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    ATT Uverse Modems

    Anyone using anything other then their piece of junk? I have dropped their TV service and only have the internet coming in on Uverse. My understanding its just ADSL2+ and I should be able to grab what ever modem and have this work correct?
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    WTB AMD A8-3870/AMD A8-3850

    I have an FM1 mobo and trying to build a spare system off it.
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    Cooling for Video Cards

    I am looking at doing an AIO for my video card. I don't like it running as hot and as loud as it does. So I have a couple questions: EVGA ACX cooler on my stock card currently. 1. I do not see that it is actually cooling the ram itself but does have part of what look like capacitors to me...
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    Need a new board.

    Looking for a board for the A8 AMD APU I won at Quakecon. I also got some 2400 MHZ DD3 from Patriot that I would like to use. I am seeing that Hudson D3 is what I want in a board and with UEFI. Does anyone know what the quality of BIOSTAR and ASRock is these are the only two boards I am finding...
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    I am using the stock Lian Li 120mm that came with my case. I was wonder what would be the quietest and best CFM fans to replace what I got.
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    Question about these closed loop liquid coolers.

    Can you mount them say on a top exhaust vent? I am wanting to take an H60 from Corsair and mount it to the top vent of the PC-A04B when I get it. I am just making sure the units will still function in this mounting manner...
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    Looking for a website to download hi-def game trailers off of.

    I want to download some game trailers in Hi-Def for a project I am doing. Most everything now seems to be streaming and I am getting bummed finding what I want. Any good sites guys?
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    Looking for a new Heat Sink

    I plan on buying this case about September/October and I am wondering what is the best air cooled option for an AM3 mobo would be? Also would one of those closed water cooling system work in this thing...
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    Blew 10 bucks so far on steam sales.

    What did you get? 2k10 MLB MLB Front Office Dogfighter for frineds and I
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    Here is the reason to buy SC2 I like the DOTA style games and I now want SC2 more then before.
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    CS 1.6 Online Tourney

    Don't know if this is ok or not but! I need a few CS teams Central/east preferred for some online testing for a new league. Post here to sign up.
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    TXG LAN - Arlington, EZnet Generally pretty fun group.
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    Build for Brother... Sub $1300

    Brother wants a new rig for everyday use plus being able to play whatever video game he would want to. Trying to build the best thing for him that he will get great use out of for a while. I will also be looking for a CPU cooler for this 6x =D I prefer AMD and open to anything similar to what I...
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    CS:ProMod Come play come with me =D Just got a Server up.
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    Ghetto Lan Party 30!! Nov 7

    It's that time again! PC gaming with Console gaming too! Come out come out! 11-1-09 1ish to 7 am [I am staff so I have premission to link the img] Denton Civic Center 321 E. McKinney St. Denton, TX 76201 Register on the website or in person. 300ish seats normally open but may be less since...
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    White LED Fans

    Best white LED fans, just want somethng that is good and quiet and is white =D Need 92mm and 120mm
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    Looking for MATX Tower

    I am looking between SILVERSTONE TJ08-B Black Aluminum front panel, SECC body Lian Li PC-A03 Black Aluminum case Trying to figure out which would be the smallest and can hold my BFG 275 with out it hitting anything.Or if anyone has a suggestion on one. Ordering asap
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    Getting closer to pulling the trigger.

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Upgrading my system for better gaming. Some photoshop fooling around with. Mostly gaming and pc stuff 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? At most 350 3) Where do you live? Texas 4) What...
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    GLP 29 June 20th

    Ghetto Lan Party 29 Steelseries Quake 3 - 1v1 Other Tournaments * Counter-Strike 1.6 5-Man Teams ($12 buy in per person which goes to prize pot) * Guitar Hero * 1v1 Warcraft 3 * Halo 2 or 3 * Street Fighter 4 * TF2(just added) Console Players Welcome? I received an email asking if console...
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    mATX v2

    So, I decided to rethink what I wanted to do. I still want to do mATX and I found the case I want just waiting on it to be carried in the states I guess cause no one seems to the PC-A03 from Lian-Li. I want to go AMD unless there is something from intel in the same price range at what I am...
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    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Everything 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Cheap as possible but want decent parts for price. 400-500 max. 3) Where do you live? Tx 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM...
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    GLP 28! Nov 1-2! usually 1pm to 7 am. Denton, Tx

    Tournies Include: 5 Man Counter-Strike 4 Man Team Fortress 2 1 on 1 Quake 3 Motocross Madness 2 Halo 2 or 3 (Console Based) Guitar Hero 1, 2, 3, or Rockband 15 bucks, gaming and nerding up for a night and fun. edit: Just noticed something...
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    Fallout 3 Collector's

    So, I pre-order Fallout 3 CE. I can't wait to get the bobble head and lunch pale it comes with. I think so far that is by far the coolest collector's gimmie items to get yet. PLUS if you pre-order you get the Nuka Cola bottle opener. Always need something to open beer with and this just makes it...
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    IF you didn't go to ROGcon.

