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    Sexy but "can it run Crysis"?

    AORUS Z690 Master spotted: LGA1700 socket, DDR5, PCIe 5.0 slots teased
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    Thoughts on the ASUS 27" VG279QL1A?

    Building my first desktop rig in many years, looking at displays and the ASUS TUF Gaming 27" VG279QL1A 1080p is at the top of my short list. I'm going to be stuck at 1080p for awhile because of the current GPU crisis. 27-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS gaming monitor with ultrafast 165Hz...
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    Skyrim Anniversary Edition

    If you play modded Skyrim SE, back up your executable and .ESM now, and disable updates in Steam because 11/11 is coming and will break your experience as your SSE on steam will automatically become SAE. Me, I'm trying to get my new PC built before 11/11 hits so I can install SE before I get...
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    $100-$150 DAC/AMP Options

    Looking at some budget options to drive 250-ohm DT 990 Pros, usage will be mostly gaming and TV/movies. The motherboard I'm using in my new build has some pretty crappy audio from what I can tell, ASUS TUF Gaming B550 Plus uses the Realtek S1200A codec (without additional amps). A Schitt...
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    Diablo IV gets new game director as Blizzard wades troubled waters

    16-year Blizzard veteran Joe Shely is now Diablo IV's game director, will lead the game's development through troubled waters. Read more:
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    WTF? 5600X now $300

    Son of a.. the 5600X was $269 when I added it to my wish list a few days ago. Now it is suddenly $300 at NewEgg. It is still $272 at Amazon (for now) but I really wanted to use NewEgg's Quad Pay on this new build. $394 for the 5800x which is likely the better value now. I'll also have to...
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    Anyone running a X570S Aorus Master? I'd like to hear your experiences, reviews seem to be favorable. I was going to get an ASUS B550 board for my new build, first in 10 years, but it is out of stock at the stores I like and I don't want to pay a premium for it at third party sellers. So I've...
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    Android Storage App

    Is there an app out there that can tell me how an SD card or USB stick is formatted (FAT32 or extfs)? I have to download an copy some BIOS files to a FAT32 USB stick but don't have access to a computer at the moment.
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    NAS Drives

    I've been out of the loop for awhile and see we now have NAS specific drives such as the IronWolf. What makes a NAS drive a NAS drive and can they be used as a regular HDD?
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    Recommendation for a 1440p for RPGs and RTS

    Could I get some recommendations for a good monitor for playing mainly RPG and RTS type games at 1440p? I don't play FPS games cause the action makes me sick, literally.
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    Asus ROG Z690 Motherboards Will Only Support DDR5, DDR4 For Other Models

    Yeah, no early adoption for me,
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    GPU Suggestion for while I wait..

    I am putting together a new build, probably a Ryzen 5600X on a B550 board, and I need a new GPU but I'm not paying $1200 for what I'd like to have. Due to some life circumstances, I've been out of the loop for the past 8 or 9 years so I don't know the scene very well other than to say it's...
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    MSI MEG Z590 UNIFY-X Owners?

    Is anyone running a MSI MEG Z590 UNIFY-X board, I'd be interested to hear your experiences. I really like the specs, especially the four M.2 slots and only 2x DIMM slots. However, I haven't owned an MSI board in a long ass time so I'm not sure how support and BIOS development is these days...
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    CPU for 1440p Gaming/Streaming

    I'm putting together my first build in 10 years and will be using it for 1440p gaming and streaming. I'd like to add an RX 6700 XT GPU in the future but looking to go with a CPU that has an integrated GPU for now so I can use the PC for streaming while I let the GPU market shake out a bit...
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    MicroATX Suggestions

    I haven't built a new system in 10 years. I'd like to build a current generation mid to high-end gaming system in a Fractal Design Node 804 case. Can anyone recommend a MicroATX board to go with? I'm not partial to Intel or AMD. TIA
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    FS: Gigabyte GTX970 MiniITX

    Gigabye GTX970 ITX This GPU has been working great in my MiniITX build but I have decided to turn my MiniITX system into a dedicated Linux system and I just will not need this kind of GPU in it. I purchased this from Amazon on Nov. 29th. and still have the original box. Works flawlessly...
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    Not sure how to handle this situation..

    Last week I sold a forum member an FX-8120 and motherboard for $75, with free priority mail shipping ($15), that had been my daily driver for 3 years. He received the board and CPU and says it just keeps rebooting over and over again. He then says he pulled the CPU and put it in his brothers...
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    2K Panel Advice Needed Please

    I haven't been following the monitor seen for awhile so sorry to many for what may be a basic purchase but, with over 175 2K monitors listed on NewEgg along with prices ranging from $200 to over $1K, I am having a really hard time narrowing down my list. Not to mention the plethora of vendors...
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    FS: AMD FX-8120 + ASUS M5A99X EVO

    I am selling the following motherboard and CPU combo: AMD FX-8120 ASUS M5A99X EVO This build had served me quite well for the past few years and I had it clocked at 4.2 GHz for quite awhile once but mostly ran it at 3.8 GHz daily to cut down on power draw. It was my daily driver til this past...
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    Node 304 meets Mountain Mods

    There is really nothing special about this build but I really like it as it is my first new PC in 3 years. I had always liked the outside looks of the Node 304 case but after I received it, I couldn't believe how lame the hard drive bays were. Therefore, I took some 120 mm. fan HDD mounts from...
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    Trying to get a new Z97I-Plus to POST

    Been trying all day to get a new ASUS Z97I-Plus motherboard to POST. It's been a long time since I had a motherboard not POST out of the box so I'm wondering if this sounds like a motherboard or memory issue. I haven't tried re-seating the CPU yet, but I can't think of anything else to try...
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    I'm a scrub, help me understand this please..

