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    Upgrade Time

    Okay currently I have Albatron 865PE w/ 478 socket Mobo P4 2.8GHz w/ 800fsb 2gig Kingston Ram PC3200 8AGP Albatron 6800GT 256mb Video Card Creative SB Audigty 2 ZS Platinum Sound Card This setup works well but I'm wanting to get my PC back to being current. I see Asus sells a lot, but...
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    Reformatting, what to do.

    OKay... So like most of you, I have TONS of files. Multimedia, financial, all the software I've installed, all the saved games. All that good stuff. So how do I reformat my hard drives (plural) with out messing anything up? Wait wait wait, before you answer that question let me tell you my...
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    The best things come in 3s

    So can I have three monitors hooked up to one computer displaying three indivdual displays OR one display spread out over three screens? Tell me how, please.
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    o.O Three screen display???

    I slightly remember there was an article on this in a computer magazine. For the life of me I cannot find it. How do I go about doing this. I think it had something to do with 1 AGP video card and 1 PCI video card. Is it that simple can I run three displays? Right now I have a Albatron 6800 GT...
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    DVI Vs VGA

    (I tied running a search it told me there were too many) Talk to me (I probably labled them wrong so sorry in advance) But I'm planning on switching from my 19" CRT to a 17" or 19" LCD. But I am wondering what connection I should use I've heard from one person that DVI is so much better, but is...
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    2 operating systems HELP!

    Okay so i got tired of Xp pro and installed xp home on another hard drive so that I could copy all my files from the one with xp pro on it over to the one with xp home. Well the one with XP pro is still considered C: drive so I can't format it. I've tried taking it out of the start up process in...
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    Possible to overclock this?

    2.8GHz w/800 fsb (Northwood) 2 Gig PC3200 DDR400 (4X512MB) 6800GT 256-bit 256MB Talk to me!
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    Water Cooling for Mid-size Tower

    Okay as it is there isn't much room in this tower let me give you the setup. ultra connect-x PSU DVD-ROM DVD-Burner Sound Blaster Audigy ZS 2 Platinum (with the 5.25 bay interface) Albatron 6800GT Phone Modem PCi card 4 sticks of RAM (pc3200 512mb) 3.5 floppy drive of course Three...
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    FS: Creative T7700 7.1 Speakers

    Like new and only year old, looks great and performs awesome. Only reason I'm selling this item is because I'm going to go to a smaller desk and am running out of room with my monitor case keyboard mouse scanner digital camera printer and other desk acc. so I just need to make as much room as...
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    Wanted: Full Tower atx Case

    No power supply please I already have a 500watt x-connect. But i'm looking for a full tower that'll fit an ATX in it. have 4 5.25 and atleast 1 external 3.5 drive and atleast 3 3.5 internal drive slots. Remember this could be something you just wanna get off your hand as long as its intact and...
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    What do I need to OC a 2.8GHz w/800 fsb?

    New to this whole forum and lifestyle. I built this computer I'm using by reading Tech Tv's "Upgrading your computer" book. Albatron 865PE Pro ICH5 Intel P4 2.8GHz w/800 fsb Kingston Value Select RAM 2gig PC3200 Albatron 6800 GT AGP Graphics Card 256-bit 256mb Creative Sound Blaster...