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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    I completley forgot about that! I was just telling my wife last night how I must be getting old becuase I'm remembering things differently! Too funny! No need to hit the button; try to hit it at a 90 as close to center as you can. It feels like you need to be going "fast enough" to jump it...
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    Windows 10 Stuck on "Welcome"

    While you're in safe mode, fire up the credential manager and blow away all the saved credentials. There is a known issue with Win 10 credentials stored in the credential manager can delay the login. Last I looked, the microsoft fix was to removed any stored credentials... seemed to work on...
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    Please for the love of god.....can i go back

    Thanks for the update. So far, I've enjoyed everything, especially the loading speed. Feels faster to me... I did stumble around for a bit trying to figure out how to tell if a thread had new messages in it... then I realized I wasn't logged in. PROBLEM SOLVED.
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    Titanfall 2 Will Have Single-Player Campaign

    I don't have time to play multiplayer, so I didn't even bother looking at titanfall. All it needed was a single player mode and I would have loved to check it out. Sounds like they're trying to get people like me to buy it...
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    desktop not refreshing actual shows stuff thats already deleted

    Have you applied any "tweaks" to Windows? If so, you may want to review them -- possibly post a list. I would expect that disabling change notify would cause this.
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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    I really enjoyed skyward, and I'd be all for an HD version -- but without motion controls. For me, that was the worst part of the game. I'm glad to see motion controls used less and less...
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    Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Sign-Ups

    I didn't sign up for anything, but I received a closed beta invite for the Xbox One edition in my email today.
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    TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan (Platinum Games) Trailer, 4 Player Online Co-Op

    Might have to check this out... I like the look of it!
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    Nest Thermostats Leak Location Data Over WiFi

    While there isn't an off the shelf option for remote sensors with nest, it should be possible to make a custom solution using other smart devices... I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see something soon, though -- it's a feature that many people want, and probably the only thing available on...
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    Nest Thermostats Leak Location Data Over WiFi

    Quoting the tile of the article: Fixed back in October...
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    Nielsen Is Going To Read What You Say About TV On Facebook

    It's probably time to start revamping how ratings are calculated. I'd happily give my feedback directly to them...
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    Time Warner Cable Raises Rates After NY Approves Merger

    My comcast bill just went up about that much... maybe related more to the new year than the merger?
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    EA Access arrives on PC as Origin Access

    If I could buy this and have EA access across my XBox, PC, and (eventually) PS4, I'd probably do it. I'm not complaining though, it's a good start!
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    Windows 10 time gone nuts

    If replacing the battery worked for a while, I wouldn't rule out the battery as the problem again. If it wasn't part of the problem, it wouldn't have fixed anything the first time you did it. It may be something causing the battery to die quickly. You can always test the battery, too.. should...
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    Amazon Prime Members Get 20% Off New Games & Pre-Orders

    If this sticks, I won't be renewing Best Buy's Gamer Club Unlocked. Hopefully this is just the start of some competition to it.
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    Netflix Has Been Streaming The Wrong 'Lost' Finale

    Nobody even needs to comment because we're all thinking the same thing.
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    Microsoft Pulling The Plug On IE 8, 9, and 10 Next Tuesday

    A tip for people stuck with IE8 -- look into IE11 enterprise mode. It can be used to configure IE11 to render a page like a previous version of IE would. It's pretty easy to setup, too. We had about a dozen internal sites that required IE8 or IE9. With Enterprise Mode, I'm down to one site...
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    Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Sucks

    Yeah, Reach is busted and not worth playing until they update it. It's all over the place. Not all backwards compatibility is broken like those games, though. I haven't heard many problems with Gears, though -- so that is interesting. I've played a few titles without incident.
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    XBox Elite Controller - Wireless Range question

    Greetings: I recently purchased an XBox One and I find the wireless range (on the controller!) to be a little disappointing. I'm constantly plagued by "please reconnect controller" messages. Does anyone know if the Elite Controller has better range? I'm not that far from my xbox (maybe 15...
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    Comcast Customer Discovers Huge Mistake In Company’s Data Cap Meter

    Wouldn't this throw a wrench in identifying a file sharer too?
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    The Last of Us is coming to PS4 'sometime' this summer!

