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    Frostpunk 2

    Jakub Stokalski, Frostpunk 2 Co-Director, had this to say about the grand vision of the game: “What we aim to deliver to players is an experience that goes vastly beyond that of the original Frostpunk. With a still-growing team of nearly 70 people, we have more manpower available to focus on...
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    [FS] voucher

    Renewed my subscription, came with a 90 day voucher. This voucher is valid for 90 days and can be redeemed by any Free User or a new user only. Cannot be used to extend a current subscription. If you are a new user, create a free account then apply voucher. Currently a 90 day subscription is...
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    [FREE] Come get my stuff (Twin Cities area)

    Live in Wisconsin, about 15 minutes from Stillwater, MN. 40 minutes from St. Paul, about an hour from Minneapolis. No I am not going to meet you, this is free, so come get it. First come, first serve. Rather give it to someone on [H] than CL scum. Available today or tomorrow, I'm moving back to...
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    [FREE] Come get my stuff (Twin cities area)

    Live in Wisconsin, about 15 minutes from Stillwater, MN. 40 minutes from St. Paul, about an hour from Minneapolis. No I am not going to meet you, this is free, so come get it. First come, first serve. Rather give it to someone on [H] than CL scum. Available today or tomorrow, I'm moving back to...
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    FS: Nvidia Promo key: For Honor or Ghost Recon Wildlands

    $35. Paypal or Google Wallet. Came with 1080 Ti, no interest in either game. You need a 1070 or 1080 Nvidia card to redeem this. Heatware: BeavermanA Code Redemption Link Redemption Instructions Page To redeem your promotional code for For...
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    Help: Laptop won't connect to internet

    More specifically, doesn't seem to fetch a default gateway or DNS server automatically? Sorry have very limited understanding of ip/networking issues. Thought maybe it was just my wifi, but ethernet port does the same thing. Have to manually input a ip, default gateway and DNS server. Pretty...
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    Quantum Break: Timeless Collector's Ed. - PC $20.72 @ Amazon Quantum Break: Timeless Collector's Edition includes: -Premium Packaging -5 Game Disc -Steam Key for One-time Validation -"Making Of" Blu-ray -"Making Of" Book -OST Audio-CD -A3 Double-sided Poster Quickstart Guide
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    Dishonored 2 - PC $19.99 Select express shipping for free 2 day delivery.
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    Deus Ex Mankind Divided Season Pass Steam $7.00

    Screwed up and got multiple copies I'm stuck with, have two codes to sell for $7 each. Paypal is good. Thanks.
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    Dark Souls 3 (Steam)

    $30 for Steam key. This is from a retail PC Collector's edition imported Amazon UK, not from a shady key reseller. Had already bought a Steam key months before I ordered this. Accept Paypal. Heatware BeavermanA. PM if interested. Thanks.
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    Quick holiday upgrade

    Think it is finally time to replace my i7 920. Clocked at 4.2ghz, and paired with eVGA x58 Classified mobo. Sales and crap have given me an itch that needs to be scratched. Just looking for some good bang for buck. No top of the line stuff, but not economy either. Intel only. 4790K what I...
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    Laptop for work ~$700

    Starting a new job soon, part of my negotiations included a new laptop. Think I'm comfortable with ~$700. Didn't give me a set limit, but I'm not going to get some ridiculous expensive gaming laptop. I'd like: 1080p 15.6" max Good battery life Light weight Can be from Newegg, Amazon, Best...
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    Laptop backpack

    Any recommendations for a 15.6" laptop backpack, with enough room for an xbox 360 controller, g700, sennheiser 280s and the laptop power adapter. Various cables and other small shit too. Under $50 would be nice, $30 even better. Just spent a pretty penny :D.
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    Anyone else done/doing this?

    Signed a 2 year contract in June 2009 with a dumb phone on Verizon. In June 2010, was introduced to Android smartphones. Had to have one, and Verizon would not let me upgrade early with the discounted price. So figured it was cheaper to add a new line and buy a Droid Incredible for $150, and...
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    Home theater chairs?

    Right now I have an incredibly uncomfortable futon in my game room. It's so uncomfortable that I no longer watch movies on my best tv which resides in there. So I was planning on getting a double seat reclining couch, but then I saw the home theater chairs and think they would be great. I...
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    RMA time for 6970?

    Well just installed my 6970 this evening. So I get a terrible whining sound coming from the card whenever a 3d app is launched. It fluctuates in pitch when moving my view in game, changing screens etc. Even when watching a video the whine becomes audible, although not nearly as loud as a game...
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    Logitech G9X - $24 and G700 - $55 AR @ Newegg

    G9X G700 Rebate form: Use...
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    Best path for upgrade for 2 pc's

    So my main pc has an HD5870. Currently running a 2560x1600 monitor. Also runs my 1080p plasma. I switch between the two depending on the game, but it's a PITA with kb/mouse, messing with primary display, long hdmi cable, switching sound outputs etc. I also have my old pc that just needs a...
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    PC unresponsive for 30+ sec

    Haven't had this happen before, but I recently formatted and ever since, whenever just my monitor goes into sleep mode, when I move the mouse to wake it up, my pc is unresponsive from 30 sec to up to 3 minutes sometimes. The display will turn on, I can move my mouse cursor around, but nothing...
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    Wireless kb and mouse suggestions

    Don't seem to be getting anywhere browsing google. Prefer to keep it around $100 or less for the combo. If that's too low to get something halfway decent, I will spend more though. Doesn't need to be competitive gaming level performance for a wireless device, but no obvious lag for casual pc...
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    Ventrilo on pc + ps3 game audio into headphones

