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    Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!

    Already have a few Gigabyte mobos. Currently using the excellent 880GM-UD2H This looks cool: I'll make it even cooler. Just gimme da board(s) :D
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    Scientists Re-Create Big Bang in Lab

    who here thinks that prions were made by god? :D There's your evidence supporting Abiogenesis.
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    Scientists Re-Create Big Bang in Lab

    Cause being paranoid beats manic depressive suicidal tendencies (not to imply that Creationists have bipolar disorders). :D Nope. That would be religion. We guys gotta prove that the cake is not a lie. Won't be fact if it ain't proved. I don't need to test you to know you have a brain and...
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    Athlon II X4 C1E causing instability, accurate temp program?

    +1 PhenomMsrTweaker rules. Disable CnQ in your Bios and use this. Its simply awesome. I am using this with my C3 Athlon II X3 440 unlocked as Phenom II X4 B40 @ 3 GHz 1.2000V prime stable and 1 GHz @ 0.7200V (TDP 11W!!!) I use only two P states out of the 5 possible.
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    The [H] Dropbox Thread

    ^ Not lonely now. here's mine 31 left
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    Anyone transcoding with a 1055T or 1090T yet??

    I know I am going ot here but if you are transcoding audio files, its best to use a ramdisk since the bottleneck by the storage medium is like huge. Even I used foobar2k and a 512mb ramdisk (using a freeware: Gavotte) on my DDR3 and a small ahk script to move off data from the ram disk to the...
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    Did I make the right choice? Athlon X3 over Phenom X2

    It took a while on my Gigabyte mobo to update EC firmware. I don't know how Biostar has set it up but when I did it the first time, it took about a minute to post but has been fine ever since.
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    Did I make the right choice? Athlon X3 over Phenom X2

    My X3 440 unlocked to a quad and ocs well too. Can do 3.5 Ghz stable on 1.4V with the stock hsf. Can oc more but am holding off till I get an after-market cooler. Idles at a measly 0.65V. pwned by PhenomMsrTweaker. See if a bios update helps.
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    POLL: Do you shut-down or let sleep?

    Shutdown and auto power on at a fixed time :D Even rest of the time, my quad idles @ 0.65V even though at P0 I juice it to 1.4V
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    Nigerian Scam Tops List of Decade's Online Cons

    Anything which mentions the word won $ is automatically sent to spam by my gmail filter. Cudn't care less about scam spam.
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    MSI XPower Motherboard / Metro 2033 Giveaway.

    Coz "By the power of Greyskull, I have X..Power" sounds leeter nowadays
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    India Unveils Prototype of $35 Tablet Computer

    My sis is a teacher. I'll buy atleast two of these as soon as they are released :P I guess when you have those cheap chinese make cheap touchscreen phones with those big 4" resistive screens, it ain't at all difficult contemplating a mass produced device such as this with 2 gis of flash memory...
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    Vaseline Launches Skin-Whitening Facebook India App

    I am Indian and I am disgusted by this trend. People are very willing to spend on stuff to look good (equated as appearing ¡±fairer"), especially to endorse their urban, pseudo sophisticated lifestyle, yet ironically, this is just the opposite and reflects their shallowness. They delude...
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    Pakistan Blocks YouTube, Facebook

    They have blocked Wikipedia too since they have no use for it :P
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    President Warns Grads of iPad Perils

    Jobs should sue him :D
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    China Targets `Foreign Forces' in Web Crackdown

    March 24, 2010 GoDaddy Stops Registering Domains in China May 1, 2010 China connection to Go Daddy WordPress attacks Even is under ddos right now. I hate these commies
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    Don't Talk to Aliens

    All hail Xenu! And in other news today eminent physicis Prof. Stephen W. Hawking embraced Scientology. :D
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    I’m A Mac Ads “Might Be Done”

    I am not a Pad.
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    Windows 7 and Nforce 4 ethernet driver? I use Fernando1's excellent modded performance packs on my Nforce430 mcp.
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    Top of the line 1999~2000ish stuff

    Why don't you go for the s478 based 845 chipset mobos I had an Intel 845WN which had 3xPC133 RAM slots , several PCIs and an AGP 4x 1.5V iirc. I used to run a Riva TNT2 M64 and Willamette 1.5 Ghz on it. It was good for its time. It just loved ol '98 and even XP ran fine on it with my 256 mb...
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    Firefox 3.6 Now Available

    on the contrary, for me scrolling was fubared on 3.5 and its just great on 3.6
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    Gaming Keyboard Recommendation

    I have the exact same feeling (posted the same link in the thread before :( ) Atleast I have something similar till I buy one. I know what my next keyboard's gonna be. :p
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    Gaming Keyboard Recommendation

    There's no need to buy an uber expensive mechanical as a first. You can settle for a cheap blue cherry based one. Here in India we get the cherry mx blue based TVS-E gold for only $25 which i am currently using. Way better than that $70 membrane.
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    Gaming Keyboard Recommendation

    Get a mechanical! My advice would be a Filco (Cherry brown switches),majestouch_104key&pid=fkbn104meb but if backlight is essential then get the Deck Legend
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    What keyboard do you game on?

    IBM Mechanical :)
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    automate link visiting / screen capture

    Autohotkey ftw! although you may even be able to do such a simple task using batch files using third party software which accept command line switches
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Hi [H]. /me in
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    Do you run the software for your mouse?

    I write my own software for my mouse :)
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    Vista x64 forces digitally signed drivers?

    have been using this since it came out. also works fine on Win 7 x64
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    Batch File to Rename Files

    Just use LupasRename. it would even make a batch file for you if you want :)
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    Win7: This one has me stumped. TaskManager screenshots

    For me, it happened whenever I was using my internet connection so that led me to believe that it was network service related. My browsers (FF/IE), download managers, p2p apps all started crashing after a while and my svchost was hogging a lot of ram. I isolated the problem to the iphelper...
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    Win7: This one has me stumped. TaskManager screenshots

    I had this problem too. In both Vista and Win 7. Mine was caused by the ip helper service. I discovered it through a similar procedure and promptly disabled it and the memory leak disappeared. If I re-enable the service again, the memory leak again occurs and I also see it on a fresh install...
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    Computer Won't Shut Down

    I am having a similar problem. Can't shut down the pc. Reset and Power down switches don't work. Holding Power off for >5 secs turns off the pc else it goes into limbo (eg. if I press the reset switch) with HDD activity leds on, no display but fans spinning. I am also having problems booting...
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    New mechwarrior in development

    woohooo. that's indeed good news. for me mechcommander 2 was the best of the lot. have it installed still
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Here you go:
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    where did you hear that?
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    ^ its winxp :) raid is on my todo list
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    Document / Image Preview In Icon On XP? Enjoy :)