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    HBO Max promo offers 50 percent off subscriptions until September 26th

    Pay 50% for HBO Max for 6 months. I signed up because of the new DUNE and MATRIX movies this year. HBO Max promo offers 50 percent off subscriptions until September 26th
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    Cleaning my PC killed my X470 mobo

    Yesterday I was cleaning the dust out of my PC for the first time since it was built about 3 years ago and somehow killed my Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING mobo. Wouldn't post and I'd see alternating CPU/DRAM red LED lights flashing. Did all kinds of resetting including cleared CMOS jumper &...
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    I quit gaming.

    I quit gaming almost four months. Gaming of all kinds from PC to mobile. Used to be a hard core gamer since I was a little boy almost 40 years ago and back in early March I was in the ER for a few hours and the healing time kept me from playing games for a week. During that week I found myself...
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    How to sell my laptop?

    I have a gaming laptop that I hadn't used in over a year because I mostly game on my PC and don't travel anymore so I'm looking at selling it now while it still has value. My concern is the data on it and the best way to delete data off it while keeping the OS or should I just format the HDD...
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    Card with no backplate, should have one?

    During the Ebay sale I bought a EVGA 1070 ti blower card that was advertised on their Ebay store page and official site with a backplate but just received it and it has no backplate. I'm very annoyed as I wanted a card with backplate, not just for sturdyness but also for looks too so I feel like...
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    XPG SX8200 PCIe M.2 960GB SSD $221 after coupon

    Saw this on Slickdeals and thought to share :) This is a really awesome deal. I paid $260 for this same SSD via Newegg during a sale over a month ago and its back to $350. Great SSD, fast too! promo code BTS15
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    Long term TIM results

    The thermal paste was a Dynex brand silver compound I bought at Best Buy on my AMD FX-8350 that was applied four years ago. Not dry or cracked as I expected for such a hot CPU that was never overclocked. Still somewhat paste like to the touch and with no CPU heat issues before I removed it too...
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    RMA pickle

    My 4yr old semi-modular EVGA 750W PSU has a rattling noise, most likely due to a fan going bad and EVGA will RMA it however its my only PSU for my PC and I have to pay for the shipping. So I would be out a few bucks plus downtime on my PC for a week or so. Would it be better just to buy a new...
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    CPU speed?

    I just installed a 2600X and I'm trying to determine what is the actual speed I'm getting with it. In the below screenshot I have an output from CPU-Z and Gigabyte's hardware monitor. Is the CPU actually at 3.6 or hitting 4.2 GHz? I run the CPU-Z CPU stress test and its hitting at about 3665...