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  1. grasshoppa

    Tap authentication in windows ( AD )

    Hey folks, one thing I've never done is setup proximity authentication in windows; I'm thinking about the local hospitals where the provider comes in and taps their emp badge to a reader and the system auto-logs them in ( and grabs their remote desktop session ). Anyone here have any...
  2. grasshoppa

    Pixel 4a rumors 3.5mm headphone jack AND a finger print reader? Depending on the rest of the specs, this might be the upgrade I was waiting for.
  3. grasshoppa

    Large scale drive destruction

    What's everyone's favorite cost effective method for drive destruction? I have hundreds of drives that have secured data on them that I need to wipe/destroy. Got a quote from a shredding company for 5 bucks a drive...which I'm not doing. I don't need certified destruction, I just need to...
  4. grasshoppa

    Which company makes the best servers?

    Not strictly a networking question, but I figure there's a ton of admins in here. Who does everyone like for server equipment? Time was HP had some great stuff ( if expensive ). Dell used to be pretty good too, at a better price point. I'm looking for a small business, to replace some core...
  5. grasshoppa

    Hardware NTP-synced Clock?

    Morning folks, I have need for a wall-mounted clock which syncs it's time to a local ntp source. I tried getting the radio sync'd clocks, but I guess I don't have a strong enough signal out here in california to get time sync, and anyway using the local source would be better regardless...
  6. grasshoppa

    Internet Radio Server?

    For a variety of what must have seemed like good ideas at the time, I've been tasked with setting up an internet radio station. Way back when that meant winamp and shoutcast, but I'm guessing we've progressed a bit since then + I need the functionality of mixing two music streams dynamically (...