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    This Site Shows All 1.2B Facebook Users' Faces

    Wow, Facebook is just a bunch of noise. :D
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    Congratulations Grandpa -#1 For [H]

    Congrats Grandpa! Don't set the house on fire ;)
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    Elon Musk's Hyperloop Alpha Design

    Sorry, my bad :p
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    Elon Musk's Hyperloop Alpha Design

    The guy is famous. He is the CEO of Tesla Motors and the CEO and Chief Designer of Space X. He is also the Chairman of SolarCity. The guy knows his stuff. Maybe you should Google him :rolleyes:
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    E-book Sales Growth Showing a Rapid Decline

    I've been getting a bunch of the self published scifi novels on amazon in the last couple months. $2.99 a book and helping someone get started, yes please. (Not to mention some are quite good reads)
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    Major Nelson Unboxes The Xbox One

    The better to see you with my dear.
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    The Mojo Story - Yes it's true

    Efficient I like it.
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    The Mojo Story - Yes it's true

    With no straw how are you going to get to the stuff that spilled and went under the fridge and stove? Not to mention all the knooks and crannies. (I just threw up a bit in the back of my mouth)
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    The Mojo Story - Yes it's true

    Well, unless you had a straw and didn't mind slurping up the mojo of a kitchen floor, there wasn't much to drink. ;)
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    The Mojo Story - Yes it's true

    Memories :)
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    Seiki 39" 4K HDTV $650

    I'm tempted to buy this as a work monitor.
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    Researchers Discover Novel Material For Cooling Electronic Devices

    My CPU runs at ambient...... on air cooling. :cool: I have to wear a HasMat suit and the computer is slowly disolving my desk..... but look at my temps!
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    India: Army Mistook Planets for Spy Drones

    Or someone with a smart phone and Google sky installed. Yep, there is an app for that. :p
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    India: Army Mistook Planets for Spy Drones

    I want you to know that I'm trying very hard not to type in a Uranus joke in responce to this......
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    Google Announces Chromecast

    This thing looks great. My question.... How much does this spy on you? Does it report to Google everything I watch? I would love a device like this.... not so hot if Google is using it to keep tabs on me.
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    /shrug I kept mine.... let's see what the OCD crowd does.
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    You better have one long ass list of games or you did the sale wrong.....
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    I just picked up worms revolution, for $3.75 Figured that was well worth some fun.
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    The 'Second Screen' Industry Is Ready To Takeoff

    Not quite. No one watches boring/lame ads anymore. Some of the most viewed vids on YouTube are ads.
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    1 in 10 Americans Use Smartphones During Sex

    You are doing it wrong.
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    Intel’s TV Set Top Box Includes A Built-In Camera

    My wife came up with a few options for data input.
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    Fallout Fan Film

    Nice 'lil vid.
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    Why hello There ...
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    Why hello There ...

    I think feather is having a bit too much fun with his first real mowing thread :p
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    Solar Powered Locust $2.33

    I grabbed 10, cool 'lil thing for the neighbor kids.
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    WTB: Laptop/Notbook ~12-14" Screen

    Looking for a laptop/notebook with a 12-14" screen. the 15.6 screens that are so common are just a bit too big. I would like to have a i3/i5 or one of the AMD APUs is good. Would like to stay under $350 is possible. PM me with what ya got! Heat:kendrak789
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    White House Defends Collecting Phone Records

    You don't care.... but when a cat hating party makes it into office.... Now you have animal control looking in on you from time to time. You have to sign a log each time you buy more than 5lbs of kitty litter. Also a newspaper publishes your name and address on their website as a cat lover...
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    WTB: Verizon QWERTY Smart Phone

    I would like to get a Droid 4 or Samsung Stratosphere II If you have another option please PM me. Heat is under kendrak789
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    Xbox One Supports External Storage

    It is USB 3.0 not 2.
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    Xbox One Supports External Storage

    This thing is going to be a modding gold mine me thinks.
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    Xbox Announcement Live Stream

    On the KB/M With how much they want to push IE, it would smart to have a wireless keyboad. Hell, they said it has windows OS core. Give it a KB/M and you just put a "PC" in every living room.
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    Xbox Announcement Live Stream

    They said it has USB3.... so you can plug it in, now will the software let you use it.
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    Xbox Announcement Live Stream

    Was kinda thinking the same thing.
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    Xbox Announcement Live Stream

    It has blu ray...... Mmmm, this might just be the one box to rule them all.
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    Thanks All Around

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!
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    Thanks All Around

    I kinda miss the catapult on the old "Poo Finger"
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    Thanks All Around

    Pom Poms are a 3 drink minimum.