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    RTX on windows 8.1

    I noticed that Nvidia only have windows 7 or windows 10 drivers for RTX series. 8.1 has same drivers but with * saying it's not covering 20xx series. Is there any way to get win 7 drivers working on 8.1 (iirc it was said it's possible when AMD dropped 8.1 suport totally) Now I've got two...
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    Using 4k TV on MBP ?

    I've tried connecting my mac to Samsung 4K tv (KS7000 aka American KS8000) And I'm getting super small interface which uses 4K native resolution Is there any way to use TV as retina screen to have physical 4K and 1080p or 1440p equivalent resolution for software?
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    Nvidia demonstrates 1700Hz display

    NVIDIA Demonstrates Experimental "Zero Latency" Display Running at 1,700Hz That would make insane VR and gaming displays.
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    Hard Reset for 1$ in Humble Bundle Very solid game that plays like real pc fps of old era
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    Acer Predator XB321HK - 4K 32" g-sync incoming ?

    Look what I've found today when browsing one of shops: I think this one wasn't announced yet.
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    First Intel platform with pci express 4.0 ?

    Are there any rumours or roadmaps that show which Intel chipset will get support for pci express 4.0 ?
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    Understanding retina?

    I got myself new Macbook and I'm trying to understand something. Normally all resolutions in Mac are rendered at twice the resolution set in preferences and down sampled to 2560x1600 (in my case) Now from what i've found some apps are retina aware and will use full available resolution...
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    AMD withdraws KitGuru FuryX sample over "negative content" Briliant marketing...
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    ASUS PG27RQ - 4K g-sync IPS on CES Well they missed being first ips g-sync by two days :D
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    Looking for 120mm LED case fans ?

    I need to get a pair of 120 mm fans with LEDs preferably with white frame. One will go on Phanteks, second will go as case exhaust fan.
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    LG 27MB85R-B new WQHD AH-IPS ?

    Is this a new model ? I can't find any solid info about it and design looks interesting on picture
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    AMD freesync Interesting - AMD says they can do what g-sync does without additional hardware.
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    1440p vs 120Hz vs cheap 27" 1080p

    Someone help me decide :) I've spend last two weeks reading hundreds of reviews and can't find that one perfect solution as everything has some problems. Meanwhile i sold my secondary screen which i used for console gaming so i need to finally decide and buy something. Background info...
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    Microsoft working on bringing low level API from Xbone to windows in Yoda voice: Begun, the Api War has Also no Mantle on xbone:
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    270/280X to be slower than 7950/7970GHz So if anyone wants them buy them fast before prices rise. edit small mistake in title should be 270X/280X
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    What happened to 30nm ram ?

    Samsung had those beatifull ram modules for some time but they now seem to be discontinued and price premium on the ones that are still sold is insane (at least in EU). Are there any other modules using 30nm process at the market right now ?
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    Can H87 mobo run two displays ?

    So I'm making a pc for a friend with cheapest Haswell i5. Since it will be pc purelly for programming I have a question - Can you connect two displays to iGPU through H87 mobo ? mobo in question: I've checked manual and...
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    Current X79 mobos and Ivy-E ?

    Is there any information about current mobos supporting Ivy Bridge-E when it's released later this year ?
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    Gtx 470 to 570 ?

    Hmm do you think it would be noticable upgrade? I have one ordered for around 230 euro and i don't know if i should cancel it or not. I could get 140 euro back by selling 470 but i wonder if it's worth it. 570 is palit which looks like non overclocked Sonic version:
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    HTT, NB. 4M/4C , faster ram BD tested,12 Our guys in Poland runned tests for following settings: AMD FX-8150 3,6GHz, ram 1333 MHz, NB 2400 MHz AMD FX-8150 3,6GHz, ram 1333 MHz, 4M/4C AMD FX-8150 3,6GHz, ram 1327 MHz , HTT 250 MHz AMD FX-8150...
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    Possible core unlocking on BD cpu That could make FX 4100 atractive low budget choice
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    Afterfall Insanity crazy 1$ pre-order bet In short: If 10 milions of people preorder it for 1 $ then the game will be sold at that price (9 milions will go to developer, 1 milion will go to charity). In this case game will be distributed by P2P. If they don't reach 10 milions...
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    FX 4100/6100/8100 series clock for clock benches

