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    5.5Ghz OC on a 5800X3d

    CPU-Z validated 5.5Ghz 5800X3D found here. It appears that AMD maybe holding out on an OC bios and it may see the light of day soon.
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    WTB Ram cooler

    Looking for a ram cooling unit single or dual fan will work. Fans working or not is ok.
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    Pimax mystery box

    Pimax mystery box $439 containing one refurbished 8K ,5K super or 5K headset.
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    Quantum Leaps, Long Assumed to Be Instantaneous, Take Time

    Finally a way to unobtrusively observe quantum state changes? Historically observation has adversely affected the state changes and rendered accurate observation of the natural phenomenon impossible. Article here.
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    Intel discrete graphics card

    Game Dev Rates Intel Xe HPG On Par with Radeon RX 580 in System Requirements List.
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    Good news for MSI 400 series users

    MSI will support 5000 series cpus on all 400 series boards.
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    3800X ocing,coolnquiet? am I dreaming?!

    Although I've only had a couple days to acquaint myself with a shiny new 3800X ,I feel compelled to share my current observations regarding the hardware features aforementioned in the thread title. Historically cool and quiet/ocing were typically not synonymous with AMD cpus. Apparently that is...
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    PCIE NVMe multiplexer?

    Has anyone tried this relatively new device as a boot or storage drive in their system yet? The card appears to have multiple raid configs as a possibility although I have yet to find anyone doing so...
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    FS 5970

    I have for sale a sapphire 5970 with a koolance AR597 water block and stock heat sink for $275.00. My heat is same as my forum name.
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    I7 950 $108.13

    Wow check this out. I know its and old socket now but still very capable.
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    FS E6750

    For sale is a dual core E6750 for $35.00 shipped. PM me if interested.
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    New to the fold

    Newbie folder here. Just brought two of my hex core xeons online and have two more to finish building.By the end of summer I should be bringing a total of 54 cores into team 33's fold. That'll include everything on my home network so I hope it'll help team 33 jump into that #1 slot.
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    FS budget gaming system

    I have for sale my old gaming system for $300.00 . The system includes the motherboard, CPU, ram, and video card. All items will ship in their original boxes with all associated hardware and software .I'd prefer to sell the whole bundle together but if it doesn't sell in a week or so I will part...
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    Visiontek 4850's

    For sale two visiontek radeon 4850's less than 1 yr old and never OC'ed. I'm selling them to make room for some 4890's. 140 for the pair or 75 each. They will be shipping in original boxes with all OEM equipment included. I will also include any requested cabling you might need as an incentive...
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    WTB red logitech momo wheel PSU

    I'm desperately seeking a replacement power supply for my red momo wheel and pedals.
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    FS DD Tyee X1900 series waterblock

    Tyee waterblock $50.00 No leaks like new condition. I'm giving my old card to my son and no longer need the water block but I do need the stock vreg heatsink from the purchaser because I can't find the original. Link to the manufacturer...