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    New Work Server - Dell T640

    Arrived yesterday, new Dell T640 Server for work. Had a lot of fun getting it unboxed and starting initial setup. Specs: 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4215R (3.2G, 8C/16T) 12x 8GB RDIMM 4x 960GB SSD SAS MU in RAID 10 (8 Drive Chassis For Future Drives) Boss Card with 2x 256GB NVME in Raid 1 Server 2019...
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    Work Server Advice

    Getting ready to buy a new server for my work. 15 concurrent users using SQL database software. Have about 200GB of data currently in the database, with growth rate of 0.5 GB per month. PowerEdge R540 Server 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4215 (2.5G, 8C/16T) 8x 8GB RDIMM 4x 960GB SSD SAS MU in RAID 10...
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    Triple Monitor Dell Setup

    So, after reading so many articles and spec sheets, I can confirm this setup works. (Kinda, see below) Spent a few days trying to find someone or anyone who had done this before and found nothing. So figured I would put it out there in case someone else was looking at doing the same thing. Dell...
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    AP for Public WiFi - Need Suggestions

    The small city I work for is looking to setup public WiFi in the building. Does anyone have any recommendations on a brand or specific models? Will only need 3 APs to cover all of the building as the public areas are not very large and a single floor.
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    Storage Suggestions (4 Months)

    Have six iPads I need to store for 4 months until my group needs them again. I have all the batteries charged to 100% and have the iPads turned off. Any other suggestions for safe storage such as anti static bags or any other types of protection for them during this time period?
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    Dragging me back, slowly

    Fired up my old F@H rig and got Boinc going. Not much cause it cpu only but maybe it help team out. Specs: CPU type GenuineIntel Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5640 @ 2.27GHz Number of processors 12 Coprocessors AMD AMD Radeon HD 6350/6450/7450/7470/R5 230 series (Caicos) (1024MB) driver: 1.4.1848...
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    Help with UDP Packet Drop

    Has anyone seen something like this before from Sonicwall ?? Every Minute is a UDP packet dropped from the same place and destination. I just can't seem to be able to stop it .. maybe i am in the wrong settings area. Help or Ideas please .....
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    Charter Internet - 60 to 100

    Just any FYI, Charter has increased their base speed from 60mpbs to 100mpbs a few months ago. I was still getting 60mpbs and started to research why i had not gotten this free increase. There are a lot of posts about this and I can confirm you do have to call their support line to get the new...
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    Raid Upgrade / Change - 9261-8i

    Current Setup: Perc 5/i with 8x 2TB WD Red (Circa 2012) - Running Raid 5 Had a hard drive fail the other day and in the process of recovery now. After looking at the drive dates, all being 2012, i think it is time for some new ones before more failures occur. I was thinking about using the LSI...
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    SonicWall Issue - VPN

    I am having an issue with SonicWall and SSL VPN Connections. For some reason, this "user" will have 7 logins and it will prevents others from using the VPN service. Has anyone encountered this before. I have the appliance set to disconnect at "30 Minutes of Inactivity" but as you see in the...
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    VPN - Switching LTE to WIFI

    We are deploying Surface 3 Tablets in our patrol cars very soon. I have been doing field tests and only run into one situation I can't quite figure out how to resolve. Tablets have LTE and SonicWall VPN Extender --> Works Great in Field Tests The issue comes up with units arrive at the...
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    C# - Rename if length over X

    Been trying to research this but not coming up with many answers on my own: Have a small application that pulls the pdf files from a directory and shows them in a listbox. All of the file names "should" be 8 Characters long + file extension. Lately, the personal saving the pdf files are adding...
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    Suggestions for 2nd Video Card - Work

    I am working on adding a additional monitors to our 911 stations at my work. Currently, they are standard Dell Optiplex 9020 with: nVidia GTX 645 OEM 2x Dell U2412M Monitors We are going to add a third monitor to each setup. Most specs I have read state the current card *could* handle...
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    Need Suggestions on Subwoofer

    I have the Samsung HT-AS730ST for about 4 years. The Subwoofer has been not working well for a month and I want to replace it. The quote below is from the crutchfield review of the unit specs. Any Suggestions or Recommendations from the community on a good replacement unit that has a...
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    Simple C# Question

    Well Simple to someone out there but I can't seem to figure this one out at the moment Have a label and a button. Button Starts Label Count Down from 10 min. That works fine. How do I stop Timer once 0 has been reached ??/ Thanks public Form1() {...
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    C# Question - Listbox from String

    Hey Guys, I am totally blanking on how to get this code working. I am trying to list the files in the directory --> List the last 10 Created --> Open User Selected file. I need some help with the last 10 created part and opening the user selected file I have the files listing .. but not in...
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    Win 8.1 speaker not working

    Upgraded to Windows 8.1 and my rear right speaker stopped working. Supermicro X8SAX Realtek ALC883 I have made sure it is not a hardware issue by switching the speaker cords and testing. I am sure it is a driver issue but I am at a loss how to fix. I have tried the Win 8.1 default...
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    New to Visual Studio (C# Question)

    About 6 years ago, I worked for a very small Sheriff Dept and plan to go back there soon. While, I was there, I wrote a simply bat file to help with reports. Here is the original code (well the chunk I need help with) set Case= set /P Case= Enter the Last Five of MCSD Case Number...
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    Microsoft retiring the TechNet Subscription Service

    If you like Microsoft's Technet, you got one more year to enjoy ... More information can be found here....
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    VM Shutdown with BBU

    So, I just got my APC 9617 Network Card installed on one of my APC 1500 BBU. I am running Server 2008 R2 x64, and was looking over the shutdown options. It is necessary to setup each VM to shut down during a power failure or just have the Main OS shut down (and the VM will save...
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    WTB: Original XBOX DVD Drive

    Looking for a working Original XBOX DVD Drive
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    Maximum Number of VMs per Hard Drive ?

