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    FT: MSI RTX 3070 Ventus 3X OC for FE 3090/3080/3070/3060ti

    I have an MSI RTX 3070 Ventus 3X OC that I've used for about a week and would like to trade for a Founders Edition of any RTX 30 series card plus difference in prices. Local to Friendswood, Texas 77546. Heatware: Killroy (38-0-0) eBay: killroy07 (42-0-0)
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    Steven Spielberg Is Gunning to Make Sure Netflix Never Has Another Oscars Contender

    Spielberg is right, Roma shouldn't have been nominated for best movie and all of the others should not have been either. There is also no reason to see any of those movies in theaters. Movies like The Departed, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and Gladiator couldn't win today because...
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    Go Big or Go Home Plex Server

    Plex server is pretty easy to setup. Once you have it configured on the server, you just connect to it from all of your other devices. It supports a myriad different devices, can transcode for slow connections/devices, and can easily be accessed remotely. You could easily add it to your current...
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    Western Digital Unveils Breakthrough HDD Technology

    I would love to replace all 28 drives in my Ceph cluster at home with just three of those 40TB drives.
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    More on SteamVR Knuckles Controllers

    Provided they are not crazy expensive when they launch, these are pretty much an instant buy for me. We just need some feet sensors to go with them. I wonder how well they will work for people with missing fingers. If the missing finger is always sticking out or if they allow you to adjust for...
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    Inside VR - Binge Before the 4th

    Thanks for the videos, I really enjoyed them. I had forgotten about Irrational Exuberance and have added it to the long list of games/demos I've installed. I'm debating the purchase of Onward, but I might just wait for Fallout 4 VR and give the Doom 3 mod a try. I got my Vive in yesterday, put...
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    Inside VR: HTC Vive 101

    I think he is referring to all of the wires coming into and out of the little box and the power cables for the lighthouses. The same argument for the dongles plugging into the old ATi video cards. I do dread all of the wires in my already cluttered computer area, but I'm not letting that stop me.
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    Inside VR: HTC Vive 101

    The Vive is why I'm finally getting back into gaming myself. I've wanted to get into VR gaming for a couple of years and was completely sold on it after demoing the Vive at a Microsoft Store a year ago. When the clerk handed the controls to me while I had the headset on and I could see them, I...
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    Inside VR: HTC Vive 101

    Thank you! Why am I not surprised that you have a Vive? You always have the awesome stuff!
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    Inside VR: HTC Vive 101

    This was a very timely video as my Vive is supposed to come in today. How high would you all recommend mounting the lighthouses for the best results, and is 5 meters the maximum distance they can be apart or the maximum size of the usable area? Also, the usable area is adjustable without moving...
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    German Police Are Raiding Homes over Hateful Postings on Social Media

    Houston is actually the most diverse city in the United States, but don't let that get in your way.
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    Amazon Rekognition Can Detect Celebrities

    Chad Smith is the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
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    IKinema’s HTC Vive-Powered Full-Body Motion Capture System Is Impressive

    Yeah, it can make a pretty good guess but it can still be pretty far off. An example of what I mean: lay your hands flat on the table about one foot in front of you, moving only your shoulders and elbows, see how far around can you move your elbows.
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    IKinema’s HTC Vive-Powered Full-Body Motion Capture System Is Impressive

    It also doesn't really know where your elbows are (which way you are bending them), but it looks like it does do a really good job.
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    Chicago Police Department Goes High-Tech to Fight Rise in Killings

    At least their legal gun violence isn't an issue.;)
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    Netgear ReadyNAS 4312X Review: Slick 2U Storage

    I have had really good luck with the Supermicro SASLP-MV8 and SAS2LP-MV8 that are Marvell based.
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    WhatsApp Vulnerability Allows Snooping On Encrypted Messages

    WhatsApp uses Open Whisper Systems software and they have come out to defend WhatsApp, saying that there is no "backdoor". I haven't seen anyone refute the claims made in Open Whisper Systems defense of them, yet.
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    World’s First Solar Road Opens In France

    Solar Roadways might even be worse, they can't even get it successfully working with a small patch of panels in a sidewalk. They need to work on making solar panels cheaper and putting them places that make even the slightest bit of sense before they try to make roads and walkways out of them.
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    WTB: M1015, LGA 1155 Xeon

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    Mathematicians Find Biggest Prime Number Ever

    That is a good question. Once you try the first few numbers you can immediately throw out a significant portion. If it isn't divisible by: 2 - Throw out any even numbers and all numbers between n/2 and n/3 3 - Throw out any number with digits that sum to a multiple of 3 and all numbers...
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    Killroy's FS/FT Thread v2

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    Killroy's FS/FT Thread v2