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    Help building new PCs for design department!

    Hey guys! I've come to you guys before for help with a build, so I'm hoping you can pull through for me again! This time, I have a pretty awesome request.. I currently work in the design field in a medium sized corporate setting. We're looking into getting new hardware for our designers...
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    Should I replace my 6870?

    I bought my current XFX 6870 in late 2011. It's been serving me pretty well, although I haven't really pushed it very far. The most intense game I've played on it has probably been Metro 2033 which it handled pretty well. That said, I just recently upgraded everything else. I spent around...
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    Steelseries USB sound card or Xonar DG soundcard

    I'm really torn between these two. For Christmas, my girlfriend got me a set of Steelseries Siberia V2 headphones. Never heard of them before so I googled them. Turns out, they sell the same headphones bundled with a USB soundcard that has simulated 7.1 surround sound. No idea why she didn't...
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    $600 build - gaming/cad

    I made a thread a couple of weeks ago about a $700 build. I mentioned I wouldn't be able to purchase the parts until after the holidays. Well, it is now after the holidays, and I plan on purchasing everything in 2 weeks on January 18th. Also, the budget is now $600 :D So here goes: 1) What...
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    Help with build for gaming/cad - $700 budget

    Hello everyone. I've used these forums in the past for PC help, and you guys have never failed me. So today I'm asking for you guys to help me put together a new PC build. I won't be purchasing the parts until after the holidays, but want to get a head-start so I know what I'm getting myself...
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    Insight on a video card upgrade

    With a ton of great games coming out over the next few months, I need a new video card. What is the absolute best card I can and should get for $250? I have in my system now an AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition, 4gb ram, 500w psu and a 21in monitor playing at 1680x1050 I'm aware the 500w psu...
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    I need a new heatsink/fan

    I have an AMD Phenom 9850 BE and a Biostar TForce TA790GX. Lately, the temperature readings on my comp have been going through the roof. I do 3d modeling and rendering, and some gaming, and the temperatures are hitting 90-115c easy. so far my computer has shut down 3 times on me. i think its...
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    How to record xbox gameplay?

    Im wondering how i can record gameplay from my Xbox to my pc. The way i have my stuff set up now is... i have my LCD tv, the 360 is plugged into the component, my HD cable box is in one HDMI output, and my computer is hooked up via the other HDMI output. the video card that is in my...
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    help with a build for a friend

    my friends father wants to get a new comp...just the tower. hes got a monitor and all the other jazz. what hes lookin for is a simple computer for music, burning cds, and just some minor video editing of like family videos. i havent been keepin up to date with pc parts since i built mine in...
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    Is this a solid ~$800 build?

    I'm looking to build a new PC in a few weeks. I've posted here before requesting a build and using that information I put together this build. Is it right for the price? I do mild gaming on the PC but will be using 3d modeling/rendering software and Photoshop/Illustrator... BFG Tech GS-550...
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    help with a new build

    hey guys...i havent been following hardware lately so im a little out of the loop. im looking to build a new pc. im working with an athlon 3200xp 64bit, 1gb ram, nvidia6800gts, and about 200gigs of harddrive space. i do mild gaming. most of it is done on my 360, but i do play a lot of L4D. i...
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    new build help

    sorry for posting a new thread with out doing a lot of research on my own but im really out of touch with technology with school + work eatting up most of my life over the past 4 months. i want to build a new pc in the next month or two...ill answer some questions about my build: -- What...
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    quick question about future build

    hey guys just a quick question. i was plannin on building a new computer around February i would be using for 3d modeling (solidworks), photoshop and some gaming... ..what does the future hold in terms of new products so i can keep a look out for price drops?
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    looking for a new monitor

    right now i have a good ole 15inch lcd screen that came with my emachines desktop i got back in like '05. since then ive put in a new videocard (6800gs ewww), more ram (1gb) and a new psu. it has served me well. in the future, probably by the end of the summer, i plan on gutting it and...
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    building a pc for a friend

    hey guys...i wanted to get an opinion or two on a pc i was going to build for a friend of mine. i know how to build em. its been awhile but ive done it's just i havent really been followin all the new updates in products so ive had to do a decent amount of researching. anyways...this...