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  1. Mystique

    Non-Bloated Driver Performance vs Bloatware included (GeForce Experience)

    I have a trusty old 1080 Ti AIO Hybrid from way back that's surviving me through until hopefully a 3080Ti, which was doing just fine then after a few driver updates, it started having stuttering issues, frame drop, and other things. Some games, were worse than others; I primarily play Blizzard...
  2. Mystique

    Intel NUC Questions

    Hey guys, I finally made the jump to a D34010WYK. I also ordered a Vista MCE remote and that works fine with the usb IR. I put OpenELEC on there, and XBMC runs fairly well. Now for the questions... 1) Suspend just seems to restart XBMC. I can't get it to do anything else. 2) The IR on the NUC...
  3. Mystique

    FS: Dell U3011 w/ warranty and parts! (Local only)

    I have a used Dell U3011 that is in mint condition. I currently live in Baltimore, MD! It comes with power/dvi-d cables and has about 2 years left on the 5 year warranty. It should be extendable. I'm asking for 780$ Also looking to sell 2x MSI N580GTX Lightning (3 GB) that work...
  4. Mystique

    Odd SLI Jitter

    Hey guys, I've been curious to know if anyone else has experienced SLI jitter in certain games with the newer drivers? I play games like Neverwinter Nights, where I have an old driver that works fine, but the new one with SLI enabled jitters the entire screen around (the UI moves and...
  5. Mystique

    A question about video card choices

    So, nice people of [H], I need some help. I am usually a lurker, and that's just how it is with most forum I browse.. so I apologize in advance for my low post count. But here goes ; I bought 2x EVGA GeForce 570's during the launch, and I recieved both, and only installed one of them...