    Having trouble working out how to get audio from both my pc and my ps3 into one set of headphones at the same time. Computer has a PCI X-Fi xtremegamer fatal1ty pro, no line in to my knowledge. PS3 is using an optical cable plugged into Logitech Z-5500 speakers, they have a headphone out port.
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    Hardware RAID not working

    Got a couple of the 2TB Samsung drives last week, but I can't seem to get RAID 1 working with my board/ssd. Updated to the latest BIOS, cleared CMOS, only changed the RAID enable options in bios and installed Win7 Ult x64. Set up the RAID 1 in the bios, and Win7 installer detected the raid...
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    Gamers who play both PC and PS3

    Long story short, getting a PS3 in a bundle with a new tv. Have not owned a console since N64. I have a 58" 1080p plasma hooked up to my pc, and a 2560x1600 monitor. I am a PC gamer, I like my high res and 60+ fps if possible. Are there many good games that play 1080p + 60fps on ps3? Anyone...
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    LG 55LX6500 55-Inch 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED

    Amazon having some specials right now. Had been waiting for a hookup from a friend on an HX or NX 800 series Sony 3d LCD, but their promotions keep getting worse. So now looking at this: LG 55LX6500 55-Inch 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED LG BX580 Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player LG AG-S100 3D Active...
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    Looking for excellent HQ gaming lcd monitor

    So do these exist yet, or is there an upcoming display that is going to blow me away? Have grown tired of my shitty I-inc lcds, served their purpose of being cheap as hell replacements for my aging diamondtron. Now I want a real display for my desk though. Willing to spend up to $1,500...
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    Verizon FIOS hooks you up?

    Had just FIOS internet service 25/25 installed on Aug 14, 2010. It religiously tested at 25.60mbps down every time, and my real world down speed was exactly that at 3.2mB/s. Today I called and ordered HD tv service, to be installed Saturday, from them in a package deal with my 25/25 internet...
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    MCP355 blew up

    Sitting here messing with my new tv when I hear my pc get noticeably more quiet, look at the EK spin res paddle and it's stopped. Leap over to my pc and see smoke coming out of one of my pumps, immediately flipped the psu off. Pulled the pump out of the case and there's a stain of melted...
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    Sony X800 series choices

    Have a friend that works somewhere that can get some great deals on Sony televisions. Basically narrowed it down to two TV's that are on the list that are eligible for her employee rebate. Model # KDL-55HX800 - 55" Class BRAVIA HX800...
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    LG 47LH90 47" LED 240hz LCD + LG BD390 Blu-ray player (Local Pickup SoCal)

    Been offered a good deal on another TV that I'd like to replace this one with. Bought this TV in November 2009, works perfectly, I couldn't find a scratch on it. No dead/stuck pixels that I've seen. Blu-ray player is great, just dusty on the outside :). Connects with wifi and you can stream...
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    Verizon FIOS and their "free" wireless router

    Have Verizon FIOS internet coming to be installed on Saturday. Never used their service or a home wireless setup. Is the wireless router they provide any good? Can you plug their modem directly into the pc via ethernet, and also have the wireless router hooked up to transmit for the...
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    Fan wiring question

    Alright I'm going to have 6 fans for two 3x120 rads, instead of having a shit ton of daisy chained 3-pin to molex connectors stuffed in the back of my case, can I just cut and strip all the fan wires and use a wire nut to connect all the yellow, red and black wires and then run them into a...
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    3x2GB DDR3 recommendations

    Finally ordered an i7 920 to replace my aging e6600. What are some of the best bang for buck 6GB kits for an X58 board? More specifically the GA-X58A-UD7 from Gigabyte which is my top pick currently. I don't want budget , nor extreme priced kits. Plan to have my 920 run around 4.0ghz or a bit...
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    Quiet 120mm fans for external 360 rad

    Would like to know your opinions on what 120mm fans would be best for an external 360 rad these days. Noise level is the primary concern, but of course they need some decent cfm as well. Would prefer them to be black and be 38mm as well.
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    i7 930 and Microcenter

    Well it's rumored the 930 will be about the same cost as a i7 920 when they come out. Microcenter often has the 920 for $200 in store pick-up, and even when it isn't like now at $230, it's still cheaper than everywhere else as far as I know. Anyone know how long it took MC to reduce the price...
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    5870 memory overclocking results/questions

    Well I got my water block on my card last night and proceeded to overclock. Unfortunately my memory only seems to be able to get from 1250mhz to 1290mhz. Weak indeed. Above that it starts screen glitching, 1325 and crash. Didn't flash the bios, but using afterburner and the amd gpu tool...
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    5870 bottlenecked

    Just stuck my 5870 into my system. Guess it is about time to get a new cpu. My graphics score in Vantage was 16,602 with stock clocks on the card. That normal? Wait to oc until I get the waterblock on hopefully tomorrow. First is the 5870, second is 4890:
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    Quick SSD question

    Does this model support trim, either stock or with a firmware update?
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    Weird Sanyo Denki fan

    I got this fan for cheap on ebay some time ago but never used it cause I thought it might be too loud for my liking. I can't find any info on this specific model, dB, CFM etc. Anyone have any insight? And will this thing even work if I plug it into one of the fan slots on a motherboard?
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    FS: Mitsubishi 2070SB Diamond PRO 22" CRT and Old P4 pc

    Both of these are just sitting in my old room at my parents house not doing anything and probably won't be used again, at least by me. And they are too heavy to ship and be worth anything. Here is the monitor: Is in great condition, no scratches. Does...
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    5870 blocks

    Well Bing for ebay is now at 20%. Both of these blocks will be around $90 after shipping. Which is better, or are they both poor? Only 5870 blocks on ebay...