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    jump ship from my Q6600?

    I seriously cant make up my mind on wether to upgrade to a i7 930 or just stick with what I got till the next gen of intel boards. Almost pulled the trigger last night on $800+ on a new mobo, cpu, ram but common sense kicked in and stopped me. My current rig is a Q6600@3360mhz 1680fsb, 4gb...
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    Penryn and 965 chipset

    Any word on if you'll be able to use the new Penryn chips in 965 chipset boards? Been trying to find a answer on the web but havn't found anything definitive. I really hope they support them since 965 boards are still great performers and are up there with the newest boards as far as...
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    DVI to HDMI cables

    Are DVI to HDMI cables any good or would they be a problem when connecting a computer to a 1080p LCD (sharp Aquos)? I could save a few bucks and pickup a cheaper model of the TV and just use that DVI to HDMI cable.
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    SB Live! or onboard

    Building a box out of some spare parts and I found a old Sound Blaster Live gamer card. I was wondering if it would be better to use the onboard sound that's on a Asus P5GPL-X or the SB Live. It's not going to be used for anything special. Most likely just be a mp3 player or if I needed...
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    Yonah or Merom

    I'm building a laptop and not sure if I should go with either the Yonah or Merom core. Any thoughts?
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    Replace stock thermal paste?

    Is it even worth the trouble these days to replace the stock thermal paste on the NB and SB heatsinks with ArticSilver? This is on a GA-965P-DS3.
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    My sad E6600

    So after a few days of trying to get a decent overclock out of my E6600 i've just come to the conclusion that I just got a crappy one out of the batch, It tops out at 2.9ghz (stable) lol. The reason I know it's the cpu holding me back and not my 680i is from a few signs like the fact that I...
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    evga 680i weird keyboard issue

    Not sure what the problem here is but from time to time when im typing or playing a game and using WASD for movement the keyboard will cause beeping sounds to come from the motherboard speaker. Also it's like the keys get stuck, for example I was playing WoW and my guy wouldn't stop running...
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    Any good for a monitor/HDTV ?

    I'm looking to get a HDTV and I also need a new computer monitor. I was looking at a Dell W2607C 26" LCD TV to fill the role as my new monitor and for HDTV. I don't really knbow much about HDTV's so would this thing be any good for this role? Or would it just suck as a computer monitor?
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    7900GTX fan speed

    I've got a evga 7900GTX and all of the sudden i'm having game/computer crashes and graphic artifacts in some games. I checked the temperature and it seems ok, about 53c under load in WoW. One thing i did notice is the fan speed. It's spinning at a pretty low rate, I can very easily stop...
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    overclocking p5gpl-x ?

    Can you overclock the cpu or anything with this board? I'm not seeing any bios options on this board. I flashed to the latest ASUS bios for the board. I got it for free from school and trying to make the most of this thing.
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    Core 2 rig

    Putting together a Core 2 Duo rig, how do these parts look for a build? CPU Mobo Ram
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    Dual core to Single....

    So I switched from a X2 4400+ back to my old 4000+ and I was just wondering if there are any drivers or anything that I need to uninstall that would cause any problems? I remember windows installing something when I went from my single core to dual core.
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    Opteron 175 or X2 4400+

    Which of these would be the better buy? I have a watercooled setup. DFI LP UT SLI-DR mobo with this OCZ ram. The ram overclocks to 211 fsb on a 1:1 with 2-3-2-5 timings and about 230 with 2.5-3-3-7. Can the ram be run in...
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    Toshiba SD-R5372V max speed only 4x?

    So I picked up a new burner for my comp and its suppose to do 16x DVD-R. It seems it will only do 4x or 2x. I am using Nero Ultra version This seems to be the latest version that I could find. I am currently using 8x rated Ritek DVD-R's. These discs burnt at 8x on my old NEC...
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    my case shocks me

    If I touch my case I can feel electricity. Kinda feels like when you put your tongue on a dead 9v batterey. It's not that strong, like I can keep my finger on it and feel the electricity. Could it be from using a non properly grounded outlet or is there something else causing this.
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    Ramsinks yay or nay?

    Gonna be setting up my 7800's with DangerDen water blocks. However i'm not sure if I should get some ramsinks for the ram. I don't think they would really help that much but correct me if i'm wrong.
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    PSU running too hot?

    I have a Antec Truepower 2.0 550w psu (TP2-550EPS12V). Now it operates at 49-51c idle, under load it goes upto 55-63c. I have 2 7800's, 3 hard drives, 1 DVD drive, 4 case fans and a water pump hooked up to this. The fan on the back of the psu only runs at 950 rpm and 1050 when it gets...
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    Need new closed cans

    Whats a good pair of closed cans besides the DT770's? I have a amp to power these and I dont like the sound of the DT770's.
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    Overclocking 7800's SLI question.

