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  1. TechLarry

    WTB: ORIGINAL Razer Turret with BLUETOOTH.

    If you have a complete one in excellent condition I am interested. Itis vital it is the original with Bluetooth, and the magnet mouse feature is still very strong. Can pay via Paypal. Fair price will be honorably paid. Larry
  2. TechLarry

    Apple trackpad 2 help

    First, I have to use Siri for typing long messages now so forgive any of her bullshit. God dammit Apple you really need to get her working right because she is really become critical for me especially since dragon has thrown in the towel. Fuck you dragon just when I need you......... Because of...
  3. TechLarry

    New World Of Warships Competitor

    Watch this Video. Give this guy money. Make it happen. He has the RIGHT idea's. I'm 100% IN! It is long. Please watch it all. It's important to us WoW's players. Do the survey...
  4. TechLarry

    I had buyers remourse. Cancelled my MBP 14" order :(

    And ordered the 16" instead !!! I didn't realize th 16" was only $200 more. I had to correct this mistake !!! A warning though: After the increase in Taxes and AppleCare (There is a $121 price increase to $399 for the 16" for some reason. 2" of screen can't cause all of that) the actual...
  5. TechLarry

    Create a self-executing folder?

    I want to create a folder on the desktop that executes any program dropped into it automatically. I know it can be done with WMI scripting but WMI scripting is not my strong suite :) Anyone know of a clean utility that can do this easily?
  6. TechLarry

    Windows 11 God Mode

    For the 70% of you that don't know about this, or have forgotten about it over the years... You WANT this, Every system preference at your fingertips: I find it best viewed in Tile Mode. Here is a small sample of the output:
  7. TechLarry

    So, what did YOU order today?

    Me: $3400 w/AppleCare
  8. TechLarry

    Shortcut for Outlook dictate command

    Hey guys, This is in reference to the newly seeded version of Outlook 365 for the Mac. Dictation with Siri on the Mac is getting worse and worse with every new release. Catalina screwed it up beyond belief and it's not fixed in Big Sur either. In short, Siri simply sucks in macOS. One of the...
  9. TechLarry

    New 3080 question

    I think I'm going to get a new 3080 to replace my current 1080 TI First what are the main differences between the multitude of 3080s there are and which is the Best Buy right now. Yeah yeah assuming you can even get one :-) And finally, can I just slide out my 1080 TI and then slide in the...
  10. TechLarry

    The phone dialogue and Mac OS X Catalina

    How old the bloody hell Do you get this thing out of the way. It seems to be glued to one place on the screen And is always covering up shit I need to get to.
  11. TechLarry

    I LIKE it !

    The search for the perfect mouse for my relatively large hands, and numb fingers due to peripheral Neuropathy may be over! This is the best solution I've found so far: The Roccat Kone Aimo. It's big. It fits my hand. It is just a tad bit slippery, but not a problem overall. The clickers...
  12. TechLarry

    Looking for mouse with HEAVY mouse switches.

    Looking at maybe getting a mouse that requires above average to heavy pressure to actuate the mouse buttons. I no longer have any feeling in my fingers/fingertips and I'm constantly mis-clicking because I can't sense the pressure on the mouse button. Looking for a mouse that has clickers that...
  13. TechLarry

    Brain Buster Hard Drive Issue...

    Ok, this has turned out to be a tough one. I have a 4TB external WD USB hard drive. It works fine, and mounts fine, on every machine I have, including my Mac, except for ONE. I can't figure it. It simply will not mount or show up on my main workstation. It won't even show up in the Drive...
  14. TechLarry

    MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

    If you own a MacBook Pro 2016 or later (Touchbar era and to date), you probably know or have heard that there are issues with the funky thin keyboard in these things. I own one and I HATE the GD keyboard in this thing, but that's another story... I understand Apple has extended the warranty to...
  15. TechLarry

    Amazon - Echo Dot (2nd Gen) - $24.99

    The Dot is one of the most useful of all the Echo's. It has a golden feature most of them do not - A Stereo Minijack output. As best I can remember, only the Dot and the Spot have this. The others have BlueTeeth's, but... yuk, right? If you've wanted to delve into the world of Alexa, here's...
  16. TechLarry

    Router Log Mess

    There seems to be a lot going on in my Netgear Router Log, and I can't make heads nor tails of it. Two things of interest. The constant apparently failed login attempts from my main desktop (.23) and the UpNp changes. Wednesday, December 26, 2018 15:06:04 [admin login] from source...
  17. TechLarry

    Cold Waters....

    Cold Waters is on sale for 50% off. I've been keeping an eye on it. I'm a huge World of Warships fan. It's about the only game I play religiously, and the amount of money I've invested in it as an act against nature. So, is Cold Waters any good?
  18. TechLarry

    PubG is on sale for $19.99.....

    Is it worth it ?
  19. TechLarry

    TP-Link M9 Plus

    Anyone have this Mesh system? The reviews seem to be very good on it. I was considering this or the Netgear Orbi. My Netgear 7000 wireless has kinda been unreliable lately, and I'm ready, maybe, to make a change.
  20. TechLarry


    Anyone here playing Fortnite? I downloaded it because, well, free ya know. Yeah, i know free games are the most expensive there are. I'm a World of Warships player. You don't have to tell me that LOL. Anyway... This fucking game is HARD !!!!! There is SO much going on and SO much to do it...
  21. TechLarry

    Razer Synapse Software

    Ok, so I just got in my new BlackWidow Elite to replace the Chroma V2 I spilled coffee in :( I love my Razer keyboards, but this fucking Synapse Software is an adventure game all in it's own. NOTHING is done logically ! Two things I just cannot figure out, and they are very simple things...
  22. TechLarry

    I done did a stupid user trick.....

