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    RD580, when?

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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Hey, nice setup. I especially like the desk. I have a room perfect for a desk about that size, mind telling me where you got it?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Then why don't you marry them? /rhetorical question
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    Overclocking the X1900XT

    Windows Button + R -> Type "services.msc" -> Disable "ATI Hotkey Poller," and "ATI Smart." Restart if prompted and you're good to go.
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    new X1800XT problems with games

    Try the 6.3 drivers. I have a little more faith in them than 6.6. Make sure you properly remove the old drivers before installing new ones. Just curious, what are the rest of your specs?
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    What do you have: SLI, Crossfire or single card solution?

    I have a single X1800, but I'm in a position to make one quick purchase and have Crossfire. I imagine if I can find a good deal I'll have CF soon.
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    What is the difference between x1900xt and x1900xtx?

    Price and clock speeds.
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    ATI Catalyst 6.6 released

    I still havent' had a chance to test these out. How's the performance relative to 6.3?
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    ATI Catalyst 6.6 released

    I downloaded them but won't have time to install/test them until later. If someone could see if they're better than 6.3 it could save me some time :D
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    Catalyst Beta 6.6 Driver

    Off topic but how do you enable HQAF and Adaptive AA when sing the CP?
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    Does Prey with with CrossFire?

    Not thread worthy but: how can I set Prey to run 1680x1050? It won't let me in-game.
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    Upgrading.. What do you do with your old GPUs?

    Primary rig's old card goes to the secondary (SFF) rig, and the SFF's goes into the closet.
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    How long do you keep your video card?

    My last three cards have been sequential generations; however, this is not really planned. I have a card, it was high-end when I got it and I'm still happy with it, but then I catch a newer gen. card for cheap, and I buy it. Perfect example is my most recent video card upgrade, replaced my...
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    X850XT PE Still Kick'in?

    I still have my X850XT PE. Still a great performer (I put it in my SFF PC). It still has some lasting power, it will be fine 'till the end of the year and a little further. just don't expect to run all of the latest games maxed.
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    X1900XT Slow?

    Believe it or not, someone on another forum had a similar problem with low performance with his X1900XTX. IDK if it's drivers or what, because he got low frames in CS:S playing 10x7 with everything else cranked. I play 16x10 with everything cranked on my card and never drop into the 40's. Try a...
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    X1900XT Slow?

    Download 6.3. They were the best drivers I think. Or try 6.5.
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    Does ATi Tool really enable Adaptive AA?

    Under the driver tweaks section there is an option for Adaptive AA. I don't have CCC installed so I've been using it to enable AAA. Does it work because I don't know if I'm seeing a difference. Chainlink fences in HL2, for instance, look great; but I can't really tell if the AAA is running, I...
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Same thing, but I couldn't find it like I did the first time for some reason. :confused:
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    That's exactly where I got it from, and I couldn't find it when I was looking for it. How did you find it?
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    I actually found that by typing in my resolution into Google image search. I'll see if I can't locate exactly where I got it, though.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Before: After: Note: took the second pic before I even took the stickers off the monitor LOL.
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Got a new monitor, which means a new res which means a new wallpaper. Still keepin' it clean though.
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    "Use manual only" display option in CP?

    NVM. As I had hoped, the problem disappeared with my old monitor (17' VGA 10x7 to 20.1" DVI 1680x1050 :D )
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    "Use manual only" display option in CP?

    My screen flickers when I go to change settings. It used to do this with CCC and I am now using CP and the problem persist. However, with CCC there was an easy way to fix it you would go to the "display options" tab, select "use manual only." Then the problem would be fixed. I've looked through...
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    Another Satisfied Crossfire Customer!!!!!

    Nice. I have an X1800XT and a CF board, so I've been on the look out for a good deal on a X1800CFE. Glad to see you're happy with it. Enjoy your gaming ;)
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    What's going on with my clocks (X1800XT)?

    I know, I know, I've had them disabled since I got the card.
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    What's going on with my clocks (X1800XT)?

    Overdrive is disabled due to the fact I ended the correct processes. And of course I am not using the default profile. However, now it seems to like to change it up and back down to 378/693. I'm lost here.
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    What's going on with my clocks (X1800XT)?

    I disbaled VPU recovery, no results. I have noticed a pattern though, playing .avi files seems to trigger this clock reversion. I haven't determined what 3d apps cause this to happen, I don't believe it's all of them. This is really getting annoying though, And I found out it reverts to 475/693...
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    What's going on with my clocks (X1800XT)?

    Okay, here's how I currently have my situation: I have the clock adjusting program disabled, and I use ATITool .25 Beta 14 to set my clocks. Everything works all well and fine, but I've been having some weird problems lately. My clocks sometimes (seemingly at random) drop down to 475/600 (I'm...
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    ATI drivers why????

    Or don't use .NET. It's only needed for the CCC, not the drivers themselves.
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    AMD to buy ATI?

    Isn't it just one guy's prediction? Not like there's ANYTHING official.
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    Price for performance; 7900 GT SLI vs X1900xtx

    I don't like dual card solutions, so I say single card FTW!
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    ^Nice choice in music, I really only like their older stuff. :D
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    7900 GTX or X1900 XT?

    Another vote for X1900XT. It can reach XTX speeds easily, so anyone recommending an XTX over the GTX is pretty much recommending an XT, whether they know it or not.
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    ATI 6.5 Catalyst released

    Just download the 6.5 display drivers, then download the last CP they made (just the CP installer), install the drivers then the CP and it should work.
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    ATI 6.5 Catalyst released

    I'm seeing big improvements over 6.3, which were great drivers.
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    Faster responding CCC, some small tips

    I had done the first two ever since I started using CCC, but the first one made the biggest difference. CCC is now instant, and ever since I got my new card (X1800XT 512MB) opening CCC caused my screen to flicker black for a split second. Now it doesn't so that. :D Thanks a bunch!
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Did some cleaning.
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    Help with crossfire needed...

    None in particular. The CFE card will function as a single card, the X1900XT(X) will function as a single card. Get whichever fist, then you can pair another later.