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    Electric Vehicle Owners Turning Against Each Other

    Yeah. Just like General Motors and Chrysler. Oh wait...
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    Comcast Identifies Anonymous Commenter In Online Comments Case

    Was in the body of the article: "Hadley is a Sandusky waiting to be exposed. Check out the view he has of Empire (Elementary School) from his front door," the commenter wrote. The comment was a reference to former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, who was convicted of numerous counts...
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    Amazon End of Summer Sale

    Was going to pick up Simcity at Gamestop for $6 (close enough to my $5 point), but it keeps deleting from cart every time I try to check out.
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    Tesla Pays $126,836 in First Lemon Law Settlement

    Eh, I'm sure Tesla figured it was better not to have some assclown driving their car around. That job is reserved for Audi drivers. ;) :D
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    Some thoughts on these models

    Alrighty then. Guess I was wrong.
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    Some thoughts on these models

    I guess I should also add: Not concerned about any speakers/USB ports. My case is easily accessible and have dedicated speakers.
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    Some thoughts on these models

    I'm in search of a new monitor for my rig at home and could use some suggestions. I've done a bit of research, so I know the basics: differences between TN and IPS, response time, etc. However, there are definitely things I haven't encountered yet, and figured the [H] is the best place to...
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    Free Metro 2033 on Steam

    There's some sandy vags up in here. :rolleyes:
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    Judge Orders Newspaper To Reveal Name Of Commenter

    Most folks aren't capable putting that much planning or fore-thought into it though.
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    Apple's New Apology Ad

    bah - NM. Nothing exists on either URL.
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    Apple's New Apology Ad

    Rupert the lazy? Valerie the slut? lmao - now I have to go check out that URL in the ad.
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    Even A Three Year Old Can Use Windows 8

    So you're telling me this is the average Windows 8 user: Sounds about right. Stupid video - just because a 3 yo can use it doesn't mean I should.
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    Well of course it's not Dungeon Defenders, but it's what you chose to focus on when you ignored him. I play GW2 and have been enjoying it, but I'm not quite understanding what the issue is with plopping down a turret, letting it kill crap, rise-lather-repeat. He's not doing an area denial...
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    Guild Wars 2 reviews & user thoughts

    I'm not saying not to make a post. If I dislike something, I'm definitely going to say it. However, there are times where I'll be in the minority and just have to accept that it'll get drowned out in a sea of opposite opinions. Example, I hate Day-Z. I'm in the minority on that and I'm ok...
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    *scratches head* You're going to ignore someone for explaining a game mechanic of Dungeon Defenders? Hell, TrendyNet promotes going AFK with in-game awards such as "Chillax" for moving the least amount of distance and "Master Strategist" for only using defenses to harm enemies.
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    Guild Wars 2 reviews & user thoughts

    What exactly was the point of your posting? Anet = ArenaNet So I suppose we should spam the H forums with "I hate XXX game" now despite the existence of threads discussing the positives and negatives of XXX game. Let's start with his precious...TSW.
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    From Dead Island to Project Hell

    I'm not so much as tired of zombies as I am untrusting of their releases. Dead Island was such a let down after their cinematic. Glad I waited for a Steam sale.
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    Windows 8: Hate It Already? Waiting Won’t Help

    Meh. Call me when Microsoft states this themselves. This is nothing more than a sensationalized opinion piece coming from an Apple-biased site.
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    Stupid Scientific Study of the Day

    Obligatory for this thread -
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    Iran Nuclear Energy Facility Hit With Malware That Plays AC/DC

    It's all good. I'll just cover it up with a Camaro on cinder blocks and go back to listening to the local country station while trying to find where my woman left off to. :D
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    Iran Nuclear Energy Facility Hit With Malware That Plays AC/DC

    You and your stereotypes make as much sense as a football bat. Since when does AC/DC = gay folk? Anyway, I think you're late for your rap-listening drive-by shootings while making out with other like minded dudes. (See, I can play the same game.)
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    Iran Nuclear Energy Facility Hit With Malware That Plays AC/DC

    Let me listen to Justin Bieber.
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    Black Mesa Source

    Kind of like the DNF apologists? LMFAO - good luck.
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    Russia The First to Use the Pain Ray?

    By sending him here, that construes an act of war. I say we organize a Lady Gaga Canadian tour counter-strike. :D
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    Windows 8: A Design Disaster

    The resulting PTSD has caused me to block it out of my mind completely. ;)
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    Windows 8: A Design Disaster

    You must not have played with Windows ME. :D But other than that, agree completely.
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    This Hard Drive Deal is NUTS!

    On the contrary - you're the only one that came in white-knighting the Chinese ITT. But hey, if obliviousness is your thing, have at it.
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    This Hard Drive Deal is NUTS!

    Perhaps not, but shows the amount of quality they put in the crap they make. You act like they fart rainbows and magic unicorn dust. What are you the Chinese Minister of Information? :rolleyes:
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    This Hard Drive Deal is NUTS!

    Bodies 'fall from carriages' during China train crash clean-up Oh yeah. It works really well. :rolleyes: Given the fact they could care less about people and more about rapidly covering up deficiencies and the truth, I'd say *everyone* has done better.
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    Stuffed Cat Quadrotor Video of the Day

    lol - don't ask where he keeps the batteries.
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    How to protect your Diablo 3 Account!

    You forgot to include not using the same email/password combo on every swinging site/forum out there. Sounds like a no brainer, but part of me wonders if some Diablo 3 fan site got hacked and instead of reporting it, they kept quiet.
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    Sign the Diablo 3 Offline Single Player Patch Petition

    This crap is comedy - like it's really going to help. Dude's goal is 25k signatures - that's a drop in the bucket for Blizzard given all the sales. No they don't. Half the clowns on metacritic are bitching about not allocating stat points or graphics and shit. What they want is Diablo 2...
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    New rig (after 4 years)

    Thanks for the input. What about the vid card - originally considered a GeForce 560 Ti for a significant price drop. I know that it also comes with a significant performance drop too. Is it viable for 1920x1200 gaming? Saving that kind of cash would allow me to put a budget box together for...
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    New rig (after 4 years)

    Hmm - good to know about the RAM - might help make 16GB more tolerable to the budget. Also thanks for the heads up on the combo deal - could actually purchase now if I needed to - was just giving it some time to make sure I wasn't overlooking something. You don't think the clock speed increase...
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    New rig (after 4 years)

    I indicated full-blown Win7 Ultimate above - guess I should've added 64-bit and yes, legit.
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    New rig (after 4 years)

    Ooops - Hmm - let me scan through to see what I missed: 8) When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Within the next couple weeks 9) What features do you need in a motherboard? RAID? Firewire? Crossfire or SLI support? USB 3.0? SATA 6Gb/s? eSATA? Onboard video (as a backup or main GPU)...
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    New rig (after 4 years)

    Looks like I forgot a couple things. I already have Win7 Ultimate - so OS isn't an issue. I'm planning on keeping my existing 24in LCD, so gaming is at 1920x1200 res as much as possible. I live in WA state - so mostly shop online. There's a Fry's up north, but nothing around my area.
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    New rig (after 4 years)

    Wanted to get some additional eyes after pouring through a ton of reviews and research over the last couple weeks. Anyway, here is what I came up with: GIGABYTE GA-Z77-D3H LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard $120 Intel Core i5-3550 Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz...
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    Samsung Spintpoint F3 1TB $80

    Bah - dead deal. Shows for $109.99 now. [edit] doh! - never mind. Didn't realize there was also an instant $30 off. Looks like I need some caffiene.