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    CPU waterblock question

    So I am currently running a D-tek fusion V2 waterblock on my FX-8120. Are there any substantial upgrades as far as waterblocks go currently? As it stands I'm running a triple 120, dual pass radiator and the only thing in the loop is the processor. I'm seeing idle temperatures in the mid to...
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    990FXA-GD65 Was working, then stopped

    I was using my system in rig for some good gaming sessions. I had recently started playing guild wars 2 and was having no issues at all. Last night while I was running some quests, the computer instantly powered down. It simply won't power up anymore. I've tried the simple stuff to rule out...
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    Strange issue w/SATA drives

    I've had this computer running for quite a while now. The most recent addition was an LG blu-ray drive for entertainment purposes. The drive works perfectly but seems to create a serious issue with my motherboard and I cannot figure out which is the culprit. About 1 month after I installed...
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    Video Card added to the loop

    So I finally decided to watercool my GTX 285. I had been seeing load temps upwards of 90C on the stock setup. I finally decided on the Swiftech Kimodo full GPU block...
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    My setup, advice, critique welcome

    Ok. I've had a bit of experience with water cooling kits before. I had a bigwater setup that decided to eat itself from the inside. I've learned from those mistakes and put this setup together. There is plenty of thermal dissipation for upgrades down the road. Don't mind the cable...
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    Newest NV drivers

    So NV released a new driver set with the badass overclocking page....and its useless to you unless you have a 9 series card. When are they supposed to release the drivers that work with the G92 gts that a lot of us use? Coolbits doesn't work for me on this rig. It gives me errors on the...
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    Odd issue

    Ok, I have no where else to turn at this point. So I recently built an X2 5000+ BE on a gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H mobo. (I don't care for this Mobo at all). I'm using 2 gigs of crucial ballistix ram and installed an 8800GTS 512. I planned on using my watercooling setup on this new rig but...
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    New DS mario bros movie Its on the website. Looks pretty interesting.
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    RF online

    Has anyone picked this up yet? Thoughts? I got it and it has a VICIOUS learning curve. Coming from WoW and CoH, its rediculous. I find it a great game so far aside from the insane learning curve.
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    Looking for/pricing used socket A nforce mobo

    Title says it all. I have an asus a7n8x-x that is screwed up beyond repair. The processor still works and is a major upgrade for a friend of mine. I'd like to see how much anyone would be willing to sell one for. Newegg has one listed, refurb, for $42. Thanks in advance dan
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    The ASUS 7800GTX @ pc perspective Have you guys seen the stock clocks on this thing yet? The overclocking potential is insane :eek:
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    PNY 6800 Ultra for sale for $550

    Just got my replacement 6800 ultra from pny. Brand new, testing it right now to make sure it isn't defective. Serious inquiries only. Email
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    I am thoroughly upset at PNY

    I recently purchased a 6800 Ultra directly from pny. I went through some serious heat issues with it due to a very poor quality control setup at PNY. They forgot to install one of the core heatsink screws. After the temps got up to 95C, i figured there was a problem. I examined the card and...
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    Here is my rig: athlon 64 3000+ @ stock MSI k8t neo fsr2 512mb mushkin pc3500 lvl 1 6800 ultra enermax 460watt psu older WD 40gb HD justlink cdrw no name dvd rom Clean install of windows xp/dual boot with an older install The problem: Anytime i play any games on either install, i...
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    Geforce 6800 Ultra Heat issues solved

    I wanted to clear something up before it went too far. I found the cause of my cards insane heat readings. PNY forgot to install one of the 4 gpu heatsink mounting screws. There is a 1-2mm gap between the core and the sink. That also explains why the heatsink seems cool to the touch. I will...
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    the 6800 ultra has landed!!!!

    Just got this bad boy installed. Don't have any time to bench it yet since i have to get ready for work in a few minutes. I will do some serious benching and gaming on this thing tonight...i even got a free cooler bag from pny!!!
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    I just got off the phone with pny and my 6800ultra shipped out today!! If anyone wants me to post some benchies, i will. I should get it tomorrow since i ordered with overnight delivery.
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    Geforce 6800Ultras shipping this week...

    I preordered a pny 6800ultra. I just received a confirmation call about my address from them this morning. While i was on the phone with them, i asked when the cards would be shipping and they said they will go out this week. So, hopefully PNY will come through and get them out this...