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    Check out this guy's photo

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    What does +/-RW mean on a dvd drive?

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    Can't connect to it my fault?

    I get the message that I "Could not connect to the steam network". I am wondering if it is a problem with my connection, even though I can access the net, do I have to unblock some port or do something like that? I don't know anything about "ports." The steam website is crawling but the server...
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    I love watching the half life 2 bink videos

    I just watch these things over and over. I love the music of the Coast video, and I love the ravenholm and trainstation vids. And anything with striders in it is a must see. It's so pathetic that I am salivating over just videos...I can't wait until the game comes out! Does anybody know...
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    BSOD errors

    Hey, I've got a problem I haven't had to deal with before. My computer keeps giving me stop errors (on a blue screen, of BSOD fame) saying that the files win32k.sys and ntoskrnl.exe are doing something (bad, presumably). It says at the top, "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED". What does all this...
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    PC building: Is this potential system ok?

    I am helping my younger brother build a pc, and I want to make sure I don't have any incompatibilities before I order everything... Asus A7V600 VIA KT600 AGP DDR AMD Athlon Xp 3200 512mb DDR PC2700 Seagate 120GB 7200RPM 8mb buffer hard drive some cd/dvd drive Radeon X800 Pro 256mb...
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    What does +/-RW mean on a dvd drive?

    I found a samsung drive that looks pretty good but it says DVD+/-RW. I don't know what that means, + or -?? Can someone explain this to me?
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    Is this a good monitor?

    Specifications: Panel Type: a-si TFT/PVA LCD Native Resolution: SXGA 1280x1024 Pixel Pitch: 0.294 mm Brightness: 260cd/m2 Contrast Ratio: 1000 : 1 Response Time: 25 ms View Angle: 170 / 170 (Horizontal / Vertical) Input Connectors: 15pin D-Sub, DVI-D Dimensions & Weight: 16.4" x 16.7"...
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    How to choose motherboard?

    Hello, I am trying to help my bro build a new comp, and I was wondering how I should decide on a motherboard? I figure picking out everything else is simple enough, but how do I guarantee compatibility with the cpu and mobo? Thanks
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    PSP release date

    I am in japan right now, and will be until mid august, and I really want to pre order a japanese psp. Unfortunately, unlike the american retailers, these places wont let me pre order it until sony makes a release date (i wish they were like EB, who will let people lay down cash for games that...
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    Check out this guy's photo scroll down to see Dr. Micheal Hollick's highly photoshop worthy portrait.
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    I wish Settlers III had better AI

    I've been playing this game a ton recently, but I just wish the comps (the only things I play against) had more diverse AI. When I play against 16 of them, they all use the same tactics all the time. The game is limited enough that it can be expected they'd only use a very few tactics, but, it...
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    Dos games under win 2000?

    I have been using the DosBox emulator but that is way too slow, even though I am just playing x-com apocalypse, from 1994 for goodness sake. Is there anyway to actually play a dos game, at a decent speed, under win 2000?
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    Anyway to play a dos game on win2000?

    I have been using the DosBox emulator but that is way too slow. Is there anyway to actually play a dos game, at a decent speed, under win 2000?
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    How do I boot win2000 in Dos mode?

    I'm trying to play an old game (xcom apocalypse) that has trouble with windows, and I was wondering if I there is a key I can hold down during startup of win2000 that will make it boot into dos, so the game can work, since I can't find a compatibility mode. Thanks
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    XCOM Apocalypse

    How can I get this thing to run under windows 2000? It tells me something like I have 2 megs of ram (i have 128) and doesn't seem to be able to handle the "incredible" (compared to its release date) system specs of my comp. Any suggestions? I really want to retrogame this thing, I've had a...