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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal 2016

    We are within one verification period of the suspected winter deal dates so I say it is time to start this thread again. At the end of the Summer 2016 thread there was speculation as to what might be on the deal; m.2? 6 core? same things? I won't prognosticate but I will root for the 6800k or...
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    Intel Retail Edge Holiday Deal 2015

    It's about that time of year again where we speculate and begin builds for what we think might be going up on the deal this year. I say every year I don't know if I am going to build something and then end up doing it anyway. For those who aren't sure what this is or if they qualify etc. go...
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal 2014

    It's me again. Just bringing this up so that if you planned on participating in the Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal you aren't rushing to do any of the lessons and can stretch the pain out over a couple of weeks. The last time my prognostication was accurate so I will go 2 for 2 here. I say a...
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    Logitech G502 @ NCIX USA $50

    Go here, use the two codes on the page. Be quick, looks like today only. Code for $25 off 96227-1353 Another 10% off of that NCIXLOGI112014 Found it on SD but it was taken down for some reason. Hopefully I am not missing anything.
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    Photos to the cloud only

    Hey everyone, needing some help or maybe just some clarification for my wife's Galaxy S4. She takes a lot of photos. We have a new kid so I guess I can't blame her because the kid is pretty cute. Anywho, she takes so many photos that it fills the phone every few weeks. She dumps them on to the...
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    Intel Retail Edge Summer Deal 2014

    It looks to be right around the corner so I wanted to create a watch and discussion thread in anticipation of the event. Personally, I see another 4770K and 4930K deal since we haven't really had anything new since the Winter Deal. I am primed to build a new ITX system so the 4770K would fit...
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    Intel Retail Edge Program Requirments

    Hello all. I logged into my Intel Retail Edge account the other day to check on the store products and do a couple learning modules as well as to check out the new layout. I found out I had been bumped down to Producer status which isn't a huge deal but when I went to get back up to Rockstar I...
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    Monitor Color Calibration Hardware and Software

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, need a little friendly [H] advice. I have a Dell U2713HM as a secondary on my machine that I use for picture editing via Lightroom. I know it isn't the best monitor for this purpose but it is what I have and it does the job :) . The issue I am having is a two...
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    Here we are again. Does anyone have any guesses or wants for this year? I would jump all over an Ivy Bridge-E proc if they made them as cheap as they did last time.
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    Little help with a mobo heatsink

    I was upgrading inside of my main rig yesterday and everything was going rather smoothly until I tried to install my H100. I have a Coolermaster Storm Sniper case and an MSI X79A-GD45 (8D) motherboard for my socket 2011 upgrade. The H100 block fits nicely on the motherboard and mobo fits...
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    Awesome deals at Meritline! Wait a minute...

    Just received my daily Meritline deals e-mail and was a little perplexed. Have they always done stupid stuff like this? Is the shipping free and that is the awesome part of this or was the marketing guy asleep at the wheel?
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    What should I use my 64gb ssd for?

    I received a 64gb Crucial M4 ssd for Christmas. This is my first ssd and I am extremely excited to get it in the machine. BUT, I was thinking about it and I can either put it in my main machine (i7 930, GTX580, 1tb existing, etc...) and run basically Windows and maybe Office and Lightroom while...
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    Ultimate Electronics Going Out Of Business 30% Off Everything

    I have one near my house that I am going to try and raid tonight! Good luck and come back to tell us what you might have snagged.
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    3 SATA cables @ Meritline, $.99 with code

    I like to post this when it comes up because we always buy more SATA cables than we actually need. Go here, use code MLCK192332020980NL1 to make them only $.99 for the first 800 lucky winners. After the first 800, code MLCK192332020930N makes them $2.49. Make sure you do the 3 pack or none...
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    Fry's 8gb Corsair XMS 3 DDR3 1333Mhz for $104.99 AR B&M?

    My math may be way off but isn't 4x2=8? Maybe somebody can get the 16gb if they have them look this up. Good luck! Found linkage here.
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    3 pack 18" sata cables $.99 shipped @ Meritline first 800 uses

    Just like the title says. Go here. Put in coupon code MLCK192332112475NL1 If you are one of the first 800 to use the code, you have a 3 pack of 18" sata cables on their way. One end is a right angle, the other end is a straight through connector. I just received my other 3 pack last...
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoons Anywhere?

    I hope I am pleading to the correct crowd here. I can't find a Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1850 anywhere on the net. They are all on back order and each "auto notify" I set up hasn't sent a thing in about the last 2 months. It isn't that I have my heart set on one of these it is that I already have...
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    3x18" sata cables $0.99 shipped @ Meritline first 800 orders

    Good morning gents, I know we don't need more of these cables but for $0.99 shipped for 3 straight to 90 degree connector cables, I still can't pass this up to bulk up my back stock. Use coupon code MLCK192332101471AL1 for the first 800 orders. Just put the "3 Packs Item Number...
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    Best Blank DVD Media

    A while back a very kind hearted forum member led me to a great webpage with all the blank DVD media rated put together in pretty well put together manner. Apparently the mods around here cleaned up that thread. Can I please get that and bookmark it this time around. I am running low again...
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    Samsung EcoGreen F3 2tb 5400 rpm @ EWIZ $100 Shipped

    I am surprised nobody swiped this from SD before me but here it is. Use that famous coupon code CLASS15 again for the $15 off. Good drive, good price. I am not going to bite quite yet. WHS still not hungry enough to need this.
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    D-Link DIR-655 @ $59.99

    I don't know the site, I don't claim they are reputable. I don't know how much shipping is. All I know is that this seems like a pretty good deal if this site is on the up and up and the shipping isn't like $30. Have at it and yes, I totally snagged this off SD. Hopefully the community here...
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    2 Pcs 18" SATA Cables, $0.75 shipped @ Meritline

    I have posted this in the past but I can't stop buying cables when they send 2 of them for $.75 shipped. I just can't help myself. I bought 8 cables the last go around and immediately used 2 of them. They are sata cables, nothing special but they work. Click here, put the 2 pack in the cart...
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    Anybody been waiting on a good deal on the MX518?

