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    EA loses 3 billion in stock due to BF2 loot box fiasco

    Not sure if this goes here by figured I would drop some news that I saw tonight about EA. Gamers have spoken!!
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    Switching from one Nvidia card to another. Reinstall current drivers?

    Question guys. Normal whenever I upgrade a GPU is when I actually do a reformat. This time around it's not the case and I'm just swapping cards. Do I need to uninstall/reinstall drivers for the new card even though both cards are Nvidia? Or would it automatically detect the card and be super duper?
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    Would upgrading a 3770k result in better stream quality?

    Question for you guys. I stream on Twitch a lot and was thinking of ways to improve the quality of my stream. Talked to a few other streamers who suggested that I switch out my 3770k for something new. Was wondering if someone on the forum here has/does stream and has noticed a increase in...
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    GTX 1080, Dual Monitors, Main Display won't stay at 144hz.

    Hey guys. Was wondering if someone could lend some insight for me. I have 2 monitors setup for my rig. My main is a Dell S2716DG and my secondary is a Acer X223W. The Dell runs at 144hz while the Acer is at 60hz. Now before I upgraded to my 1080, I was running these monitors at their normal...
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    GIGABYTE GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Premium Pack no longer available?

    Was looking to pick one of these up when they came back in stock but Newegg shows that they might not order anymore back in. Friend of mine talked to a rep and supposedly said no more will be ordered. Looking at other sites but having trouble finding them. Was wondering if you guys think this...
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    Thoughts on a Dell S2716DG?

    Been looking at this monitor for a while and Amazon has a good price on it right now. Anyone own one or have any experience playing on it? Thoughts and opinions?
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    Expectations of a GTX 980 ti @ 1440p

    Hey guys. I'll give a quick summary on whats up... I have been thinking about doing a Monitor and GPU upgrade. Was thinking about going with a 980 ti as my title shows. Was thinking about upgrading my Dell 2408WFP to a Dell S2716DG. Games I mostly play are Siege, BF4, D3, RL, WoW, Division...
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    Need a upgrade from a 3770-K?

    Hey guys. Been running with a 3770 for the past couple years and I was planning on doing a Monitor and GPU upgrade in the next couple of weeks to 2k. Was thinking though, with jumping up to a higher resolution how much will that impact my CPU? Do I need to upgrade that as well? Thank you.
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    Upgrade to a new Monitor and GPU. Need Thoughts.

    Hey guys and gals. Need some input on what to do. I currently have a Dell 2408WFP as my main monitor. It still runs good. No issues at all. But I have been thinking about upgrading to 2k. I would like to try and hit some Ultra settings at that resolution in the games I play. Currently I play a...
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    Monitor for watching the baby. Thoughts and input.

    Hello all. Was wondering if I could grab some input/ideas from you with regards to watching a baby. My wife and I want a setup in which we could watch our baby day or night and remotely if possible. I've looked at baby monitors themselves but was wondering if a webcam is better? Secure? Was...
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    GTX770 or a GTX780 @ 1920x1200

    Need some thoughts. I'm looking to upgrade this week. I'm in need of a card (between these 2) that will allow me to play BF4 at Ultra detail and be able to use Shadow Play as well. Can a 770 do this realistically while to a good degree maintaining 60fps? Or would the safer bet to be to go with...
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    XFX or Sapphire for brand? Need input and experience

    With these 2 brands of cards who would you rather go with? I have never owned a card from either one of them but have heard negative comments from both but not a whole lot of positive. Heard Sapphire has bad build quality, while XFX customer support has went down the pooper even though they...
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    Need to choose GTX780 / GTX770 / 280x

    I know its late guys but appreciate you looking. New build happening next week. I want to game. I'm on Vaca. BF4 is the drug of choice. I'm looking to play on Ultra settings. My res is 1920x1200. I need to pick one of these 3 cards. I'm worried about the Vram being to small on the 770, but I've...
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    Looking to upgrade to a 290x but need advice on my current rig

    Hey guys. Was hoping you could lend some insight to me on how I should proceed. Specs of my current rig are in my sig. I was hoping to do a gpu upgrade for BF4. I currently only play games at 1900x1200. Not planning on gaming any higher. I want something that would last me a couple years (2-3 if...
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    60gig SSD. Where did half my drive go?

