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  1. harbingerofdoom

    WTB 15.6 touch screen overlay

    Looking for a working 15.6 touch screen overlay minor defects are okay so long as they dont affect functionality.
  2. harbingerofdoom

    KVM suggestions for keyboards that require USB 3

    I picked up a CloudNine keyboard which is great and I have no complaints about the keyboard itself- but I am running into an issue with the KVM and I am striking out trying to locate a the right KVM... Does anyone know of a KVM that has usb3 console ports and has hot key swapping?
  3. harbingerofdoom

    GTX780m sager NP8258 driver issues

    I am trying to fix this sager that was upgraded to retail win10 from the original win8 - the video card for this uses both the intel (for low power stuff) and the nvidea 780 (for anything not low powered). Currently though im running into a super weird problem: when trying to open the nvida...
  4. harbingerofdoom

    WTB 24port gig POE

    prefer unifi if its at a reasonable price but any gigabit 24port POE will do as long as there are no bad ports on it.
  5. harbingerofdoom

    logitech trackman wheel replacemnt

    been using this for longer than i can remember and one of the switches are starting to fail. its time to replace it but since they stopped making them, the only places you can find them anymore are asking anywhere from $ anyone have any good suggestions for replacement that...
  6. harbingerofdoom

    ASUS VS24AH-P out of range weirdness

    my google-fu, bing-jitsu and limping-duck-duck-go have all failed me so i now turn to you guys. because if you dont have an answer to this- there isnt one. i just picked up a couple VS24AH-P- they are great & everything is working fine except for one annoying detail: when i log out of a...
  7. harbingerofdoom

    budget card recommendations please?

    i7 2600 sandy bridge H61M/U3S3 430w psu 2x asus vs24a (1920x1200) use: mainly work machine but will do some gaming. i know im probably going to need to replace the PSU & will probably replace it with a 730w raidmax. i have a tight budget (~$200 for both the card and the PSU) so...
  8. harbingerofdoom

    RSS problems?

    all rss feed links are going to a generic 'article not found' page. appears to have started today & its happening in three different browsers for me (FF chrome & ie8) something amiss with the feed?
  9. harbingerofdoom

    HDMI surround sound in win7

    perhaps someone can either tell me what exactly im doing wrong or tell me why exactly im not seeing what i should be seeing? i have a gigabyte ga-h55m going HDMI to my LG 55LD, then out via toslink to my surround sound system. the audio on the media center shows only 2ch audio is...
  10. harbingerofdoom

    odd setup issues

    Hey all, I have a dell optiplex745 with an nVidia fx5200 installed in it going to an akai LCT37AD flat panel TV (this dell is working as a media server, nothing fancy). during post, the bios detects the 5200 and sends video to it. once it boots into windows, the akai goes black & shows not...
  11. harbingerofdoom

    egva 8500gt problems?

    new system that im putting together for someone and i put an evga 8500gt pcix card in thats having some odd problems. I get video when i start up, but after a few seconds (id say 15-30) it shuts off the video and no signal is being sent. i have to shut the system OFF (not just reboot or hit the...
  12. harbingerofdoom

    IDE drives messed up?

    i put a new mobo/proc/ram/SATA drive in my dads computer for him. the old drives are running on the IDE. The bios shows the drive and reads the correct size on them, but windows does not show them as a drive and in the disk manager, they both show up with no drive letters assigned and the...
  13. harbingerofdoom

    dual flat panel display suggestions

    I am looking to replace my dual 21 CRTs with some shiny new flat panels. the problem is that since i am getting two of them, i need to put a cap of around 350-400 for both. I have not really been able to find what im looking for yet, so i decided to see if anyone here has suggestions...
  14. harbingerofdoom

    maxtor psrsonal storage replacement drive

    unfortunately i can find little information on this issue. I have a personal storage 3200 and I would like to put a larger drive in the enclosure. I cant seem to find anything from anyone that has tried it or knows if there are any firmware issues with trying this. Has anyone done this or...