on an SLI board

    Supposedly, nVidia cards run better when coupled with a nforce board. I intend to use a 1900xtx with an Asus A8N-SLI deluxe but wary of taking a performance hit or having weird compatibilty problems. Am i worrying over nothing? As anyone ever benchmarked an nvidia card running on an ATI chipset...
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    Block Kazaa Lite

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum but i think it is a security risk. I've caught my roommate using K-Lite and i've already got my ISP watching me because they received a complaint about spam coming from my IP address. Maybe his box is infected but i'd like to do something to prevent this...