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  1. Abula

    Cost advantage of HDDs over SSDs will last more than a decade

    Personally i thought 10 years was a good timeline for SSDs to catch up HDDs, but they estimated more, Seagate: our disk drives are safe from SSDs for at least 15 years
  2. Abula

    So where will ssds move from NVME?

    Just wondering with all the NVME m.2 SSDs starting to reach 3k+ reads/writes, whats coming short term on the storage industry, are we moving on full PCIe ssds on the future or will we get 8x NVMEs? or any other format that its coming short term?
  3. Abula

    A friend bought a SAS instead SATA

    Hi, A friend of mine bought on Blackfriday a sale on a 6TB SAS drive, he didn't check it was a SAS and he currently has a Asus P9X79 PRO , i told him he will need a SAS controller to use it, but wondering not sure what would work his motherboard, he wants as cheap as possible (not planning on...
  4. Abula

    Going insane with filesharing on Windows 10 1803

    Need some help, i been battling with my main PC, running windows 10 Home that recently updated to 1803. On 1709 and before, sharing was as simple as its been for years with windows, i own many PC on a local network, and all have same user and pw, and sharing was as simple as turning on network...
  5. Abula

    Need help with Windows 10 and freezing PC

    Hi, I just build a new PC, Motherboard: Asrock Z370 Taichi and Z370 Killer SLI/AC CPU: Intel i7 8700K (delided) Memory: GSkill trident RGB 32GB DDR4 3200 CL14 SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 1TB HDD: WD RED 3TB OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit The problem that i have is that sometimes i lose control on the PC...
  6. Abula

    Motherboard for workstation

    Hi, I'm doing a PC that will be multipurpose, not 100% server, but a combination of a lot of things, i was going to post on the motherboard section, but upon checking with LSI about thei raid controller, they said some consumer grade mobos might have issues with LSI raid cards, so i decided to...
  7. Abula

    Recommend me a Raid card

    Hi, I'm looking for a hardware raid PCIe card to do Raid6 of 8 drives, im trying to get around 1500MB/s from the array with pure mechanical, the array will be used mostly to for video editing. Thanks for any suggestions,
  8. Abula

    FreeNAS needed memory

    Hi, I'm considering building a new setup with FreeNAS, but from what i read there is a recommendation of 1GB per 1TB of storage, so for planning a 16x 8tb will net around 119TB, so going by the recommendation i would need 119GB of memory, now 1151 mobos only come with 4 slots, so at the most i...
  9. Abula

    Looking for secondary monitor

    Hi, Im looking for some suggestions or opinions into what monitor would work better for a secondary, my main is a Acer XB321HK that im pretty happy, but im looking for a secondary monitor to display Mumble, HWmonitor, GPUz, Twitch panel, among other things, but wont be used gaming, its mainly...
  10. Abula

    WD 8TB RED when?

    Anyone know if there is a schedule release date for the 8TB Reds, im starting to run out of space, but i don't want to commit to the 6tb unless the 8tb are too far away.
  11. Abula

    Are todays Hitachi 3.5 WD or Toshiba?

    Just wondering, since a lot like Hitachi here, From Anantechs Western Digital To Sell Hitachi's 3.5” Hard Drive Business To Toshiba, Complete Hitachi Buyout Did the deal went like that? Does toshiba have the Hitachi 3.5 drivision? Are HGST todays branded 3.5 manufactured by Toshiba or...
  12. Abula

    Need help with booting issue

    Hi, I have a problem with a new economy build i just assembled, the main problem is every time i shut down and i turn it on (pushing the power button) it starts for like 2 sec and then shuts down. Some history on the motherboard, i bought this H81i like 6 months ago, and it had an issue...
  13. Abula

    Need a 16 port Gigabit Switch with POE

    Hi, I'm about to move to a new home, planning on doing a new network from scratch, it will have 6 PCs (desktop, downloading pc, server, HTPC, and 2x laptops), and to have a small Synology Diskstation mainly for managing and recording 8x POE 3mega pixel cameras, the routers and cable model is...
  14. Abula

