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    Cheap no frills cell plan

    I've been using a company phone for ~10 years now but would like to get all of my accounts linked to a phone number owned by myself. Are there any good \ cheap services left for just a basic phone number and Wi-Fi only calling \ data? I used to have a $5 per month Republic Wireless plan but it...
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    Good replacement for crossover-2795qhd?

    Looking to upgrade my Korean 1440p monitor found here Would modern 1440p monitors offer any improved visuals or would I need to jump up to 4k for a noticeable difference...
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    Basic Raid Controller to Replace Intel RST on Server OS's

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a recommendation for reasonably priced hardware RAID controllers to replace Intel RST on Server 2019 and 2022. It looks like the new RST software is app store based and won't install on a server OS. I know software RAID isn't ideal, but it has worked well for our...
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    Cheap RAID controller with passthrough mode recommendations.

    I'm looking for recommendations for a card that supports 8 drives in passthrough \ JBOD mode. This will be for a system running Windows Server 2016. LSI 9211-8i flashed to IT mode seems to be a poplar option. I see the 9240-8i is also relatively common yet 1/2 the price on ebay. Will either of...
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    Intel Demos DG1 GPU at CES

    I'm sure it will be a while before they release anything competitive, but I'm excited to see something actually running games. It may not just be Larrabee 2.0 after all
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    Amazon i9 warning

    I just wanted to give users a heads up on our relatively high fraud rate on i9 CPUs from Amazon. We recently received an i9-7900x box that was opened and missing the CPU, and yesterday we received a fake i9-7940x CPU that fell apart when removing the CPU for troubleshooting (both sold by amazon...
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    Server 2016 core licensing confusion

    I'm pricing out our first Server 2016 multi CPU box and really confused with the switch to per core licensing vs Server 2012s per socket (server 2012 standard included 2 sockets) Can anyone verify I am getting this right and that for a dual cpu, 24 core server we would need to purchase a copy...
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    WTB Cheap 1150 Haswell CPU i3 or better.

    I'm looking for pretty much any inexpensive 1150 Haswell CPU, i3 or better, for my nephews new gaming PC. Payment via Paypal, please have heat. Heatware under Kardonxt All my btc and ltc was at btc-e so.... no crypto payments hahahaha....sigh....
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    WTB Division PC $30 OBO

    Found, Thanks cybrnook! Looking for a key for The Division for PC. Would like to pay $30 but open to offers. Payment via Paypal Heat under KardonXT
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    Help finding a low end uefi compatible GPU

    I need some help finding a low end gpu with GoP (UEFI compatible). No manufactures seem to list this with their product specs. I found a post from an xfx rep saying all R series or newer cards should support it but then I also found a lot of people saying their R series cards don't support...
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    2 x first gen spotswood 4p cases, free for pickup in MI 48116

    Hey guys, not sure the state of folding but if anyone is still going [H]ard I have 2 x 4p open air chassis I just need gone. They have had a rough life over the course of a dozen folding and mining builds. I can get you current pictures if there is any interest. I paid a good bit for these and I...
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    Legality of similar domain names?

    I'm curious of the legality of creating a forum with a similar name to one in already in existence. Short: Just for example lets say the companies name is Hard, and they have a forum called Hardforum. Can I make a forum named Hardestforum without having any reasonable fear of legal issues...
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    WTB Best GPU under $100

    Looking for the best GPU I can get ~$100 shipped. I would prefer something older and higher end than something new and low end. Paying paypal, shipping to 48116. Heat under Kardonxt Got it, Thanks guys. 7950 for $95 shipped for anyone price checking.
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    WTB 1150/1155 water block and 1x140mm Rad

    Need a water block for a 4790k and a 140mm rad to add to my loop. Would rather have something cheap like an xspc rasa block but open to anything. Paying paypal, Shipping to 48116. Heat under Kardonxt Edit: Everything found, Thanks everyone.
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    WTB Cheap micro atx mobos AM3+ or FM2

    Edit: Just looking for an fm2 now. Thanks! I was a moron and bought cases too small for my spare parts so now I need 2 micro-atx AM3 / AM3+ Mobos and 1 micro-ATX FM2 / FM2+ Mobo. I don't care about specs as long as they work and can accept a video card. Cheaper the better since I can buy new...
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    WTS 750ti GTX FTW

    I have 5 (0 left) EVGA GTX 750ti FTW with ACX Cooling for sale. Looking for $110 Shipped each. (Can work our a discount for multiples) They were used for x11-x13 mining for a couple months and have since only been used a day or two at a time to check mining client updates. Always ran super...
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    750ti mining rig I'm posting this here at a discount before I part it out in the regular forums. May make a nice folding rig if nvidia / panda got folding on maxwell fixed since i last looked. Was used for about 2 months of actual heavy...
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    WTB cheap water cooling gear

    I'm looking for some cheap water cooling gear. Paypal / shipped to 48116. Prefer sellers with decent heat. Bent fins / scratches are fine as long as nothing leaks. I need.... A 3x120 or 4x120 rad, G 1/4 threaded or with 1/2 in barbs. (may be interested in 1x120 or 2x120 if they are cheap...
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    Anyone mining curecoin?

    The coin hasn't done anything but drop in value since launch but I have a friend who is hyping the crap out of it. He seems to think the price is going to go through the roof. It seems to be the most profitable coin right now. At the rates its value has been falling I don't see it staying...
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    Looks like AC was a scam...

