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    EVGA SR-2, 2x Xeon x5675, 6x8GB DDR3 1866MHz RAM

    EVGA Classified SR-2 Comes with two Corsair AIO coolers Pair of Xeon X5675 processors These hit 4.3 without any crazy voltages. After that you do need to up the voltage a bit and run them with better cooling. SOLD...
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    Foxconn 1366 x58 Motherboard with CPU cooler

    Foxconn Bloodrage GTI X58 1366 Motherboard with CPU Cooler This is a Foxconn BloodRage GTI LGA 1366 x58 motherboard Full specs on Newegg: Foxconn BloodRage GTI LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel It has the latest BIOS, which supports the Xeon x56xx line and also 8GB DIMMS. I...
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    Any VR Developers have experience with OSVR?

    I'm developing an Unreal Engine 4 project right now and was toying with the idea of implementing VR into it. It's not a primary goal of my project, so I wasn't going to go out of my way to get my hands on a Rift or Vive which are rather expensive. I did come across the Open Source VR Hacker Dev...
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    Having trouble installing VMWare Workstation as 64 bit

    Running Windows 10 Pro x64. I was trying to install a 64 bit OS today, when it told me that it won't run because the host is not configured for it. After looking into it for 30 seconds, I realized that VMWare had installed as 32 bit, and I cannot figure out why or how to install it as 64 bit. I...
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    What's a good, easy solution to remotely control a PC?

    I come home for a few weeks over the holidays every year, and I find myself being tech support for my computer illiterate parents. I want to be able to help them out remotely when I have time instead of them saving up all their computer troubles until I am there in person. What is a simple...
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    Need upgrade advice

    I have two 27" 1080p ASUS monitors right now. One is centered on my desk and is the 144Hz VG278HE, the other one is off to the right and is a VK278Q. The colors/brightness on the monitors don't match exactly. They were bought about 5 years apart, so the VG278HE looks slightly better, but I only...
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    Mushkin Radioactive 12GB DDR3 1600 Triple Chan. Kit

    Selling a Mushkin Radioactive 999006 12GB (3x4) DDR3 1600 Triple Channel Kit. This ram has very tight timings: 7-9-8-24 @ 1.65v Bought it new, but only used it for about 2 months. It's a really solid kit, especially if you're on x58...
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    Core i7 920 Processor 2.66GHz 4 cores D0 Stepping

    I am selling a Core i7 920 Processor. This is just the processor, no fan/HS. Specs: Link...
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    Mushkin Redline 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600 Triple Channel Memory Kit

    I'm selling a Mushkin Redline 6GB Triple Channel memory kit. It's a really good kit for an x58 setup. The RAM is in perfect condition, and is good for overclocking. Here are the specs: Model #: 998805 Capacity: 6GB (3x2GB) Speed: DDR-1600 Timings: 6-8-6-24 Voltage: 1.65v...
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    ASUS Radeon HD 6950 2GB w/ Unlocked Shaders

    I am selling a used ASUS Radeon HD 6950 2GB with 6970 shaders unlocked. It's in excellent shape!
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    HTC One X (AT&T) aka HTC One XL

    Excellent condition. Stock ROM. Feel Free to ask questions.
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    3rd party insurance

    Does anybody here have experience with 3rd party phone insurance? I just bought a brand new HTC One X off contract and I'm curious as to what my options are to protect from loss or theft. I know that the phone comes with a manufacturers warranty, but I've lost a phone in the past, and that...
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    WASD Mechanical Keyboards

    I just ordered a WASD keyboard after eyeballing many, many other mechanical keyboards. I spent a little more than I was aiming for, but this keyboard seems to have everything I want based off of reviews and specs. Cherry MX Browns, quality build, braided cable, different color WASD and escape...
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    PHP In this day and age

    Hey there, I am thinking of continuing teaching myself PHP. I have a bit of experience with it and I code in PHP just to learn and challenge myself. Last time I left off working with it though was maybe 3-4 years ago. Is PHP still a very popular format for web developers?
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    Is this cause for concern?

    Sorry I answered my own question. Please delete post, thanks!
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    LG Bluetooth 3.0 Headset $5.99 AR + Free Shipping $25.99 - $20 MIR = $5.99 Expires 31 DEC 2010
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    FS: 3x2GB DDR3 1600 Mushkin Blackline Memory kit

    Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 998659B 3x2GB DDR3 1600 9-9-9-24 It's brand new, in packaging. I obviously haven't used these particular modules, but I have used similar, and I use Mushkin Redline in my system. I've found Mushkin RAM to be of great quality and makes for really good gaming RAM...
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    Hard drive corruption?

    Hi, lately my boot hard drive has been causing lockups and crashes etc... when I boot into Windows 7 and try to do anything - open a program, folder, start menu, whatever - it will lock up. I was able to fix it with the check disk utility for about a day or two, but it keeps going back to this...
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    Need some smartphone advice...