    Need PSU suggestions for 40 hdd server

    Im in the process of upgrading my server SUPERMICRO X9SCM-F Intel Xeon E3-1230 Thermalright AXP-140 Kingston 4GB ECC DDR3 1333 Intel X25-M G2 120GB 2x IBM M1015 8x Hitachi 5K3000 2TB 8x Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB Antec 1200 CP-850 to a Lian Li PC8000, atm i have 16hdd, and will...
  15. Abula

    Server case suggestion

    My Antec 1200 is starting to show some age, one of the door is starting to get rusty and out of use some of the paint has chipped, etc. So im looking for a case to upgrade my server, 1) Norco 4224 or 4224 Im not a big fan on racks as this is a home server, but if you guys think its the...
  16. Abula

    Seagate to release 5TB and 6TB enterprise HDDs in 2014

    Damn 6tb next year.... Seagate to release 5TB and 6TB enterprise HDDs in 2014
  17. Abula

    Need advise on $600 budget gaming PCM

    First I'm apologizing in advance if I'm not presenting this well, ATM I don't have a pc with me, doing this post on my iPad so it's ver challenging to do a complex linking post. I'm building a new pc for a very good friend of mine a $600, while I know what to go for, I would like you guys to...
  18. Abula

    HBA Suggestion pls

    I'm running out of space on server, MOBO: SUPERMICRO MBD-X9SCM-F-O LGA 1155 Intel C204 Micro ATX Intel Xeon E3 Server Motherboard MEMORY: Kingston 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1333 Server Memory Model KVR1333D3E9SK2/4G CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 Sandy Bridge 3.2GHz 4 x...
  19. Abula

    Server issues loading

    Hi, I need some ideas, i been runing WHSv1 for 2 years now (check sig for complete specs), but once every 4 to 6 months the server fails to start, but its very weird, its like the mobo or the hba forget to load, and it gets stalled where the HBAs load initially, and never allow to load windows...
  20. Abula

    Whats your opinions into Windows 8 for storage server

    I'm looking for a replacement for WHSv1, and the WHS2011 didnt do it for me with MS leaving the DE out, was considering unRaid, but found Building Windows 8 | Virtualizing storage for scale, resiliency, and efficiency, seems it will have similar to unRaid parity and will have again a storage...
  21. Abula

    Looking for opinions/suggestions on case for HTPC

    I have a bunch of pc components that are left over builds that i want to put in use in HTPC, CPU: Intel Core i3-2120 CPU Cooler: Scythe Mugen 3 MOBO: Intel DQ67SWB3 GPU: Sparkle GeForce GTS 450 HDD: Crucial M4 64GB Memory: G.SKILL ECO Series 4GB Fans: Scythe Kama FLEX PWM 120 SA1225FDB12H-P...
  22. Abula

    Intel SASU8CI Setup???

    Well im finishing my server, and have already flashed both Intel SASUC8I to latest IT firmware, but upon connecting both i get the following screen when the system is booting, If i enter with Control C the LSI config, i get I already installed LSI drivers and seems to be working...
  23. Abula

    HDD prices rising

    HDD prices to rise in November due to flooding in Thailand Wasnt sure it would really happen, but it seems so, Amazon n Newegg already rised the common Hitachi 5k3000 and Samsung F4EG to $109.99 from $79.99 usual price :(
  24. Abula

    Do i need a new PSU?

    Hi, Im having some stability issues, specially booting from cold i get resets, and today while reaching windows my mouse n keyboard didnt had power, i change the ports but still the same, waited like 15min in windows log on screen and it had like slight flash, when i saw the mouse/keyboard...
  25. Abula

    WHSv1 Questions

    Hi, Im about to install WHSv1 on a new server on Asus P8B WS, im wondering a couple of things before i mess it up, 1) Should i set sata as AHCI or IDE? i have no plans on hotswaping, but i would like what would work best for WHSv1 or give me the least conflicts with HBAs. 2) Do i need to...
  26. Abula

    Can i use dual Intel SASUC8I

    Hi, Just wondering if i wont encounter any issues using 2x Intel SASUC8I, just sata ports for 16hdd WHSv1 setup on a Asus P8B WS? Thanks,
  27. Abula

    Are sata power splitters recommened?