    Hey guys. I just put a new rig together this past weekend. Well in the new build I picked up a OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD. On that drive I installed Win7 Ultimate 64 bit and have done windows updates. I do not have any games installed on that drive and installed only security essentials and things...
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    GTX 580, 6970, or CF 6950's

    I'm building a new rig and cant decide on what gpu's I should get. I want something obviously powerful but was hoping that I could get something that will have enough "hmph" to carry me on for at least another 2 years (my 260 has been doing 3+ years). I am a regular gamer playing at 1920x1200...
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    New PC build and need input and opinions

    Need some input and thoughts on a new build. I have put together a list of possible items and i am hoping that you guys can lend some input on the system. Motherboard Graphics Card...
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    Please suggest a card under $300 that will play max settings @ 1920x1200

    Im looking at getting a new card here in about a month and was wondering what would be a good upgrade for me. Not looking to spend a fortune (wanted to keep it under $300) but wanted something that will play most games at 1920x1200 and give me some good fps of 60 or higher (CoD BO, BFBC2, Metro...
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    E6850 - CPUz shows core speed fluctuating. Normal?

    Hey guys, i got cpuz out and it is showing my E6850 core speed fluctuating from 3000.0mhz to 1997.0mhz. Is that normal?
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    Evga GTX 260 running only at x8 not x16?

    Hey guys, i got a question for ya. Might be simple one to fix. I have GPU-Z running and it is telling me that my 260 is running at only x8 and not x16. How do i enable the card to run at x16? My motherboard is a Evga 122-CK-NF68-A1. It mentioned that my power options could effect my card...
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    Crysis crashing in Windows 7 64-bit

    Hey guys, been having some issues getting Crysis to run on Windows 7 Ultimate 64. At first i was having issues getting past the black screen upon initial start up. But i cured that problem by running the Crysis.exe in Vista compatibility mode SP2. The issue now is, when I try and change my...
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    Converting a .JSOD file to something readable?

    Hey guys, i got a lil problem. About 2 months ago i reformatted my PC. Unfortunately, i didn't get to save my favorites in Firefox (i swear to god that i saved that bookmark.html). Well, i went ahead used a app to do some digging on my pc to see if it could could recover the file. It came up...
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    External HD crashed. Need a good recovery app. Suggestion needed

    Hey guys. I have a WD 250 gig external hd that i have had for about 4-5 years now. Seems just recently she took a dive. Windows does not want to recognize her, and wants to format the drive. Ive hooked it up to 3 machines (2 vista, 1 xp) and neither of them can read it. What are my options...
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    Cell Factor and Nivida Cards

    Hey guys.... I was wondering if the Nvidia cards are able to run the Ageia Cell Factor game? If so, where can you down load it from? Thanks.
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    8800 Ultra just died.... need thoughts

    Hey guys.... Well my 8800 Ultra just decided to take a dump on me. And.... well, me being the dumbass that I am, I forgot to register my card with Evga. And it has been well over a year since I purchased it. So any warranty right now is out of the question ( I emailed one of the RMA guys at Evga...
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    9800 GT vs 4850

    Hey guys.... I need some help on this one. My brother currently has a setup using 2 7800GT's in SLI. I was thinking of getting him a upgrade for Xmas so that he could play COD: 5 pretty well at 1060*1050 (and any other game he gets). I was looking at getting him maybe a 4850 or a 9800GT...
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    Having issues running BF: 2 & BF: 2142...., Crashing to desktop and freezing.