    I'm in the market for a new phone... I'm coming from an old Motorola SLVR (I hate this phone) that my sister gave to me and I've got a pay as you go SIM in it. This was meant to be a temporary setup, but I now want an upgrade. I've been interested in Blackberries because they've been in the...
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    Good website to buy from in the UK?

    I'm going to be stationed in the UK soon and I want to build a new PC when I get there. What are some good UK based websites to purchase from? I'm looking for the Newegg equivalent here. Thanks.
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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Subwoofer problems

    Hi, I ordered a Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speaker set and it arrived today. I hooked it up and all and the speakers work and sound excellent. The subwoofer on the other hand is producing no sound at all. How can I determine if the subwoofer is broken or not? I want to know for sure if it is broken...
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    WD Caviar SE 320GB SATA 8MB Cache $99.99

    Hard drive went bad last night, so I went down to Best Buy to grab a new one. I saw a bunch of 320GB WD Caviar HDs on clearance for $99.99. Thought it was a pretty good deal, so I snagged one. There is no rebate on this and it doesn't appear online on the Best Buy website, so it may just be a...
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    Serious discusion!!!

    What is it with companies releasing remarkably poor software to accompany their hardware? If you are going to sell some product, you'd better stand by your hardware. When my birthday rolled around, I recieved an mrobe mp3 player made by Olympus. It's a nice mp3 player... No buttons, all touch...
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    In need of some images...

    I'm not sure where this goes, but I figured it is better suited here rather than the Oblivion forum. I am in need of game icons in either .ico, .gif, .png or .jpg. I prefer .png, .jpg second. By game icons, I mean 32x32 icons of all the current games out there. BF2, CoD(2), UT2004, WoW...
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    Chipset fan

    My chipset fan is a bit loud. Was 100% silent in the beginning, but now is audible, and it's getting on my nerves. I don't think it's on the verge of breaking, but I would like to get a replacement. Something reliable, but quiet. A a passive cooler would do so long as it is known to be good...
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    What will Vista bring to the table?

    Right now, I'm pretty much thinking that Vista will not sell as well as well as XP did because IMO Microsoft got it right in XP. I think they hit a plateau in XP, provided a stable and relatively safe OS (of course precautions must be taken) and I fail to see why I should upgrade and also what...
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    Free .info Domains

    Free .info Domains at 1&1;jsessionid=3358F6FA0E4441CBDC91D72494E07620.TC60a
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    Wierd Italic Problem

    Recently a lot of things on the internet have appeared in Italics for me. They look fine on other PCs, but some places on my PC are in italics. For example, I visit a few forums that use IPB, on those forums, all names and topic titles appear in italics even though I know they are not. I use...
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    Need help w/ nForce mobo + Ethernet

    My system is i my sig. The problem I am having is with the onboard ethernet on my mobo. Ok basically, it will not start. On boot, it will say it is renewing the IP, and it will fail less than a second after that, and it will keep doing this over and over. I did nothing to incite it AT ALL. I...
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    Best way to convert PAL -> NTSC?

    I'm looking for a way to convert a DVD from PAL to NTSC while keeping menus in tact. The DVD is already on a 4.7GB DVD and is gonna end up on one too. I tried the patch method to fool the DVD players into thinking that is it NTSC by just editing the IFO files, but tha only worked on one of my...
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    For those with problems regarding FireFox + WMP

    I posted this on another forum. I did it and it fixed the problem of not being able to play any media that used WMP 10. I've heard of people having problems with this. If you could try it out and just post if it worked or not that would be good. --- If .wmv files don't play: Download...
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    Quad core processors

    Are we going to see Quad cores? Apple is putting out Quad core G5s... Will AMD do the same thing? Will Intel take over where the Quad core G5s left off? God knows people could use more CPU power. I know I wouldn't mind some.
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    Best email server?

    I'm looking for a free Email Server software. I have a friend who is having trouble finding a good one. I searched myself w/ no avail. Thanks.
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    Resetting BIOS

    If I need to reset the BIOS, is there any way to do it WITHOUT messing with the jumpers? The thing is that my video card is directly above the jumper, and if I try and reset the BIOS w/ jumpers I always drop the jumper then I lose it underneath the motherboard then I have to shake the case...
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    Ubuntu artifacts :|

    I'm having problems running Ubuntu. I ordered the CD for Ubuntu 5.04 for AMD64/EM64T a while back, and I'm having problems running it now. I installed it just fine. It bots just fine, but after I go to login, everything but the cursor freezes, and I'm left with like a 10CM by 0.6CM bar of...
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    Moving partitions...

    I have an 80GB HD and it has a 13GB Partition on it. This is where XP is installed. Not I bought a 250GB SATA drive today and I want to copy EVERYTHING from the 13GB partition to this new drive so that I can boot and everything just fine. I don't want to have to be forced to reinstall Windows...
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    Sony Vegas Movie Studio $0 $60 - $30 MIR -$30 MIR = $0 First rebate expires Jan. 31 2006 Second Rebate Expires Jan 30 2006
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