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  1. GoodBoy

    Insightful look at the supply chain issues around GPU's

    An actually useful look at behind the scenes events around the GPU scarcity, warning about some bad PSU's. Interesting tidbits: both AMD and Nvidia are pumping out twice the quantity of GPU's and its still not enough. exploding PSU's being bundled with video cards to get rid of old junk...
  2. GoodBoy

    FS: AMD 5800x cpu new

    Have a new in it's box AMD 5800x for sale cost ($487.73) + shipping, or for pickup in OKC. Guesstimate shipping $10, can find out exactly once destination is determined.
  3. GoodBoy

    Rumor: 3080Ti with 12Gb Vram to launch in April
  4. GoodBoy

    need a 140mm to 180mm fan adapter

    Can anyone 3d print an adapter to mount a 140mm fan in the space of a 180mm? The outer edges need to be the full size/outline of the 180mm fan (SST-AP181), so that air can't pass around the sides. Also, is it possible to make this so that the mount to the 140mm fan is done without adding to...
  5. GoodBoy

    DirectX 12 Ultimate

    News announcement found on nvidia's website: "In 2018, GeForce RTX graphics cards launched with numerous ‘world’s first’ graphics technologies: hardware-accelerated ray tracing, Variable Rate Shading, Mesh Shading, and more. These technologies represent the biggest leap in graphics since the...
  6. GoodBoy

    Capture Carbon in Concrete Made With CO2

    This sounds like a good use for CO2 coming right out of a coal burning power plant: "A team from the University of California, Los Angeles, has developed a system that transforms “waste CO2” into gray blocks of concrete. In March, the researchers will relocate to the Wyoming Integrated Test...
  7. GoodBoy

    Building a Quantum Computer From Off-the-Shelf Parts "A new technique for fabricating quantum bits in silicon carbide wafers could provide a scalable platform for future quantum computers. The quantum bits, to the surprise of the...
  8. GoodBoy

    Intel Unveils Cryogenic Chip to Speed Quantum Computing "At the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco this week, Intel is unveiling a cryogenic chip designed to accelerate the development of the quantum computers...
  9. GoodBoy

    Forget Moore’s Law—Chipmakers Are More Worried About Heat and Power Issues

    Good short read:
  10. GoodBoy

    Pretty cool autonomous drone

    This looks pretty neat. Haven't really gotten into drones other than little $35 ones, but it's tempting:
  11. GoodBoy

    “Back Stage” Ray Tracing Tech Demo - Created By Luminous Productions

    This is pretty cool, it's a tech demo for a graphics engine (Luminous). It's also apparently path-traced, not sure the difference.
  12. GoodBoy

    new nVidia 436.02 drivers, up to 28% perf boost (in certain games) These originally dropped yesterday, but were temp pulled because it was forcing GeForce Experience to be installed. The corrected installer is out now. The lower latency mode has me excited. Grab the driver here...
  13. GoodBoy

    Apollo 11 experiment that's still going

    The Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment lets NASA precisely measure the distance between Earth and the moon, and the experiment is still ongoing to track the moon’s orbit and variations in its rotation. The experiment allowed the distance between the Earth and the Moon to be measured to centimeter...
  14. GoodBoy

    Weyland-Utani training AI, testing of simple android animation

    AI training by observing subjects to start baseline patterning of human facial expressions. Initial android animation tests in head movements.
  15. GoodBoy

    Look at this $1900 monster...

    Water-cooled 2080Ti.. : Does have some cool features. Fans can be externally controlled, if that's what the PWM Fan connector does, the fan on the card. Built-in customizable lcd display, can show stats, etc. Takes 3 8-pin power...
  16. GoodBoy

    Intel shows off its chip packaging powers

    Article is interesting, and has a couple of videos that show how their chiplets are assembled:
  17. GoodBoy

    Quake II Rtx coming out June 6th, 2019

    Looks like the RTX mod is getting a Steam release, it's a free upgrade if you own Quake II. You can play the first 3 levels for free: I did the manual install a month or so back when the mod instructions were posted, not sure if I...
  18. GoodBoy

    NASA Launching Astrobee Robots to Space Station [Today]

    Nasa is launching some autonomous robot drones (Astrobees) to the International Space Station today at 4:46pm Eastern time. Live Video. At first I didn't think this was interesting enough to post as news, but then this tidbit caught my eye: o_O Full story here...
  19. GoodBoy

    Quakecon 2019 registration is open!

    If you are in the Dallas area or nearby, this is a fun, huge, 4 day lan party: Main website has been hammered, and gone 404 off and on this last hour... the direct registration link is: Who's all going?
  20. GoodBoy

    Scientists give mice "Predator Vision" with nanoparticles
  21. GoodBoy

    Algorithms and Hardware for Deep Learning

    ieee Spectrum has an interesting article on building better neural networks: Hash Your Way To A Better Neural Network Category - Computing - Ultra Geeky
  22. GoodBoy

    RTX 2060 specs, now for sale on nvidia's website

    From nVidia's website: GPU Engine Specs: 1920 NVIDIA CUDA® Cores 37 TRTX-OPS 5 Giga Rays/s 1680 Boost Clock (MHz) 1365 Base Clock (MHz) Memory Specs: 14 Gbps Memory Speed 6 GB GDDR6 Standard Memory Config 192-bit Memory Interface Width 336 GB/s Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) Technology Support...
  23. GoodBoy

    nVidia 411. whql drivers

    Techpowerup has the 411. drivers up, has anyone tried them? They should include Raytracing tech, so might only install on windows preview builds..
  24. GoodBoy

    Whens the next nvidia gpu coming out?

    Whens the next nvidia gpu coming out? Or should I just spring for a 3gb 580. Current card is adequate but runs a little hot.
  25. GoodBoy

    What's your favorite card from "the other guys" than you typically buy?

    I have tended to buy nvidia over the last 10 years, mainly because of usually good performance, better cooling (historically), and less driver issues (historically). My favorite ATI card, which I still have in a drawer, is an ATI Mach32 Vesa Local Bus. This thing was my card in a windows...
  26. GoodBoy

    GPU company(s) GRR

    Ok. So lately in the [H] forums Nvidia has been getting called to the carpet for disabling running Physx on an nvidia GPU, when the main rendering card is non-nvidia (ATI). Well, I've been having trouble getting 3 screens working on newer HP pcs' at work (dc5850, 6005) that have amd cpus...
  27. GoodBoy

    P6T6 WS ddr3 question

    Ok I've got me a P6T6 and really liking it (Intel X58 chipset). Question on the DDR3 ram speed. I have Corsair 1600 triple channel kits installed, 6x2gb sticks all identical. Post shows 1066, CPU-Z v1.50 shows on the memory tab: dram freq 534 (tripled this sounds like it is running...
  28. GoodBoy

    Entertaining Game Review of Army of Two Digg it!
  29. GoodBoy

    FS Denon upconverting DVD-1930ci/SACD/DVD-A player

    Denon DVD-1930ci upconverting dvd player with HDMI and component output. SACD DVD-Audio Faroudja DCDi upconversion for excellent looking near HD quality from your DVD's Denon's product information page with detailed specs and pictures: This...
  30. GoodBoy

    FS: Abit Fatal1ty AN9 32X motherboard, AM2 socket, DDR2 support

    Selling an Abit Fatal1ty AN9 32X motherboard. Got it from Abit RMA service as a trade up from an older board. I don't have DDR2 or an AM2 processor, so for sale it goes. It's a nicely made motherboard, looks and quality. Supports Socket AM2 Processor with 2GHz system bus using Hyper...