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    Fixing Unifi AP performance

    These changes require UNIFI Controller 5.5.x or greater if you want to perform them via GUI. Older versions can be modified via the configuration file. This change results in a substantial increase in overall operational wireless performance: 1.) Open the UNIFI Controlller Portal 2.) Left...
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    VMware vSGA without Horizon?

    Have any of you implemented vSGA without Horizon View in place? Evidently vSGA is just a host level driver that offloads some basic GPU features used by the guest vmware tools installed virtual video card. The way the documentation reads, it appears it will work, but VMware wants you to...
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    Making windows 10 go away

    What do you guys think of this reg file: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate] "DisableOSUpgrade"=dword:00000001 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\GWX] "DisableGWX"=dword:00000001...
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    AMD..."Oh crap", Intel He also brought 17 senior level engineers back with him. His job is multifaceted as follows: Patch up the current processor line up for 20nm, tweak and make the proper and necessary improvements...
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    The new Zyxel USG's are here
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    router died...and the winner is..

    So my watchguard firebox PFsense router died yesterday from multiple power surges. Puffs of black smoke and all.. This was only meant to be a temporary router, until I decided what I wanted next. I 've been trying to decide if I want a Zyxel Zywall 110 or a Ubiquiti Edgerouter. I wasn't...
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    Best enterprise Office 365 pricing

    I have 200+ users and am looking for the best Office 365 pricing I can find. Options we need are: Office 365 premium Exchange w/ full legal retention Lynx 2013 with persistent chat Microsoft's pricing was too high. Earthlink has their own version and actually had a decent offering...
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    clear up my thinking on correct use of ASA outside interface IP

    So , I 'm trying to figure out why the previous admin did this. ASA version 8.2 (5) In the config I am looking at.... interface GigabitEthernet0/0 speed 1000 duplex full description Outside Interface - Connect to WAN nameif outside security-level 0 ip address
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    ASA updated firmware needed?

    I have a pile of ASA 5520 VPN Plus License The one I am working with is listed as running Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 7.0 (8) All my configs are listed as ASA Version 8.1 (1) Will these config files work on this unit, considering it is running Version 7? If...
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    Need assistance from a PFsense GURU

    Can anyone give me step by step direction (or direct me to where they exist) on how to add another interface to the same logical group as LAN My goal is to get multiple interfaces to act like they are all plugged into a switch. Similar to a consumer router's lan ports. So port 0 = WAN...
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    Need QOS assistance from an alcatel guru

    So I'm trying to create some QOS policies to fix some issues. Questions are: Can I define to and from by IP gateways aka all traffic that travels from IP x to IP X is effected as Y How do I properly weigh the policies? Example of the policies I wish to implement: Priority 1...
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    Vote to continue technet, link provided

    Microsoft is discontinuing technet, there is a petition to either continue technet licensing or create an affordable version of MSDN for IT professionals...
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    Getting annoyed

    Annoyed at missing driver support. So we purchased liquidFTA and wanted to install it on bare hardware. We were pointed to the RedHat hardware support list. We purchased a Dell R320. liquidFTA is based off of CentOS 6.4 Only the FTA bootable image does not detect the Broadcom network cards...
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    Need assistance from an Aruba Guru

    I 'm trying to get our clients to migrate from AP to AP or even every other AP. Our APs are 40' from each other in a high noise environment with 2-3 interfering APs seen by each of our APs. Our controller was updated to software version 5 and I did some basic tuning, such as removing the...
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    Promotion time

    Too tired to offer a story today... I'm sure the details on my career change back in 2011 are somewhere else on the forum. Cliff notes: Changed careers to be a full time IT guy back in 2011 Got into a med sized business at one step over entry level After 6 months was told I was overqualified...
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    Need advice on an opportunity

    My brain is mush today so please forgive this rambling mess of a story/advice request below. So I jumped careers into IT 18 months ago. My current manager thinks I'm fantastic. My title is IT support/Network Engineer. My one friend the guy that is basically mentors me has been getting...
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    Critique my virtualization setup

    I just wanted to get your thoughts on my low power virtualization setup. Dell Poweredge C1100 2X XEON QC L5520 2.26GHZ 2X 60GB Intel 520 SSD in RAID 1 for the Host OS volume 2X 500GB Seagate 15k HDD in RAID 1 for Hyper-V guest volumes 72GB DDR3 RAM H310 RAID Controller 2X Intel® 82576 &#8211...
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    Super low buck poor mans SAN

    So I figured this out a long time ago and some of you may find it useful. If you take a cheap nas like this: You can load up a dekstop PC with truecrypt and create a encrypted volume on the linux based NAS that takes up all...
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    Server 2012 WSUS failure...need help

    So I built and tried to deploy a server 2012 WSUS and its not working right. Installed Server 2012 and added the server to the domain with no issues. changed the server to a static IP address and created a new record so that the IP resolves correctly and NSlookup functions. Added WSUS role...
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    Windows AD account lockout tool replacements.....