    Hey guys.... I just built a new rig and im installing my games. Ive tried to get BF: 2 and BF: 2142 but i keep crashing. BF: 2 When i go into the sound tab in game i crash to the desktop. If i load up a map, i crash to the desktop. Tried running as administrator but that doesn't help...
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    Having issues with a DVD-ROM and 250gig HD on IDE

    Hey guys.... Just built a new rig and i got 2 IDE devices together. One is a DVD-ROM and a Western Digital 250 gig. Im running Vista Home Premium. Thing is windows only sees the DVD, it does not see the HD. In the BIOS, it only sees the DVD as well and not the HD. Differential Diagnosis...
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    Evga 680i SLI MB - Having issues with Post code 25

    Hey guys... Just built a new rig and im already getting issues... GRRRR Im getting a post code of 25 which tells me Shadow system / video bios. What does that mean exactly and how do i go about changing that? Any help would be grealty appreciated.
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    Would this ps be able to power a Q6600?

    Hey guys. I currently have this power supply running my current rig. Could this same ps run a Q6600? I would be obviously be changing mb and ram but i would be keeping the 2 7800's. I wouldnt get a new ps prolly until i upgraded the...
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    Need help choosing a new motherboard

    Hey guys. Well its that time of the year for me when ive got that "upgrade itch". Im looking into putting together a Intel rig and was hoping you guys could answer some questions for me and point me in the right direction. So i guess here we go.... 1.) Im looking at getting a SLI board but...
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    Gaming laptop kinda / sorta. Need Help

    Guys im a pickle here and need some help weighing out some choices. I wanted a gaming laptop (well kinda) to be able to play a majority of todays games to some extent but also watch movies and music. Thing is of course is money. Im stretching myself and far as i can go and was hoping to keep...
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    Would XP Home be better than Vista for a laptop?

    Well on dell, if go through the small business section i can get a 9400 with XP home. On normal home section the e1705's only come with vista. Essentially they are the same rig right? Well ive heard to much bad press about vista (playing games, programs, being buggy etc.) I think i would rather...
  34. S = entering in a Employee ID # for discounts

    Hey guys, the company im working for has discounts for the employees through dell. They have given us a ID # but i dont know what page to go to, to add the ID # and get the discount. Any ideas or help?
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    Is a X1700 decent mid-range card?

    Just wondering if the X1700 was a decent mid-range card? Was hoping to do mild gaming. I know its not a blockbuster of card like a 7900 GS and what not, but for maybe WOW, Far Cry, 2142 on mild settings do you think it would perform ok?
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    Need your opinion on this guys

    Well right now i currently own a Thermaltake Kandalf tower (black). Well when i ordered the tower last year i didnt look to see what the case material was (heh steel). Well the problem for me is, is that the case is just to damn heavy with all my gear inside. And with going to lan's and what...
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    Micro ATX boards and cases. Good? Bad? thoughts?

    Hey guys. Right now im in a situation where i would like to get a new case for my system. And maybe actually a new board as well. Currently i have the Thermaltake Kandalf Tower (black). I like the case but when i ordered the case i played stupid and didnt notice that it's made of steel unlike...
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    Where's the best place to buy cathodes and the like?

    Was wondering where the majority of you guys get your cold cathodes and leds from? Wanted to spruce up my case a little bit with some color and was wondering to what is a good brand to go with? Thanks :D
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    Changing fan speeds on a Dell Inspiron E1705

    Hey guys, I have a buddy who has a Inspiron E1705 in which the mb fan doesnt stay on all the time and the lappy gets hot. He was hoping to maybe have the fan run all the time or at least be on more so that he doesnt have heat issues. Now i suppose if the heat was a real issue the pc would show...
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    Is the X1700 a good mobile gaming card?

    Theres only some much i can spend but i was wondering if the X1700 was a good gaming chip for a laptop? Is it worse of better than a 7900GS? What are the mid to high range graphics cards out there right now? Any insight would be great :D