    It can happen to any of us, and it's funny until YOU do it LOL I done dumped a cup of coffee into my beloved Razer BlackWidow Chrome V2 keyboard. One of, if not the, best keyboards ever made. It is, understandably, dead. Even after having sufficient time to dry out. No sugar involved, so I...
  23. TechLarry

    MBP USB-C Over-Voltage

    Ok, this one belongs in a Twilight Zone Episode... I've just been made aware of a newer MBP in the fleet that is outputting 20v DC on the USB-C ports and is blowing up Imaging Keys left and right. I did a Google on it and indeed found at least one other reference to this problem. Anyone ever...
  24. TechLarry

    Recommend me an awesome but QUIET Keyboard

    I hate to do it, but I have to make a change. I currently have a Blackwidow Chroma with blue switches and I LOVE the thing. But.... I'm on the phone nearly all day long, so I use a PolyCom Conference speakerphone. I continually get 'comments' about how loud my keyboard is. It's gotten to...
  25. TechLarry

    Best Space Game ?

    What is the best CURRENT space type game these days? I'm not after anything that's high stressed, fast paced, etc... I want to kick back, play, enjoy the scenery, etc... Battle is ok, but I don't want to do it 100% of the time. I SUCK at fps games.
  26. TechLarry

    Klipsh ProMedia 2.1 With BlueTooth - $109.99

    Arguably the finest damned $109 you could ever spend on Audio. The infamous Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker system is on sale at BB for $109.99 Buy a set even if you don't need one. You'll love em...
  27. TechLarry

    Blu Tooth Issue After installing 1803

    Anyone else seeing Dev Manager issues with their BluTooth hardware after installing Win10 1803 ? In my case, it's the Asus BTC400 USB Adapter, and this is the device striing: I have not been able to find a driver anywhere to fix it. I tried Windows update, the ASUS driver and even the...
  28. TechLarry

    Really looking forward to this one. The 13th Doll

    Hope The Fat Man did the music for it. His work on The 7th guest continues to be one of my favorite soundtrack CD's. It's here in it's entirety:
  29. TechLarry

    FS: Northern VA Area Only - MacBook Pro 15 TouchBar....

    Medical expense are kinda creeping up on me lately, and as much as I hate to do it I need to sell my MBP 15 TouchBar. It has damn near been unused since I've had it. It is in MINT condition. Exact Model: Apple - MacBook Pro® with Touch Bar - 15" Display - Intel Core i7 - 16 GB Memory -...
  30. TechLarry

    Refurb iMac - $699

    Apple ME087LL/A iMac 21.5" AIO Desktop, Intel Core i5-4570S Quad-Core 2.9GHz, NVIDIA GT 750M 1GB, 1TB SATA, macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion (Certified Refurbished)...
  31. TechLarry

    Hyperlinks slow in Outlook after system rebuild

    I just rebuilt my system from the ground up, and all is well except one really annoying issue. When I click on a Hyperlink in Outlook it takes 60-90 seconds for the web page to open up. It happens with all links. It doesn't matter what browser I set to default. IE, Edge or Chrome. All links...
  32. TechLarry

    What is wrong with my iPad ???

    I have an iPad Air Gen 1 on a swing arm in the kitchen. It's pretty much never been used off battery. The battery seems fine. At first thought it was because all the memory was used up (literally, zero bytes wer available for storage) so I cleared 16G. Nope. Didn't fix it. Rebooted. Nope...
  33. TechLarry

    Holy mother of....

    this. It's about L5800 British Pound Thingies. That's what, about $9000 US?
  34. TechLarry

    One of the reasons Apple is worth the money...

    I have spent the last 2 hours in a major panic because I lost my iPhone X. So, I called it from my Land Line. LOL Every damn device from phones to iPads starts ringing because I have T-Mobile Digits set up (awesome stuff, btw). So my whole house is ringing and this does me no good. Then I...
  35. TechLarry


    JC, is there ANY way to stabilize this fucking software on Windows? I flat-out can't use it. I can remove it, scrub it, reinstall it, launch it, play a tune and within 2 minutes it will be locked up tighter than a whales ass. If it wasn't for the fact I subscribe to Apple Music I wouldn't...
  36. TechLarry

    Razer Synapse

    Anyone else having problems with Razer Synapse constantly crashing out? Usually I find it crashed out when the computer wakes from sleep. It works fine when it is up.
  37. TechLarry

    Bfitdefender Box 2

    Ok, the BD Box 2 is finally out. Anyone have one? I'd also like to see how it would be set up on a FIOS network. I don't have a cable modem, just a Gigabit Ethernet cable coming into the office from the ONT, and it looks like that would feed to the BDB2, and then to my Netgear 7000 Router...
  38. TechLarry

    iPhone X

    Got my iPhone X in last night. It was delayed a few days due to UPS being overloaded but she's finally here! Definitely needs a case because it's a slippery little bastard. I don't see why people gripe about the home button being gone. I find it WAY better with the new gesture. FaceID is...
  39. TechLarry

    Apple TV 4K

    Anyone here have one of the new one's, and use the CBS Now app? Have you found this app to be extraordinarily buggy? Half the time I can't get it to launch shows. I watched the start Trek Discovery series this weekend (I loved it), but launching each show was a pain the ass. Half the time I...
  40. TechLarry

    Best software to back up to NAS

    It's not a final backup. Just a daily, high availability backup that will run daily and be used as a restore point if needed. That backup itself will be offloaded to another nas weekly. Acronis True Image?