    Under a SLI setup can you overclock the card just like normal with coolbits or is ther any special way to overclock SLI cards?
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    WTB 6800 Ultra x2 for SLI setup

    Anyone looking to sell 2 6800 Ultras? PM if interested.
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    vsync & SLI

    I heard somwhere that vsync does not work with SLI, that true? Since I use a flat panel now I actually use vsync so my games dont look like crap when moving around. Would suck if that were true.
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    x.5 multiplier & 1:1

    Is there any way to get the multiplier to run correctly and a .5 multiplier with 1:1? My setup would be perfect if I could only run it at that but if I use the half multiplier my ram wont be 1:1 anymore, ghey.
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    Safe Temp for X850 XTPE

    I am overclocking my card and been keeping a eye on my temp's and was just curious if running it overclocked with a average temp 75-80'c would be a bad thing? I have it at 610/625 and it runs just fine for hours on end but the temp does have me a little worried. I do have good case airflow but...
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    nVidia Gigabit ethernet problem

    I just got a DFI LanParty UT nf4 SLI-DR mobo and started using the nVidia Gigabit ethernet with my DSL that goes through my Netgear router. The problem I have is that I lag out in games for no apparent reason. It will be working perfectly fine browsing the internet and playing online...
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    My PSU running too hot?

    According to my the psu temp probe my PSU is @ 140 F. Its a Antec Truepower 2.0 550w. The fan is only running at 950 rpms. All my voltages are good, this seem ok to be running that hot?
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    cpu tempurature monitoring software

    Looking for a program to check my cpu temp, don't need anything fancy. Something that would just sit in the tray and display the tmep. I used to use MBM but it doesn't seems a little outdated and wont get my temps correctly on my nf4.
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    Best bios for DFI nf4 SLI-DR

    Been messing around with my new mobo the past few days and the bios that came with it dated 1/25 was just terrible. I've really only been able to find a bunch of beta bios' to try. Any version better than the other to use?
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    ...interesting problem with SATA

    Why do my SATA hard drives on my DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR cause the Safely Remove Hardware wizard thing to show up in the tray? This is a new rig I put together using 2 Raptors(Raid) and a 3rd hard drive on the Nvidia SATA. I had the same setup on my intel board and I never got that remove...
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    2x1gb OCZ for DFI nf4 sli-dr?

    Was gonna invest in some new ram for my nf4 sli-dr cuz my old Geil ram sucks. I was looking at this and was wondering if anyone knew what kinda chips these were and had good results with it on this board?
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    Can't adjust ram voltage on DFI NF4 SLI-DR

    How do I adjust the voltage on my NF4 SLI-DR? When I try to change the voltage it just stays locked at 2.60.
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    Athlon 64 4000+ good overclocker?

    Well I've narrowed it down to the 4000+ or a 3800+ rev E. I use a water cooled setup and was wondering which of these two chips would give me better results overclocking. Anyone have good results with the 4000+ ?
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    SLI + 6800GT + Widescreen = ?

    I know that there are problems with widescreen monitors (i have 2005fpw) and 6800 ultra's in SLI but does it work fine with 6800 GT's? I also heard that you can fix the problem with the ultra's by simply using the VGA cable instead of a DVI hookup, is that true?
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    Best 939 pin AMD mobo

    Going to try AMD for my next rig, whats a solid mobo I can use with a Rev E 3500+. Not gonna do SLI and I have some pc4000 ram leftover from my last rig. It would be nice if it has atleast 3 pci slots.
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    Which Athlon 64 rev E to get?

    What speed should I go with, the 3200 or the 3500? I got pc4000 ram to use but I am not sure what mobo to get.
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    good earbuds

    What are some good earbuds? I bought some Sony MDR-EX71SL and I hate these. The cord is retarded and the highs sound like complete crap. I'm looking for some earbuds that dont have a retarded cord and have good bass and highs. Thanks!
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    X850 XT AGP vs. 6800GT

    I've had my 6800 GT (o/c ultra) for a few months now and was thinking about upgrading. My problem is should I wait a few months for the next generation of cards to come out or buy a X850 XT? The main game I play is World of Warcraft and Half-Life 2. Does anyone know if there is a big...
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    Cleaning my LCD screen

    What should I use to clean my LCD's screen?
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    Centering w/ 2005FPW & DVI

    This is my first flat panel monitor and I hooked it up using the DVI cable to my 6800GT. Now the screen is a little off center and its off to the right a litte and the right scroll bar ends up at the left of my screen. How do you center the screen while using the DVI cable hookup? I know...
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    Which of these to get

    After looking at a few different cans im still not sure what to get. I want either the Sennheiser HD595, 600 or 650. Im gonna be using this mostly with my home computer that has a Audigy2 zs soundcard. I got a Pimeta headphone amp also. I listen to alot of heavy death metal or...