    If someone is interested one of our Polish portals made benches for FXs at same clock setting to look at IPC:
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    Bulldozer Sandra benchmarks leaked? I wish they also put nehalem into comparision.
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    how to get files from guest system to host in oracle virtual box

    I got linux installed as guest system on Oracle VM virtual box. Quest system doesn't have acess to internet. Is there any way to get files from inside to host system ?
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    xeon e3-1240

    I found this CPU : It seems to be 2600 non K with 100 Mhz slower speeds and 80W TDP for 250$ but i wonder do they have same limited overclocking as desktop non K cpus ? edit: nevermind turbo I found it scales from 3,3 to 3,7
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    Best solution for ultra fast gaming storage?

    What would you choose: 1366 build with 24 GB of ram of which 16-18 gigs are used to create ramdisk (OS on my 40 gig SSD) 2x 64GB crucial M4 ssd in raid 0 Ramdisk + faster + huge extension of certain virtual body part :D ;) - need to be loaded with each restart - space only for one...
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    Lancool joins bling bling bandwagon (Knight Series) Real pity as they look to have great layout inside.
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    FT2, 700D, PC-A71FB, P193, Define R3 ?

    I have trouble deciding on my perfect case i want :) What i'm looking for is: - great airflow in GPU area - quiet operation and noise absorption - 12,5" space for biggest GPUs - classy looks (steel and or aluminium no bling bling HAF-X / Antec Dark Fleet look alikes) - bottom mounted...
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    120 Hz IPS Holy Grail incoming from Mitsubishi (MDT231WG) Looks like first 120 Hz IPS screen is going to be released soon :D What was in the press release 120 hz 1920x1080 LED IPS 178 degree viewing angle 350 cd/m^2 brightness 900:1 static contrast 5000:1 dynamic contrast 2.1 sound system...
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    Are the e-mails on smartphone protected?

    Just wondering but is there any possible protection for your data on android smartphones for example in case of theft? Because yes getting all your e-mails to the phone is cool and all but what happens when someone steals your phone ? Can you encrypt whole folder with mails ?
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    Bulldozer won't be compatible with AM3 So much for "amd doesn't change their platforms as often as intel"
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    How much data do you use monthly?

    I started looking into various smartphones and data plans for them but this makes me wondering - how much monthly bandwidth do i need for internet browsing and e-mail downloading? Ok i know this is completly dependant on frequency and browsing habits but would i feel very restricted with 100MB?
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    corsair hx750 for x6 and gtx470sli

    I'm buying new PSU for this setup: X6 overclocked + Gtx470 +Gtx 260 (i'm keeping it for gpugrid) but hopefully i'll have some spare cash for second gtx 470. Will Corsair HX750 be good psu for this ?
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    begun the price war has... So far in europe to 269 euros for gtx 470 and gtx 465 to 189 but the dark side probably will target USA soon ;) And no thats no fud since i just received my 205 euro palit gtx 470 :D Now just need to wait...
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    Seasonic S12II-620 vs X-650

    Hey guys I'm looking to upgrade my 4 years old Chieftec GPS-450 (also known as Delta GPS-450A) because of insane noise it produces (and efficiency <80% doesn't help on power bills too) I need something that would be resonably quiet and have good efficiency (rig on 60-70 hours per week...
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    Are there any quiet DVD drives out there?

    Just wondering but are there any slow speed dvd drives that wouldn't emit sound of starting jet engine when they are reading cd ?
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    xeon L5506 mobo?

    Are there any Xeon L5506 compatible X58 mobos ? I was checking few companies sites and they have mobos with Xeon E, Xeon W, Xeon X series compatibility but what about L series?
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    Encrypting whole drive in True Crypt without cdrom

    Does anyone know how to bypass true crypt creation of recovery disc when encrypting whole system hdd? I need to encrypt drive in laptop which doesn't have cd.
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    HTT overclocking of X6 with DDR2 ?

    Does anyone tried overclocking X6 with DDR2 using HTT ? Can you reach 270-280 fsb ? I want to make cheap upgrade from Q6600 to X6 for Boinc crunching but if i won't be able to reach 3,6 or more it would be not worth it.