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    To all network Gurus:

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    It's no Optimus keyboard, but still kinda cool.

    Just stumbled across this: Enjoy :)
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    Project Rat Fink

    It has come time to embark on another mod that was started many months ago, but will begin coming together soon. The project began as I was winding down on project Heavy Metal. After I converted Heavy Metal to R\C, I had a left over chassis that I really didn't want to pitch. After pondering...
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    To all network Gurus:

    We have recently switched our T1 providers and are having a heck of a time figuring out why we no one can reach our web site. Network solutions has been updated with the new IP's, our firebox (firewall) has been updated as well as the IP addresses for the DNS under Windows 2000. Mail and our...
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    Usb 2.0

    I have a quick question regarding USB 2.0. Does the speed of a USB hub (for me that would it would be the one on my IWill DP533-S motherboard) drop down to the lowest common denominator? I.e. If I plug in a USB 2.0 device and a mouse and keyboard, does the bus speed default to 1.1 for all...
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    Heavy Metal

    This is a test: If this were a real video it would have been edited. More to follow. Heavy Metal Test Video Enjoy, Corrugated p.s. If you see the link removed, it's because it has killed my server. :)