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    PS3 price drop anytime soon?

    Anyone think the PS3 will have a price drop before xmas? My son wants one for his birthday next month but if they're going to drop in a few months I might see if I can hold him off until xmas since we already have a 360.
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    xbox 360 at Amazon

    Does anyone know why amazon doesn't seem to have the $199 4GB xbox 360 (without kinect) in stock lately? I don't pay much attention to consoles but might be buying one soon and would prefer to do it without tax and my amazon credit if possible.
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    XBOX live question

    Hopefully this will be an easy question for someone. My son's xbox 360 died (getting video pixelation type crap like it overheated or something). He just got a 12 month xbox live card for christmas. If he gets a new xbox will he be able to transfer his xbox live account to the new machine?
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    Easy Dragon Age Questions

    I got in on the steam sale last week and am enjoying the game so far but I've got a few questions that I assume are easy and haven't found the answer in game. 1. where is your camp? It says to return to camp to repair injuries but I don't know where the camp is. I'm currently in the tower...
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    Laptop for 11yr old

    I'm thinking of getting my daughter a laptop for her birthday in a few months so she won't have to share the desktop we have with her brother any more. Do you think it will be possible for me to find a decent laptop with these specs for $400 including shipping/tax? I'm thinking 15" screen...
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    Puzzle Quest Galactrix $5.99 now

    Best Buy has puzzle quest galactrix for PC for $5.99 now. It was 19.99 up until recently and I was considering buying it at that price but with the price drop it was a no brainer. Price available online and in store but the DS version is still 19.99
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    Puzzle Quest Galactrix

    wrong forum
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    Compare Torchlight and Borderlands

    OK, I don't game much anymore but I downloaded the demo of torchlight and enjoyed it enough that I bought it (my first steam purchase) and have put in 15 hours or so on it so far. It is my understanding that there is no demo available for Borderlands so my question is, is borderlands basically...
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    2 computers 1 monitor question

    What is the easiest/cheapest way to connect 2 computers to a single monitor so that I can switch back and forth between them easily? I'm not sure what I need to be able to do this but I assume they must make something that allows this. Thanks for any advice.
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    Is there any difference between the CHEAP 22" monitors?

    I'm looking to get a 22" LCD for less than $200 (either black friday deal or microsoft cashback). I realize it won't be the best monitor in the world but are there major differences between models at this low end of the spectrum? I'll use it mostly for gaming and internet but not FPS games...
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    Complete P4 2.8 XP X800XT computer in Ohio $250

    I am looking to buy a newer computer for gaming and want to sell my old one. I have it up on the Columbus, OH craigslist but thought it couldn't hurt to put it up here as well. Hard drive was reformatted last week and XP reinstalled. Will come with XP install disc and serial # is on side of...
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    Critique my potential new build

    I'm finally getting ready to get a new computer and am looking at going with a botique builder for the first time (always gotten dell's in the past). I will not be overclocking and I seriously doubt I will ever be using 2 video cards at once. Will probably go with vista 64. Anything look...
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    X800XT Driver Question

    I'm in uncharted waters (for me) here so I thought I'd ask for advice rather than guessing. I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows XP last night. I have a dell dimension 8300 with an X800XT in it. What drivers do I need to download for the video card? Just whatever the current...
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    LOTRO Moria expansion

    Is there any good site for info about this expansion? There doesn't seem to be a lot of advance buzz about it as far as I can tell. I'm not playing LOTRO but I was thinking the expansion might be a good time to pick it up as I've always been fond of the moria scenes from the books/movies.
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    Diablo Install Question

    I had been talking recently about playing Diablo since I had never played either of them and my girlfriend got me a copy of the original but it is for win 95/NT. Am I going to have a problem installing it on my XP machine? Did they make a different version specifically for XP? Thanks for...
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    Can I add a 4850 to this Dell?

    I will be in the market for a new computer in the near future as my P4 2.8, x800XT isn't quite keeping up with the current generation of games. I'm not really comfortable building my own computer from scratch but I can install/upgrade parts. I've replaced video cards before but I've never...
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    Used PS3 - which version should i look for?

    Looking to buy a used PS3 in time for GTA4. It looks like the 80GB version is about $50 more than the 40GB version. I know the 40GB can't play PS2 games which doesn't bother me. Are there any other differences between the two other than just the increased HD size?
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    XBOX 360 price drop anytime soon?

    Hi all. My son has sold a bunch of his old systems and now has enough to buy an xbox 360. I was just wondering if there was any sort of price drop expected after the holidays. I don't think so but thought i'd ask here before he went and spent every last cent he has. Thanks for any advice.
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    Question about ESRB ratings (COD4)

    Is there a website that reviews game content for parents? I know there's some sites out there like that for movies. My son wants COD4 for x-mas and he's only 10. I don't have a problem with the violence from what I saw in the demo level but I don't know about language and stuff in the full...
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    Rock Band for PS2

    Sorry if this is an ignorant question but i've been completely ignoring Rock Band because of the price, but I just realized I have no idea what to get my son for christmas because he's addicted to WoW and Guitar hero and doesn't really play with much else so I thought maybe he'd like Rock Band...
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    Recommend DS game for an 8 yr. old girl

    My daughter turns 8 at the end of the month and has said she wants a new DS game. The problem with licensed kids games is so many of them suck horribly and non-kid specific games I have a hard time telling if they're easy enough for her. So if any of you have kids around that age do you have...
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    When will we get punch out for virtual console?

