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    corsair af140 vs gentle typhoon ap-15

    Has anyone owned both of these units? Specification wise the AF-140 looks like a better unit? I am looking at replacing the rear 140mm fan of my corsair 800D case. Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1,850 rpm 28 dBA 57.68062 CFM Corsair AF-140 1150 RPM 24 dBA 67.8 CFM
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    windows 7 family pack

    The windows 7 family pack allows you to install windows 7 upgrade on up to three computers. If you replace/upgrade one of those computers can you transfer one of the keys over to it?
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    yate loon or stock fan for H50

    I have several yate loon d12sl-12 fans from jabtech. I also have two of the stock 120mm fans that come with corsair H50's. Would it be better to use 2x corsair fans or 2x yate loon fans for my corsair H50. Will mount in a corsair 800D case in push/pull configuration.
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    need to upgrade my case, please suggest

    Looking for something under $100 if possible. Needs: fit ATX motherboard able to mount corsair H50 cooler decent air cooling for 2500K overclock single video card, no SLI or anything fancy. Don't care either way for LED lights/ case windows etc. Would actually rather go without them...
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    samsung blu-ray drive any good?

    Just scored an open box model from newegg for almost half price. First blu-ray drive.. this model any good for HTPC? I am using 720p optoma projector.
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    WTS: paintball gear for sale

    I don't play much anymore so I am selling my paintball gear. Up for sale is a high-end electronic autococker with lots of accessories. $350 shipped for everything, payment preferred is money order. Easily cost over $1000 new. Would like to sell as a package, but will consider parting it out...
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    FS: BOSE headphones

    For sale: (SOLD! Thanks!) Bose in-ear headphones that are brand new / unopened. Got them as a gift and I already have headphones. These run about $100 brand new. I am asking $65 shipped. (...
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    powercolor ATI 4890 1GB 203.38 + shipping AC @ ewiz

    PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4890 1GB DDR5 2DVI PCI-Express Video Card coupon "vgabailout" - this coupon is listed under the sapphire 4890 but it also works with the powercolor 4890. There is no free shipping but it still works out a little...
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    WTB: cheap AMD S939 cpu/mobo

    I have a socket 939 setup and either my motherboard or CPU has died. What I am looking for is a cheap socket 939 motherboard and CPU combo so I can test and replace the bad part. Prefer nvidia chipset for the motherboard. No preference on the CPU, and HSF is optional (I have a stock AMD...
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    HannsG HG-281DPB 28" Widescreen LCD Monitor $329.99 @ Costco (1900x1200)

    Copied description from a previous post. Price has dropped from $369 to $329. I purchased the monitor from costco about 2 weeks ago and it has been running great. Only negative is the viewing angle but it's not that bad when you look straight at it. Link Newegg Reviews Recommended...
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    OCZ phase?

    What ever happened to the OCZ phase change unit that was supposed to be around $300? Did it ever come out? Did it drop off the face of the earth? Tried to search for some news on it but came up short.
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    X1800xt 512mb Lite? They have a model labeld as "MSI RX1800XT-VT2D512E LITE Radeon X1800XT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 VIVO PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail " Is there a difference between this and a standard X1800XT 512MB? Also it recommends a 450w...