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    Linux + Asus Laptop + Steam, a little Help please!

    I've never used Linux, but, i'm pretty good at learning how to use software pretty fast. The reason why I made a separate thread for my question, was because I have a newly released laptop, and I didn't want to go on the Asus forums as i'm locked out or something. Anyways. I have a G733ZX(Asus...
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    Asus Armory Crate, what I believe & Feel to be the Truth!

    Okay, so Armoury Crate is an application that is preinstalled by default on Asus laptops. This software has the ability to directly monitor and control hardware components in your laptop, because it is connected to them on a deep & direct level, also it is connected to the BIOS because it has...
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    When will Watercooling come to Laptops and is it possible?

    The new 3080 mobile gpu sucks compared to the desktop 3080 version. It’s because of the low TDP on the mobile version that crippled its performance. Anyways, the only way I see anything close to getting that desktop performance shoved into next generation laptops is if they incorporate water...
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    Win 10 Malware/RAT circumventing ESET Nod32

    Long story short, I am many things, one of them a Gamer with Skillz. Them Mad Skillz, know what I mean? So people get pissed off(naturally). It seems that 'somebody' has taken a vested interest in annoying me by forcing themselves into my personal life through my PC. I want to deal with this...
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    CPU Utilization Win 10 after Steam/PUBG install...

    Goes from 2% idle, to 20% idle even with steam closed. What gives??? Should I just VM steam and all concurrent games??
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    Are there any reasons you WOULDN'T buy a high Core Count i9(12c+) discounting Money?

    What do U guys think!! I wanna hear it ALL!! all your reasons <3
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    I wanna set up my own VPN server. Best way(client & server ideas)??

    delete* accidentally hit enter
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    What is the best Version of Linux 4 PowerUsers(2019)?

    Hey guys WaSSuP What is the best version of Linux for gaming/power use as of 2019? :D c wat I did thar?? LoL thnx!
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    Is 50 svchost.exe processes running in the background Normal?

    Hey guys WaSSuP (H) So, is 50~ svchost proccess running in Win10 normal?
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    Logitech G-Hub Process Memory Usage(Win10)

    I just installed Logitech G-Hub. The mice i'm using work without G-HUB(windows basic drivers), but I installed it anyways just for peace of mind and sureness. The processes altogether(6 of them) are sitting at about 700M.B of ram used. It seems like an awful lot, for something I just installed...
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    Is this R3@L L1F3 ? Micro$oft???

    LoL ????
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    net_ratelimit: xxx callbacks suppressed?? Help please...

    Hello people of [H] :D <3 I have a rapture GT-AC5300 router, connected through a Huawaei b168s. I recently updated the Asus router to the newest firmware. Besides updating, I haven't changed any settings and all of the sudden this started appearing in the logs: Dec 15 04:23:35 kernel...
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    Skilled PvP games!

    Hello All. I'll keep it simple. I love PvP games. The more skill required, the better. The more reaction speed, and key presses, the better. The more glory, the better. The more butthurt, the better! Looking for a moba, or MMO, or hybrid....anything with Glorious PvP & Good production...
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    Win 10 Home Question?

    Hello. Long story short, I bought a laptop with windows 10 home preinstalled(I did a reinstall of home edition). I am going to install windows 10 pro soon. I know that, the home edition auto updates and U can't really do squat about that.... How screwed am I currently? And what should I...
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    MSI GT75 + 2*970 pr0's in RAID setup, good idea?

    I currently have 1 NVME card installed in my rig, it's the PM961. After comparing the numbers between it, and the 970 pro, I can only fathom running 2 970 pro's in RAID. However this will be the first time I have a raid setup. Do you think there's anything better than what I proposed...
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    Extremely annoying ZxR issue help please!!

    My config spdif connection+ DTS + zxr + win 7 I've had this issue for a while now. I've tried many ways to solve it, but it just doesn't even fucking make sense and i'm actually quiet pissed off right now as to why I purchased this because I came from a x-fi and I never experienced anything...
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    What I think about Evolve

    I think this game sucks, I think it is a de-evolution of standard, especially with their previous product the excellent L4D (pronounced "Left 4 Dead") series, 1&2. Epic games, Evolve stinks /discuss If it's against a rule somewhere that saying this game, or this particular game sucks...
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    ZxR , Onkyo AVR software drivers

    Hello HF, How would you set these 3 things up on a win7 rig for best sound output whether analog or digital. Thanks guys
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    Popping / crackling sound in Fullscreen HELP

    Fixed the issue I think.... *DELETE
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    MSI Gaming 290x 4G fan issue

    Hello my fellow Hard Friends , Basically, i've got one of these cards , and one of the fans stops working . Usually this happens after my PC has been shutdown or asleep for extended periods over the night. Dust is heavy where I live and it seems to be the issue. Is there any surefire ways to...
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    i7 950 -----> x5670 Mini review of transition

    Firstly , my 950 served me well , very well , infact it will go down alongside the Pentium 4 HT , and the Q6600 as the biggest jumps in performance in a new platform. I've absolutely fallen in love with those chips especially with how they would perform overclocked. Now the X5670 is going down...
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    x5670 double QPI link

    Hello fellow geeks, what benefit does an x5670 processor with double QPI links have compared to a similar i7 processor with only 1 QPI link?
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    Requirements for an item-based exchange website

    Hello fellow hard members, I'm planning on starting a commerce website , kind of like an ebay , with goods that are listed that can be bought and sold . i guess it would be similar to ebay in design and functionality . What would be the web coding know how needed to do this ? what software /...
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    AMD will eventually beat nVIDIA , here's why ATI > nvIDIA :D:D

    Ask anybody that has a nice powerful ATI vid card setup, how his Mantle game performance is in BF 4. BF 4 is the epitome of action packed multiplayer + Ultra graphics. The combination of which, requires a good setup to run nicely, and it looks beautiful. I've seen mantle...
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    Waterblock for MSI 290x's in crossfire, recommendation?

    Hello Hard members! I've got a pair of 290'xs in my rig, with ample space. There is a whole PCI-E slot between them, so they are not ontop of another squished. I'm not sure whether my card(s) pictured below are reference design PCB's or not. Andddd...looking for a waterblock that...
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    Crossfire 290x, one possibly overheating?

    Hello hard members! I've got 2 MSI 4g gaming 290x video cards. Yesterday playing AOC with max settings, one of the cards reached 93 degrees C. That's too hot for me. The other was around 75 degrees or so. An almost 20 degree difference is huge, especially when they are both showing the same...
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    Lets talk about AMD TrueAudio

    Hello Hard members! Well i've got 2 290'xs i'm using at the moment. Been a long time Nvidia fan ever since ATi dropped the ball after the 9800pro (godly). So far, I like the 290x's. I think they will become even more powerful over time because of things like mantle optimization in games...
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    ASUS Rampge Formula III x58 (non NF200 board) + Crossfire 290x

    Hello my Hard brethren, Long story short, i love my watercooled x58 i7 950@ 4.1ghz system. I can't be bothered to dissemble/upgrade because there's no point at the moment. Currently i've got 670SLi's running, but i would like to use my 290x's, because they are just sitting around. I've...