    It was on Slickdeals but somebody in the [H]otdeals forum brought it over for us. [H]otdeals and Amazon.
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    Best brand for optical media (CD/DVD)

    I have read a little bit on the internet about the best brand for optical media being these obscurely named companies that are really sold under this other company which is really sold under some other company and so on. I don't burn much but of course I have a burner just in case (Lite-On...
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    4x18" sata cables @ Meritline for $1.49 Shipped

    Go here. Add the 4 pack that is on sale for $3.99. Putting in the coupon code MLCK192332060362NL1 for the first 600 orders will get you $1.49 for all 4 cables shipped. If that doesn't work then put in code MLCK192332060340N for all orders after the first 600 and the price goes up a buck to...
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    Am I crazy or did switches get more expensive?

    I bought my D-Link gigabit 8 port switch about a year ago for $40 with a $20 rebate AND free shipping. That rebate was going on for what seemed like forever as well. As you can see I am not looking for high performance gear but doesn't it seem like a lot of the consumer grade switches have...
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    2 x 6 foot HDMI 1.3 cables $2.99 shipped @ Meritline

    I am going to just post the picture from the e-mail because the link goes to a single cable page. I don't know if you have to put 2 in the cart for the code to work or what, but I know if anybody wants 2, this crowd can figure it out.
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    A-Data 8GB USB Flash Drive $14.95 Shipped @ Meritline

    Another mailer sent out today on the 8gb A-Data retractable USB Drive Use coupon code MLC122740050317NL1 Here it is on Newegg for comparison As said before, I know you can find them cheap but this saves a few bucks if you buy a couple. While I'm at it, I will throw up the Kill A Watt...
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    PQI 4GB Flash Drive $7.99 Shipped @ Meritline

    Meritline is having a deal with these PQI 4GB flash drives for $7.99 with code MLC114075042820NL1 for the first 500 orders. This includes shipping. I know we can get these in a Cracker Jack box these days but for somebody on the lookout for something quick and simple I thought I would...
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    Intel Retail Edge 2010

    So we are almost 5 months into the year and there has been no thread started for this program. I saw that they are doing live events along with the Ironman II release so I figured it appropriate to pull the trigger for a new thread. Personally, I am glad they are going with Ironman II for a...
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    Antec Earthwatts 430w PSU $28.50 @ Staples

    This was posted earlier but incorrect formatting got that thread locked up. It is this psu from Antec. I asked in the other thread if they had bought it and it rang up $28.50 at the register because my Staples had it posted "Clearance" for $58.80 down from $79.98 originally. Indeed it did ring...
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    Shell Shocker Hitachi 1tb $67.99 FS

    I am a little surprised I haven't seen this up yet today. I know it is only for one day, I know it is a Hitachi and you may have blown through 20 of them, I know you have taxes in California. I don't care, I just come here to inform!
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    Intel Retail Edge Rock Legend Program

    Has anybody logged on to their Retail Edge account lately and noticed the changing rules required to put you into this new category? Here is a break down taken off the site: Rock Legend Qualifications To become a Rock Legend, you must meet a specific set of requirements. This is a bit...
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    Logitech G500 not on the website anymore?

    I re-installed Win 7 last night and went to Logitech's website to download the 5.8 SetPoint for the G500 and it simply isn't there? Am I missing something?
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    Hitachi Retail Boxed 1tb HD $69.99 @ Frys

    For those of you who don't have a Fry's near you, there's nothing to see here. For everybody else,this isn't a bad deal on the retail boxed version of this. Didn't see this posted yet, hopefully this isn't a double
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    Maximum PC sub $3.99 @

    Alright gents, I have been waiting for this deal to come around again because my Maximum PC subscription just ran out. I have not ordered through this site before and it has had a couple gripes and moans so caveat emptor Link here And code is f7c1 I just ordered mine so fingers are...
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    Cat5e/Cat6 cable deals

    Alright, the Windows 7 launch party is coming up and I was selected as a host. We all know what that means, lan party. I have lots of patch cables laying around the house but you can never have enough. I thought Meritline was the defacto cheap as hell place to go but there prices don't seem...
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    Dell 22" LCD E2209W $169 FS

    Dell has the 22" E2209W with $40 "instant savings" right now. I thought this was a pretty good price for a Dell monitor even if it is the budget line. My sub motive to this post is to see if this Dell monitor would be a better deal versus this Samsung 2243BWX that Newegg has $60 bucks off...
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    Warm-Samsung sata DVD burner $26.99 FS

    I know this one ain't burning up the charts but I was looking for a cheap sata dvd burner for my next build and this fit the bill. 3 bucks off is alright but the free shipping is a good little tie breaker. For feedback from the last time this drive deal was posted, here is the linkage...
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    Westinghouse 26" LCD $399 at Sam's Club

    Hello all, I was just swinging through my local Sam's Club to pick up some things when I spied a Westinghouse 26" (25.5" viewable) LCD for $399. There were only a couple left at the location in Phoenix @ 15th Ave and Bell but it might be a trend in other markets. I believe it is this model...