    Im planning on increaseing a antec 1200 to 16 drives with Cooler Master 4 in 3 HDD Module Device - (STB-3T4-E3-GP), just wondering if its safe to use a sata power splitters, something like Silverstone Tek Four-in-One SATA Power Connectors with Power Stabilizing Capacitors (CP06) or maybe there...
  28. Abula

    WHSv1 Build, Looking for opinions

    Hi, I'm running out of space on my Acer AH342, I been pretty happy with WHSv1 specially into how easy is to add drives, and I'm about to upgrade my gaming desktop, so the Antec 1200 is going to be free to do the server upgrade, even though I would like to go with a Norco 4224, atm i dont have...
  29. Abula

    Low power yet powerful build.

    Hi, Im trying to build an HTPC and download station, ideally low power consuming with very little noise, I'm not going to OC this PC, just trying to build a small yet not as slow pc as the atoms netops, what im looking is, 1) That its stable, should be on 24/7. 2) That consumes the least...
  30. Abula

    Low power yet powerful build.

  31. Abula

    4pin PWM Y splitter

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire easyStore AH342-U2T2H Home Server that i feel runs to hot for my liking (60C idle), so i want to swap the included fan and add another close to the CPU, but there is no 3 pin connectors, the only source atm is the 4 pin PWM that its used for 120mm fan, just wondering...
  32. Abula

    PCIe Sata Cards recommendation

    Hi, Im looking for single PCIe Sata card, I dont need any raid support of any kind as this is for WHS build, but i would like at least 4 or 8 sata ports, money is no issue but i would like to keep it as low as possible while being reliable. The board im planing to build is Zotac Intel...
  33. Abula

    Need advice on voice communication server for gaming

    Im currently on the market for a voice communication for playing with friends, maybe in the future to do a clan/guild. In the past there were very few options, but now there are more, so just looking for some feedback from gamers what do you prefer. Atm i just want to decide which one work...
  34. Abula

    8pin connector on a GTX480

    Hi, I have a ZOTAC AMP! ZT-40102-10P GeForce GTX 480 on the way, arriving next week. Atm i have an Antec PSU CP-850 (semi modular), i have no problem plugging the extra set of pcie connectors, if its needed. Currently my GTX285 is connected using the 8pins pci express cables that are 6+2...
  35. Abula

    5870 suggestions?

    Im going red for the first time, but i dont know most of the brands that ati has for retail, im also looking for it to come with better cooling than the stock, a card with Artic Cooling Accelero Extreme 5870 would be ideal, but the ones i found so far are the following, XFX RADEON HD 5870...
  36. Abula

    Nostromo N52te

    Finally my N52 (not te) has given up out of use. I was thinking on moving toward a G13, but i grown used to the analog pad, i the logical move is toward the N52te, but i cant find it in stock on any of the big online stores, like its in backorder for more than a month now.... so just wondering...
  37. Abula

    Need help with i7 setup.

    A friend just order a new i7 setup, but we havent been able to run tripple channel. His setup is Intel Core i7 920 Asus P6T DELUXE V2 Corsair TR3X6G1333C9 XMS3 6 GB 3 x 2 GB PC3-10666 EVGA 896-P3-1255-AR GeForce GTX260 Antec Sonata III 500 Quiet Super Mini Tower ATX Case (against my...
  38. Abula

    IE8 problem

    Well this is probably a very noob problem, but im sorry i cant find any solution on my own so pls bare with me. I installed ie8 recently while updating my laptop with vista32, while watching youtube videos i decided to check google chrome 2.0 to see if it was worth it, while i didnt find...
  39. Abula

    Problem on startup, new computer

    I just put together my computer, and everything regarding performance is really good, but i have an issue that i dont know if its normal or not. Intel Core i7 920 Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R Corsair Dominator 1600 6GB Noctua NH-U12P SE EVGA GTX285 Western Digital VelociRaptor 300 GB Western Digital...
  40. Abula

    Would an E8400 be enough for GTX260?

    Im about to upgrade computer, i mostly play WOW and sometimes COD4/COD5, I dont see my self playing anyother games for the next 2 years at least. But I do need to upgrade right now, so im planing to invest the least possible, but i do would like to play this games at 1900x1200. Im almost done...