    You are a fucking idiot. If you are a computer gamer and post on this forum... You missed an amazing time with Kyle and an amazing even all together. Also thanks Kyle for the free entry. Eff Qcon
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    Can't find any reviews on a certian BFG PSU

    BFGR550WGSPSU can get this for a pretty good price and was wondering if it was a good PSU. I normally get Antec stuff and considering the corsair till I saw this one... I can also get the 650 version to which I will prob end up doing any way. If anyone has any reviews or ideas on how decent the...
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    Gateway M-6850FX

    I am eyeing this laptop at work day in and day out. I am highly considering on buying it. Like 2-3 weeks ago I was told we had it on sell for 750 and I missed it(pissed off about that now.) I don't want a 17" notebook and the size of this 15" is smaller then most gaming laptop in its arena. Only...
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    GLP 28 Announced! Dallas/Fort Worth. CS 1.6 : 1K to Win Q3/4 GH3 Halo 2/3 Either CoD4 or TF2 to be a tourney. Show up and maybe both will!!! I am also gonna talk to the admin and see about getting some SC or WC3 for a tourney. I know there are lot of RTS in the area. Come out and have...
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    350Anyone here use Sennheiser PC G4ME Gaming Headset I am thinking about picking these up and was wondering if anyone knew what drivers they actually use. If there are at least like my 515's, I can not wait to own a...
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    GLP 27! First Ghetto For 2008! Feb 2nd Time: FEB 2nd, Normal opening time 2 hours after they say it will be open. Location: Denton Civic Center, Denton Tx Offical Tournies: Counter-Strike Q4 Trackmania Halo 2/3 GH 1/2/3 or Rockband Various other things to go on too...
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    My first(kinda) mac!

    Sunday, I picked up a mac mini! It was the last gen Mac mini with the Superdrive and 1.66 proc! I couldn't pass the deal up 450 at work in box... Now I just gotta get all my software over to mac for graphic side and get a widescreen monitor! I say it's my first mac becuase I bought one last...
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    Any Q4ers around?

    Any Q4er's around that wanna maybe try to get a Q4MAX mod 1v1 duel tourny going? List see who is who on the hard forums? I can get a server set up possibly but I am not 100% sure on that one..
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    OpenSource/Free CAD type modeling program..

    I had a link to something before like this... Basically looking software to take make something, take it to 3D and also have the measurements and stuff.. I can;t remember what I used before.
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    GLP 25 - DFW area lan in denton (Today Oct 14) I forgot to post this earlier but here ya go! Creative is going to be there and some good ol gaming! CS tourny Q4 tourny and Random other tournies may come out.
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    Get an extra 10% off on Clearance crap at compusa.. MY previous post here about it and some things I have gotten... Just go in find something you want and ask about is there a promo going on about friends and family that you get an extra 10% off on clearance stuff... If...
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    HP dv1227... Picked this up today for 360ish + tax and service from my work... Total price was 460 but I have 2 years covered on the laptop... Was a return and I do not see why it was, the thing is in...
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    Fisheye for Canon...

    Getting my XT today yay... Looking at the Tonika 12-24 and the basic 75-300mm Canon cuase my work has and I can get it for a discount.. I want a Fisheye asap and wanting to know my options.
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    COMPUSA and selling off Old products...

    I work at compusa in over the past 3-4 weeks they have been marking shit down on a lot of older products.. Take a look here They have also a listing online for what ever store is next to you of...
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    D70 or Digital Rebel XT

    I can't decide really... I know the D70 actually is a better camera other then the mega pixels but I have a 35mm flim Canon Rebel T2 that if I remember can use the same lenses as the XT... Also if I get the XT, I am pretty much set into getting a 20D later on so the same lesnes should work on...