    Windows AD account lockout tool replacements..... What are my options: So far I've found: JiJi Account Lockout Tool 2.0 NetWrix Account Lockout Examiner 4.105.380 My specific need is to locate the machine, user and process that issued the lockout.
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    Exchange Query based distrubution group question

    I've been asked to add a e-mail to the "everyone" query-based distrubution list. The problem is the person only exists as a Contact. Do I need to create a user for this person in order to get them into this list? FYI this is on Exchange 2007, Server 2008 R2
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    Need QOS assistance with a Alcatel Lucent 6850

    So I want to define QOS for three EGRESS routes. The first flow is from ANY to a specific IP The second flow is from ANY to a different specific IP The third flow is from ANY to everywhere not defined about I believe that should use the minimum guaranteed bandwidth feature via CIR...
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    HP DL360G7 Servers for Sale

    I wanted to see if any of you are interested in some HP hardware (and Microsoft licenses if needed) that my company needs to unload. These four servers plus external storage unit were purchased 1.5 years ago (so 1.5 left on warranty.) We pre-purchased inventory to sell to customers; however...
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    Hyper-V VM DC backing up the system state

    How do you go about doing this? Any other ideas? Are you using a third part tools/backup solutions?
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    Network Authentication issue?

    OK so here's a real weird one. We have three AD/DCs (2) in the datacenter and (1) locally A couple of our users cannot: Install a program that authenticates against AD Create Mapped drives on their workstations All of these users have full local Admin rights on their workstations. I've...
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    Virtualized APP

    Someone please explain to me the benefits of app virtualization. I recently discovered that we are paying $1500 for 12 cals for Zen 6.0. How is this cost effectively justified? Unless each apt costs more than say $800 per user, this doesn 't make sense to me.
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    What kind of performance should I expect Dell Equal Logic PS5000

    My company has a Dell Equal Logic PS5000 with dual gigabit connections. Only one of the nic s are connected at the moment. It is connected via ISCSI to a VMware 4.0 file server Server 2008 R2 . The PS5000 is running firmware version 5.0.2 I'm seeing 70MB writes and 30MB reads...
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    Does anyone know how to start windows defender from a Batch file

    Here's the normal syntax: C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe Scan -ScanType 2 but it won t run from a batch file. Anyone?
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    Looking on info for HP random drive failure on arrays

    So I'm looking around to see if anyone here knows the case history of the random drive failures that occur on the P410 and P810 storage controllers. Evidently this bug affects all the HP hardware RAID storage controllers. I know that HP just released another firmware patch for this, but was...
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    Reward first PFsense firebox

    So if you are in the Genmay forums you may have seen that I start with a new company next month as a Network Engineer. So to reward my career change, I decided to purchase a X700 firebox loaded with PFsense 2.0 Without flipping through 500 forum pages...can anyone tell me the con's are of...
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    Reoccuring questions on Cals

    This question has been asked over and over again. So when and where do you need to have CALs? Examples: You need a Cal license for each computer you want to connect to a domain controller. If you have a primary and a secondary domain controller, do you need to have only enough cals...
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    How to re-import a VMKD back into inventory

    SO I have the free ESXi 4.1 and vSphere client I couldn t create a virtual partition in my datastore larger than 256GB due to the default format. So I moved my VM and all its associated files off the datastore to my local machine, reformatted the datastore with 4Mb blocks and moved my...
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    ESXi 4.1 whitebox problems

    I'm running into one issue after another. Fun stuff eh? The computer is a Dell inspiron 530, its on the known whitebox hardware list Anyhow. ESXi 4.1 didn't want to install on my USB stick. So I google around and discover that the 4.1 installer is buggered up. So I download version...
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    Holy heck, now I am nervous

    So I've been asking and suggesting to our manager to Virtualize the one server machine for a while now. There are actually 4 machines that I would like to eventually virtualize, but that is not going to happen overnight. We're basically running on a shoestring budget at the moment. So...
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    Cisco/ Linksys RV082 V3 IPSec compatibility help wanted

    So our router died today. The company is using one of my personal routers to stay online. We are considering the RV082 V3 We need and have multiple Greenbow IPsec client software for VPN. The VPN configuration data from "The Greenbow" is dated 2005. One of the notes is that...
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    highpoint 27xx RAID controller opinions wanted

    So what are your experiences with this series devices. Is highpoint improving? What are your RAID5 expediences?
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    need a little help with this config

    So I have a very limited budget and am trying to sell a senior manager on virtualizing a few of our boxes. I was planning on purchaing a proliant ML150 G6 w/xeon E5530 and adding the following: 16GB of EEC RAM HP P410 Smart Array 6 WD RE4 500GB drives A decent flash drive to load EXSi...
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    Finally saw what gigabit can do

    I was assembling and testing some custom production machines here, and I had to perform a data transfer between two windows 7 machines through an HP 1400 switch. I saw 100MBps transfers for the first time. I only wish I could get the main network to operate that fast. Comments welcome
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    Windows 2003 R2 WINS question

    Is there any way to get a multihomed WINS system with (2) IP addresses in the same subnet to work? The netbios name shows up as Conflict when I type nbtstat -n on the Server From the clients I can not ping the hostname of the WINS machine.
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    Need Advice on 16 port+ switch (Fanless)

    So I am investigating replacing our unmanaged switches with some webmanaged or better switches. The environment is quite dirty, so the solution needs to be fanless. The current models I am looking at are the HP procurve 1810G-24 and the Dell Power Connect 2816? I need Vlans, spanning...