    I am trying to figure out if I need more Hard Drives or still have more room to grow. Current Setup: Intel Xeon X5550 (Same as i7-920) with 12GB Ram Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V 4x Windows 7 VMs ( 2 per Hard Drive - WD 640GB AAKS Drives) - (Seperate from OS Drive) My wife uses...
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    Raid Upgrade Advice

    I have officially ran out of storage so it is time for an upgrade. Current Config: 8 x WD 640GB AAKS Drives In Raid 5 --> Perc 5/i Several JOBD drives in a second system Here is were I need a few good suggestions .. Option 1 : Use Perc 5/i with some new 2TB Drives Option 2: Use Supermicro...
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    WTB: APC 2U Front Bezel

    I am looking for a APC 2U Front Bezels / (Thanks to "sc0tty8" for selling me the first one I needed) Still looking for one more. Specifically they are for model : APC SMART UPS 1500 Rackmount 2U Some out there say 1500 and other are totally blank except for the APC logo. Thanks
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    Multiple APs

    I have not had an issues, but I wanted to make sure I have these APs set up correctly. I have (2) Linksys WRT300N routers set to act as APs in my house. Each one is on the opposite side of the house. Both have DHCP turned off since I have an untangle box as my main router. AP-1...
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    FS: EVGA X58 Micro ATX SLI Motherboard

    Heatware: EvilAlchemist 35-0-0 $old EVGA X58 Micro ATX SLI Micro Intel Motherboard Model: 121-BL-E756-TR
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    HDMI over CAT6 issue

    I was wanting to move my HTPC upstairs and out of the living room. To that end, I purchased a HDMI over CAT6 kit -- I set up a test just using 6 feet of cable in the living room before...
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    SuperMicro C7X58 - X58 Motherboard - $79.99 + S/H

    Usually I don't post any deal but this one is just to good & It is very rare to find any NEW Supermicro Items at a discount. It looks like there are 25 available after I placed my order. SuperMicro C7X58 Rev 2.0 LGA1366 l X58 Motherboard Ebay - Buy It Now Item...
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    Upgrade 939 System

    I know very little about AMD numbering so I have to ask for some advice Grandmothers Computer is a Compaq with a Sempron 3200+ 1.8ghz (Socket 939) Single Core. Motherboard is an ASUS with a G-Force 6150 Chipset. Can anyone give me some suggestions for a CPU upgrade for this system ...
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    Slow Transfer Speeds

    I was send files to one of my storage servers and noticed I was only getting about 20MB per second transfer over my network. All my other servers average about 110MB per second transfer over the network. So, I went to the physical box and noticed that the CPU usage is almost 75% on a drive to...
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    FS: Noctua Xeon LGA 1366 Heatsinks w/ Fans

    For Sale: 1x Still Available ( 1x $old) $33.00 Each (Shipping Is Included) Comes with Retail Box & All Accessories. Noctua Xeon LGA 1366 Heatsinks Model : NH-U12DX - Product Page There is an adapter that will make this work will all LGA1156 and LGA1366 Boards for $9.00...
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    FS: E5504, DDR3, 5450, 4350, & Fans

    EvilAlchemist's For Sale Thread Payment Method: Paypal Shipping will be done with USPS Priority Mail Heatware EvilAlchemist 35-0-0 ----------------------------------------=----------------------------------- 1x Still Available ( 1x $old) $37.00 Each (Shipping Is Included)Comes with Retail...
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    HDMI and USB over CAT6

    I am wanting to move my HTPC to my server room. I already have cat6 installed in the house so the wiring is not an issue. Is about 100 feet of wire from living room network ports to server room ports. Can any suggest products that will help me accomplish this?? The issue is know which ones...
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    HTPC + netflix audio issue

    I need some help trying to resolve an audio issue. It only occurs when I am watching a netflix streaming video and I A) pause for more then 30 seconds or B) let the stream complete to the end of the video When either happens, all audio on the system ( video and Windows sounds) becomes...
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    Which parts to use and what to sell

    I have dis-assembled my main system and not sure if I should sell the parts or use them to upgrade my other systems and sell those parts. 1) My FileServer has 2x E5504 cpus (2.0Ghz - 8 Cores). I have 2 x X5550 cpus (2.66ghz - 16 cores with ht on) that I pulled from my main system. My...
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    Need some advice / help

    My boss wants me to come up with a solution to a problem and I have 2 answers, but only one I can do myself. I work for a very small sheriff dept and we have no set way to electronically keep the reports. All of them are typed but then printed but thee electronic version never saved and if...
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    esata storage array

    My current storage server is completely full. Current Specs: (Rack Mounted) Processor : 2 x Intel Xeon 5504 (2.0Ghz x 8 Cores) Motherboard: SUPERMICRO MBD-X8DAL-i-O Power Supply: Corsair 520w PSU OS : Windows Server 2008 R2 Raid Card: Dell Perc 5/i (HeatSink Mod + Ram @ 512MB) Hard...
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    WTB: IDE Hard Drive - 100+ GB

    Looking for an IDE Hard Drive with at least 100GB or more. Heatware | EvilAlchemist
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    Suggestions needed for Storage Upgrade

    I am needing to upgrade my storage server because I have ran out of space. My setup has worked great for 2+ years, but i want to replace before failure. Current Specs: Processor : 2 x Intel Xeon 5504 (2.0Ghz x 8 Cores) Motherboard: SUPERMICRO MBD-X8DAL-i-O Power Supply: Corsair 520w...
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    FS: SeaSonic 430W Power Supplys

    All Items Sold