    I'm not sure how these release dates work and I haven't even turned on my wii in a few weeks but NES punch out was one of the few reasons I bought a wii points card and I saw it was released in some other countries so does anyone know when it might be released over here?
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    Wiimote died?

    I'll try calling nintendo tonight cuz I've had great experience with them when my first wii had a small flaw but I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else has seen this before. I noticed last night that one of my 3 wiimotes has stopped responding to being rotated (like a key). It still...
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    Wii: Virtual Console sales stats?

    Have VC download stats been posted anywhere? I'm hoping that before too long nintendo will wise up and lower the price on these a bit and was curious about number of sales of VC games at the different price levels and if a correlation could be drawn at all from that but I'd need data first.
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    Wii troubleshooting question

    I got home late last night and finally got my wii hooked up and noticed a problem but didn't have time to troubleshoot it so I'll ask here in case it's something common. I connected to my wireless network, downloaded the system update and internet browser. I left the option for...
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    Wii @ Toys R Us

    Sorry if this has been mentioned already but Toys R Us website has wii bundle that it says is in stock in case anyone is interested. Only 1 game I want in bundle so i'll continue to wait but there ya go.
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    metal slug for wii

    If anyone picked this up can you answer 100% if you can use gamecube controllers with this game or not?
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    Using gamecube controllers with Wii games?

    Reading the PCmag review of the wii I noticed that they said you can NOT use the gamecube controllers on wii games. I was under the impression that this was possible (specifcally on metal slug). Does anyone know if it's determined by game or if I was just mistaken?
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    WTB 512 MB (1 stick) of PC2700 laptop RAM

    Looking to get a 512 MB stick of RAM to hopefully make my girlfriend's laptop run a bit better. Only has 1 slot so unfortunately can't use 2x256. Looking to pay about $35 shipped or less. Let me know if you have some for sale, either PM me or send email to lastheathen at yahoo dot com. Thanks.
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    Buying a PS3 on launch day

    OK i haven't been paying too much attention to the PS3 news since I have no interest in buying one (at least not until they drop in price by about 200-300). But over the last few days my girlfriend keeps telling me about people at her work who are planning on showing up at stores on the morning...
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    FS: Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow DS

    Done with this game so selling it to raise cash for Wii time. $30 shipped. If it matters I have 99.5% of the map uncovered and have discovered all monsters but 1 and have the most upgraded sword in the game if you just want to play around with it but it's a great game. drop me a PM or email...
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    Doom 3 multiplayer

    I got Doom 3 when it came out, then got addicted to EQ2 and never played it. Finally maxed everything in EQ2 and got bored so I started playing Doom and it's fairly good (i'm not a big FPS player), but it never shows any servers listed for multiplayer games. Does no one play multiplayer on...
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    Easy Wii Question

    Couldn't find any recent info on this but can anyone confirm that Wii will be 100% backwards compatible with gamecube games? I'm pretty sure that's what I heard but I wanted to make sure before I sell my gamecube.
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    Help me pick a FPS for PS2

    My son get a copy of medal of honor 2: Frontline for PS2 yesterday for his birthday. He's 9 and doesn't like it because it makes him do missions rather than just jumping in a playing. He's been playing Battlefield 2 on my PC and likes that. Is there any older (since I want to exchange MOH2...
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    Wario Ware Twisted on DS?

    Does this game work ok on the DS system? I have no idea how the gyroscope thing functions in relation to the gameplay and if it would be confused by the cartridge placement on the DS as opposed to the GBA.
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    Question about mario party games

    We have mario party 4 (at least i think it's 4) and as far as I can tell there's no way to unlock all of the mini games to play them directly without playing them first in the board game mode. Is it like this in all of the mario party games for gamecube? My kids enjoy playing the mini games...
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    Question about preordering a DS lite

    The DS lite is supposedly launching on june 11th which is a sunday. My question is, if i preorder one, will I be able to pick it up on the 11th, or is that kind of like a shipping date and they will be available sometime that week. I'm trying to decide if I should go to a store close to my...
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    DS lite US Release Date

    From ign June 11. White Only. $130
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    Oblivion - Am I doing something wrong?

    OK i haven't played for very long yet, and I'm only level 2. One of the guards mentioned a painter guy so I went to find him, found his house and wife said he disappeared, eventually found the guy and he tells me I need to kill some painted trolls. I can't kill them. The only thing that seems...
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    Has DS lite price been announced?

    Sorry I don't keep up on all the news in this area. My kids have just been talking about getting a nintendo DS and I know that the DS lite will be coming out relatively soon, I just don't know if it will be the same price or more and if I should tell them to wait for it.