    Looks like AC was a scam and has now been halted on the major exchanges. A little pissed lost a week or so of mining. Does anyone see AC2 being worth anything? I find it hard to believe anyone is going to trust this dev again.
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    WTB 290/290x waterblock

    Looking for a 290/290x waterblock. I would prefer koolance to match the one I already have. ~$80 since I have to list a price but open to offers. No EK blocks unless it's dirt cheap. Prefer paypal but can do amazon payments or BTC/LTC if you have high enough heat. Shipping to 48116. Thanks...
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    WTB L5639 or Similar

    Looking for a low wattage 1366 hex core for cheap to upgrade my media server. Would be happy to take a poor overclocker off your hands if you got a slacker from the cheap ebay sales. Extra Spicy chips are also fine. Looking in the $50-$60 range since I have to list a price but open to...
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    Lower voltage on 750ti

    Does anyone know of a utility that will let me lower the voltages on a 750ti? EVGA Precision only supports increasing voltages and MSI afterburner resets to stock voltage if you try to apply anything under stock. The cards in question if it matters...
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    Average 7970 WC'ing Overclock

    Could anyone tell me theirs or the average 7970 OCs on water and what block they are using? I can't seem to find much info. I'm also looking for block recommendation that have decent VRM cooling as I hear that is the weak link on theses cards. Thanks! It looks like with the most recent...
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    Cheap 590 upgrade?

    I'm looking to upgrade my GTX 590 to something it bit more consistent. Unfortunately I'm back to being a poor college student and can't afford another $700 GPU. Recently I've been playing a lot of mmos that dont support SLI or Xfire and it's really killing my frames at 5760x1200 I'm heavily...
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    1045T PPD?

    I'm thinking of picking up a 1045t from microcenter to upgrade my file/minecraft server. Do you guys have any idea what the ppd on these are with a mild oc maybe 3-3.2 ( doubt my cheap free mobo will do much better lol)? I would be running whs 2011 and the native v7 client. If I can break 10k...
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    WTB 1366 CPU

    I'm looking for a cheap 1366 CPU to fold with while I scale back my farm for the summer. Would like something that can oc to the mid 3ghz and hopefully works in a normal consumer board without too much hassle. extra spicys are fine. Folding stats Heat
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    4P combo and 2P mobos

    Looking to sell off my folding stuff for the summer. I moved back in with my parents and can't handle the heat of a 4p rig in my tiny bedroom. ***Sold***4P Combo $1250 shipped UPS Ground and insured. ($1200 with amazon payments or dwolla.) If anyone wants to pickup local for cash I will take...
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    4p wont upload work units.

    This problem started when i made an image of the drive to keep as a backup. Not sure if it's related or just a coincidence. The client pretty much just keeps doing this. Any ideas? Internet and dowloading work units works fine. I already deleted the work folder once to try to resolve the...
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    MOAR D!

    Thanks to firedflly i got my 4p up today :D. Nothing special just 2 6134 and 2 6128s for now. Is it faster to fold bigadv and hope to get a few left over 6903 and 6904 units or should I bite the bullet and start folding the new bigbetas?
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    WTB 4P mobo

    I'm looking to buy a 4p G34 mobo. I figured I would post here before ordering the super micro online. I don't care if it can OC so if anyone's looking to upgrade from a tyan or something I'm your man. Heat under Kardonxt Folding Stats Not sure if stats are down or what but that points...
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    New Sound card or Headphone Amp?

    I've been juggling rigs around a lot at home and none of my backup pcs have sound cards. I wouldn't say they sound bad but the on board solutions aren't nearly as loud or "punchy" as the x-fi extreme music in my main rig. I was going to pickup an x-fi titanium for my main rig and move the...
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    Mac Pro No video

    I have a mac pro that's not posting video. I have tried the stock nvidia 7300 and a hd 2600 from a newer mac pro that I read should work in all mac pro machines. I have tried all the pci express slots and still no luck. I thought maybe it was a bad logic board but it loads into target disk...
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    Long tpf after reboot

    I'm having a weird issue after accidentally kicking my machine and causing it to reboot. My tpf jumped from 39min to 1 hour. Now I just got a message saying "NOTE: Turning on dynamic load balancing" Any idea what happened or how to fix it? The work unit is at 81% so I would hate to scrap it.
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    Move to 4P?

    The parts are starting to show up for my second 2p build and I'm starting to wonder if I would be better off moving into 1 4P. I have a 2p with 6134s currently and the 6128s should be showing up for my second 2p any day now. I assume that if I moved to a 4p I could use my current cpus and...
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    Did I just lose a WU?!

    I finished a 6903 and noticed something about sleep=10000 at the end of the log. I didn't see anything about uploading and the boxen just sat there idle. Thinking to myself "this is a waste." i closed the client and opened it back up hoping that it would start uploading. I did see "done" twice...
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    Nothing but 6901s?

    All 4 work units my new 2p setup has pulled were 6901s. Do i just have terrible luck or could one of my config flags be causing this? I was looking forward to some bigbetas QQ
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    Moar D!

    Thanks to NobleX13 and Dsee this rig should be coming online shortly :D. Is there a F@H linux for newbs guide around here? If some one could tell me what distro i should be using at least I might be able to figure it out lol.
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    WTS Bitcoin Gear / ATI 5xxx series gpus.

    Unfortunately I need to start selling off my bitcoin gear do to splitting up with the woman. Please have decent heat and live in the contiguous US. Prices are Paypaled and shipped UPS Ground (items over $300 will need signature confirmation unless you pay with BTC). I have heat under Kardonxt...
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    help pick RAM for 2P build.

    Any one know if this ram would be a good choice for this setup to fold with?