    I didn't realize TLU was released for PC...
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    Is Undertale really goty?

    I like the reviews... I don't know how to take that... here's something negative... perfect 10!
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    Comcast Customers Targeted In Major Malvertising Attack

    As a Comcast customer, I was concerned until I read this:
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    Mapped Network Drives Not Available In Certain Applications

    In wouldn't be surprised if fraps didn't support writing to network shares because it needs to write the data as fast as possible. It seems like the two apps are running with different tokens. I see a CD drive that's different in the pics, too. Instead of mapping the drive, try using subst...
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    DCOM Communication Error to Decommissioned server

    This isn't my area of expertise, but I've had to fiddle with DCOM before. I know that svchost.exe is a container for processess. It can run many different processes, so you can't just go stopping that process. You'd need to find the actual service making the DCOM call and stop that. Start...
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    PlayStation Now Extends Subscription Plan To $100 Per Year

    This isn't Playstation Plus, it's Playstation Now -- a completely different product than what you're talking about.
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    Limited Edition Sega Dreamcast

    So you want a steam box with a DC emulator?
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    Windows scripting question

    Try this in powershell. Might have to mess around to get the syntax right for mklink using quotes, but it shouldn't be too bad. The If statement is to check for the ones you already did manually...
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    Batman by Telltale Games

    I hope it's not another origin story. I'm getting tired of superhero origin stories...
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    Limited Edition Sega Dreamcast

    I *LOVED* Surge... and I was SO excited when I heard that it was going to be re-released, I didn't hesitate to buy a few cans at an extremely inflated price. It sucked. I *LOVED* my dreamcast... They only way this is going to happen is if it goes through something like Kickstarter where...
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    Limited Edition Sega Dreamcast

    Sarcasm? Or is today opposite day?
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Damn spoilers..... I bought an Xbox one just for this game and it'll be here on Wednesday...
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    Internet security pool

    After reading this message, I immediately went out and purchased ESET Smart Security 8.
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    Bot Maker Claims Blizzard ‘Stole’ Its Source Code

    I hate cheaters as much as any honest gamer, but this really has nothing to do with cheaters.
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    TiVo CEO To Step Down

    I bought into Tivo when the Premier was released, and I fell in love with it but I could see the flaws. The slow interface was the biggest flaw I found. I should never click and then have to wait for something to happen. The interface was all flash at this time. A couple years back, Tivo...
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    Sony Bricked my system, then banned my PSN, and I lost access to all my digital games

    I don't think so. I got bit by the auto-renew. Had my PS4 since release and never had a need for PSN. Over the holidays, I'd received a couple of gift cards. I added them to my account and tossed the cards. I picked up Bloodboune and decided to see what the online experience was like so...
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    TiVo CEO To Step Down

    Without getting all detailed and sounding like a troll, there is a LOT more that goes into delivering content to multiple TVs than $119 cable card tuner (you should investigate that $1.50 fee, you might be able to get that waived to save more pennies). I loved my Windows Media Center setup. An...
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    Uncharted Remastered coming to PS4

    Yeah, I was hoping the stability improvements line covered the targeting problems...
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    Uncharted Remastered coming to PS4

    Looks like patch 1.02 hit yesterday. Notes are pretty value, but I'm hoping they fixed the targeting now that I'm 80% through the last game...
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    Some serious exe weirdness.

    The unblock button might not be there... it really depends on how the file was downloaded. If it came down from the internet in an untrusted zone, IE will flag it with metadata that will follow the file around while it hangs out on NTFS file systems. It's always worth checking if you're having...