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    diablo 3 beta??

    When it's ready;)
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    First game I should play after 4 years?

    Blackstone posted a pretty good list, I would add STALKER (never played Clear Sky, but I actually did enjoy the original), Fallout 3, and FEAR (I think it actually came out a little more than 4 years ago but it's worth recognition). To be honest though, If you get only one of the Crysis...
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    Potential RAM Issue.

    Tried them into a single channel config (slots 1 and 2 instead of 1 and 3) and no luck.
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    Potential RAM Issue.

    I decided to reformat today, after I botched a driver update for my GTX 260, and the fact that i has been awhile since I have reformatted. When I go to boot from my windows CD, I would recreate the partition and load the files, but when I went to load from my HDD for the first time, I would...
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    Far Cry 2 play without Disc ? Just thinking about something like that with regards to the person a few posts above, I put all of my CD keys onto a sheet of paper and all of my discs in it, no need to bring jewel cases. I know Steam released Far Cry2...
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    Far Cry 2 play without Disc ?

    Ever invest in a CD book?;) Is there a way to register your current Far Cry2 CD key onto Steam?
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    2009, a stomper year for gaming?

    I highly doubt Diablo3 will be out next year. If it will be buggy and incomplete.
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    FarCry 2 the most hated on game of the year?

    +1, I tried to like it so much, but unfortunately between where I was and liking it there was an outpost with constantly respawning enemies, then I died from malaria.
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    best console game you never played?

    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past I had a lot of SNES games, that wasn't one of them:(
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    Saitek Eclipse III - Opinions?

    is that the Dinovo? My roommate had one of those Logitech laptop-key keyboards last year. It was really nice but cost more than my Eclipse and G5 combined:eek:
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    The Future of Mortal Kombat

    Speaking of Mortal Kombat, anyone play DC vs. MK? The site reviews said it was ok, but player reviews on the sites said it was pretty good. Regarding the movie, I rewatched it earlier this semester and I realized the exact same thing as's a pretty terrible movie(but fun to watch).
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    Complaints be damned, I really like GTA IV

    Maybe that's why most console gamers throw down 60 bones for their games;) Also, like the person above, definitely pick up the older GTA games, they are loads of fun.
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    4870 1gb or GTX260 216 core

    This, find one that comes with a game you want to play or extra features, maybe even factory OCed a bit while still keeping the price down.
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    Is any James Bond 007 game ever going to live up to Goldeneye?

    You could, aim for the neck and its a one shot.
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    Actually place your vote: Hard or Digital/Soft Copy of games

    For brand new games, I get them off STEAM for about 8 bucks cheaper (10% discount for preordering and then no tax). I can do without the manuals and stuff that's included in the box. Blizzard's online store is pretty convenient too actually, once you make an account you just upload all of...
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    What was your favorite COOP game?

    Left 4 Dead will probably top the list, if the retail game meets its hype from the demo. Arranged Team games in Warcraft3 are incredibly fun with a few good friends as well, that's probably my favorite of all time.
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    Actually place your vote: Hard or Digital/Soft Copy of games

    If the game is on STEAM, I will download it. If not, I will buy it in stores.
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    Does the GTX 280 absolutely NEED to be connected to 2 PCIE power connectors?

    The short answer to the OP is yes it will need 2 power connectors. I remember back in the day I forgot to plug my 7800gt into the PSU and it was giving me shitty performance because it scaled down performance due to the lack of power it received, so I assume the gtx280 would do something...
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    Ikea desk gallery

    I have a Galant with the A-legs and black-brown wood and it is F-ing awesome. My room in my apartment is only about 10x12, but there is easily enough room for the desk, a bed, night stand, and a shelving unit which houses my TV, books, and some of my clothes!(from Ikea as well) Just thought...
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    RPG and FPS doesn't mix

    This isn't exactly a new concept to FPS's either, the snipers at the end of Far Cry could take two headshots from the sniper rifle. Riddle me that Batman?
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    Why isn't this good for games?

    If I remember correctly, those cards are geared to do massive amounts of geometric calculations (CAD etc...) and have the memory to back it up. Cards like the GTX280 are geared towards more of a balance with geometry and texture rendering.
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    Bioshock for $20 ahould I?

    If you have read books like 1984, Anthem, and Brave New World you will like the game and appreciate the storyline and atmosphere
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    512MB enough for gaming at 1680x1050?

    You will be fine.
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    Far Cry 2 - wtf bloom - HDR?

    I think the bloom is very nice actually, haven't tried the HDR yet. The bloom is on the cusp of being too bright but I would assume it's pretty damn bright in Africa.
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    Contemplating a 30"er... will my 260 puke?

    For gaming or 2-d use? If you keep the aspect ratio the same in games there is no stretching (at least in my experience), it's just that there is less to work with at a lower resolution.
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    Contemplating a 30"er... will my 260 puke?

    Then again, 1920x1200 won't look too bad on a 30" screen, but the more power the better to get you to that magic res.
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    Question For [H] & Others: GFX Settings

    I have AF forced on to 8x and AA is app controlled. V sync is also forced on with Triple Buffering.
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    Need a gpu recommendation for ~$200

    From what I have found, both the 9800GTX and GTX 260 are 10.5 inches. If not, my HD cage is getting removed when my GTX 260 arrives later today :o
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    Steam or Retail Box?

    My thoughts exactly. The past couple STEAM games were cheaper for me due to no sales tax and gas money. I usually start the download before I go to class or work out or something and they are usually done by the time I return. I believe Bioshock was given a DRM limit thinger when it was...
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    Wow i'm never buying a game from Valve again

    FYI, I used my debit card to purchase it. Also, video games are luxury goods, IMO voiding all anti-online activation arguments.
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    Far Cry 2 Review: "A Shooter Like No Other" (8.9 - IGN)

    So when is this game unlocking on STEAM? I went to start the download before I head to class only to be disappointed:(
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    Far Cry 2!

    If it can do 2560x1600 no aa/16AF at playable rates, I would hope so! my fingers are crossed that UPS doesn't fuck up with my GTX 260 getting here tomorrow.
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    Far Cry 2 benchmarks

    I bought it on Steam as well, and my XFX GTX 260 is arriving tomorrow:D If you can find a BenQ G2400WD I would say buy one of those, but I know BenQ recently discontinued them. I got one this summer and I love it, 1080p movies scale well with Blu-Ray (I don't care what their advertising...
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    Far Cry AI = Stupid

    seconded, I would like to hear what people think is good AI before they bash "bad AI." I thought F.E.A.R was some of the better AI I have seen, but that was a few years back.
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    Far Cry 2 DRM SecuRom limit 5 activations.....

    Looks like I won't have as much competition at stores when this game releases. Thanks!
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    Just utterly insane pro gaming!

    +1, I have Logitech Z-5500's for general use/gaming, but if I were to get back into CS I would throw my Sennheisers on immediately. Seriously, if anyone here hasn't used headphones (closed ear helps a LOT) for CS and is wondering how he's doing some of his stunts, I suggest you buy a pair and...
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    Diablo 3: New Wizard class announced!

    I saw a lot of blood from the zombies that got squashed from the magic missile spell, so that made me happy. I have faith in Blizz that they know how to make a game rated M. I like how they elaborated the teleport animation, hopefully it's going to be a useful, ONE CLASS, spell (instead of a...
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    toss me in that giant hat!