    I'm ashamed, I have no excuse other than I've been too broke to play with shit and getting old. However, I have not been keeping up on the times and I really don't understand what is going on. Could someone please help educate me as to what is going on and advise the best way to connect these...
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    Hello Newman!

    Checking in on all you scrubs, glad to see many familiar faces still at it. You make this loser proud. I will be moving to my land soon to start building my home in the woods and, once I get my new laptop, I will be donating all my hardware to the [H]orde. I may need help with shipping...
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    QM87 Laptop Recommendations

    I am in need of a workstation level laptop that supports VT-d, TPM, and Intel TXT. Unfortunately, this limits me to the QM87 chipset if I want a 4th gen CPU. Does anyone have any recommendations for a QM87-based laptop? mSATA + remove-able drives would be nice but not required. 1x eSATA...
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    Multi-Browser Issue, Google Redirection to Puerto Rico

    I'm sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I've tried to "google" the answer but getting conflicting hits that don't necessarily cover this issue. For some reason, whenever I type into the address bar of ANY web-browser, I get redirected to the Puerto Rican version of google...
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    FS: Low-Dollah Dodeca (2xHex core) Motherboard/CPUs/Memory/SSD

    Making some changes and would like to sell this combo before Feb. 2nd as I am leaving town for a month. 2x Opteron 4184 2.8 GHz CPUs with Retail Bulldozer HSFs 1x ASUS KCMA-D8 Dual C32 Motherboard 2x 2x2GB G.Skill DDR3 1333 @ 7-7-7-21 (8GB Total) 1x Vertex 30GB SSD with bare bones Gentoo...
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    FS: MSI 4GB GTX 680 Twin Frozr - $475

    I bought this from a forum member a few weeks ago but I am just not getting back into gaming like I thought it would. I don't really need this much GPU so it has to go. MSI Twin Frozr 680 with 4GB VRAM Bare card only. I unfortunately do not have any accessories or the box. Works great...
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    MSI GTX 680 4GB - Awesome price for [H]orde

    I bought this from a forum member a month or so ago but I am just not getting back into gaming like I thought it would. I don't really need this much GPU so it has to go. MSI Twin Frozr 680 with 4GB VRAM Works fine, I folded on it for a couple weeks with no problems. 22K PPD but this is...
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    FAHClient V7.2.9 released (8th Open-Beta)

    We have a new beta of the v7 client. FAHClient V7.2.9 released (8th Open-Beta) "This release adds a lot of improvements, particularly to the viewer. Some of the highlights are the ability to read Gromacs files so that you can view the proteins of many more projects, auto-updating of...
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    Tobit's Slim and Sexy Toy

    Well, most of you know by now that I like to play with hardware that is a little on the obscure side. I saw this recently on eBay for a decent price and decided to snap it up. It's a toy, it's not going to produce much PPD in it's present config but it is another A4 cruncher for the Horde and...
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    FAH Beta Testers, read it before it's deleted...

    If you are a registered beta tester, please reply. Even if you don't agree. reply. There are issues and little is getting addressed. I have no clue if it will be deleted or locked but some FF mods have been on my ass since I returned to...
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    Warning: SMP Beta Projects 7650 - 7653

    Warning to those running the -beta flag on SMP clients. New beta projects p7650 - 7653 were re-released to beta testing earlier today. I was just assigned one on one of my Linux boxen and it fails instantly. Worse yet, it tries to re-run the same unit over and over again despite safeguards...
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    Notes from Profs. Kasson and Mr. Coffland - New GROMACS

    From the labs of Professors Kasson and Shirts, UVA and Mr. Coffland:
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    pjkenned says HI!

    Brother pjkenned stopped by the IRC channel to say hello to everyone tonight. It was good to see him. :cool: [01:07] <pjkenned> headed to oahu for the weekend [01:07] <Tobit> nice [01:08] <pjkenned> servethehome has been cranking [01:08] <Tobit> awesome [01:08] <pjkenned> so I am taking...
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    WTB: 2x DDR2 667/533 ECC

    For my low dollar LGA771 build, only one of the sticks of memory I got from tear work. I'd really like to get this thing running in dual-channel mode to see how the performance improves. Ideally, I am looking for 2 sticks of ECC DDR2 667 memory. Any size, the cheaper the better. 533 MHz...
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    WANT: 4GB GTX 680 or 670

    WTB: GTX 680 or 670 - 4GB GPUs only, please don't respond with offers on 2GB cards. I'd prefer the 680 but may consider a 670. In the box with all original items preferred but will consider bare cards. Please include shipping to zip code 03104 with your offer. Would like to make a deal on...
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    FS: 2x60GB Corsair Force GT

    Selling two lightly used Corsair 60GB Force GT SSDs. These are great drives, I am just not using them as I intended. I'd prefer to sell them as a pair for $110 which includes Priority Mail shipping within the US. If they don't sell as a pair by the end of the weekend, I will consider selling...
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    GS3 Rooting Video (Sprint/T-Mo)
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    FS: AMD Crosshair V/1090T Combo + Unlocked 6950

    Heat and eBay feedback is listed under N1ESE. PayPal only. Continental US sales only please. Combo: ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard, AMD 1090T, and 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance memory. HSF not included. Everything was purchased new from NewEgg about 3 months ago and performing flawlessly...
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    FS: Qty. 2 Unlocked MSI 6950 GPUs

    Heat and eBay feedback is listed under N1ESE. PayPal only. Continental US sales only please. Qty. 2 x MSI AMD R6950 (R6950-2PM2D2GD5) GPUs. Both are unlocked to 6970 shaders. Cards were purchased from [H] brother musky a couple months ago and work fine. I have the original boxes and should...