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    FS: 2x Gigabyte Brix Pro i5, Intel Q6600 Combo

    Selling some Gigabyte items I recently impulse purchased but will no longer need. Also a Q6600 Micro-ATX CPU/Mobo/RAM combo. Shipping to continental US only Not interested in trades Open to fair offers, lowballers get ignored Will take offers/buyers by order of private message, NOT COMMENTS...
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    FS: EVGA Z77 Stinger, 2x4GB Corsair XMS3, Free HDD

    All sold, thanks [H]
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    FS: Nvidia Bullets or Blades promotional code

    Got one code to sell since neither game is sparking my interest right now. Seems like $30 is the going price, so let's start there. Paypal preferred, but I think I can do Google Wallet too (Or the Chase pay option, though I don't have a Chase account). Heat under syn0s. PM for best response
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    FS: MGS5: TPP Key

    Sold to BrownThunder... Thanks!
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    FS: Acer 32" 4k IPS 60hz Monitor, LG Optimus G (ATT), Logitech G600

    Have a few things that I need to get rid of after dejunkifying my house, so here they are. Rules: Shipping is included UNLESS otherwise stated. Shipping is from zip 84606. Lowballers will be ignored - all prices are OBO though, feel free to make offers! I guarantee everything in working...
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    WTB: MW2/3 PC, Blops 2 PC

    Looking for a few Call of Duty games, in particular MW2/3 PC and/or black ops 2 for PC, preferably digital code but will consider DVDs with valid online keys. If anyone has a steam gift they never used or something that would be ideal. Let me know what you got via PM.. prices negotiable. Heat...
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    FS: XBox Live and Dell Gift Cards

    All sold, pack it up pack it in
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    WTB: Twin Frozr II Heatsink/Fan for 560 Ti

    The story: So my GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II is having issues, and like a n00b I accidentally broke off a couple of fan blades on one of the fans before I could RMA it. MSI considers it damage and will charge an out of warranty repair fee, which I'd rather avoid if possible. I would chalk up my...
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    FS: XIM Edge and wired 360 controller

    Selling my mostly unused XIM Edge and a wired OEM 360 controller to go along with it. I bought the XIM from a forum member several months back, but hadn't bought the wired controller to go with it until just a couple months ago. The controller is in great shape as is the XIM.. no unusual...
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    FS: Borderlands 2 key

    Selling a spare Borderlands 2 steam key that I got as a gift.. $9 Paypal preferred, could also do Amazon payments possibly. Heat under 'syn0s' all positive.. Will deliver key digitally once payment is received. Thanks! :)
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    "FT/WTB: Nexus 4 16GB + cash for Note II, Need bare 8800/9800GT or HD3850 heatsink"

    sI have my Nexus 4 16GB that I am considering trading towards a White AT&T or Verizon Note II or possibly a white iPhone 5. Received on 11/29/2012, It has had a full Zagg invisible shield (front and back) on it since day 1, has never been dropped/knicked/scuffed and is in like new condition...
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    WTB Borderlands GOTY Steam

    Hey all.. I'm looking for Borderlands GOTY from the Steam sale recently for $7.50.. If anybody has an extra one or a 4 pack I'd be interested in buying.. Heat under 'syn0s' eBay under 'therudestjerks' Can pay with Paypal or Amazon payments Thanks!
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    plz delete, prematurely posted on accident

    Prematurely posted, please delete this! :mad:
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    Logi G9(x) vs. Old Optical Mouse frustrations!

    OK, so I've wanted a gaming mouse for a while and I am a major fingertip grip/claw grip player. I'm fairly old school when it comes to PC gaming, dating back to Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, and I learned to KB/Mouse on Quake 1. I played that game for years and years, and most of the time I used low DPI...
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    WTB Logitech G9, G9x, CM Spawn

    EDIT: Old thread resurrection! I still need a G9/G9x/Spawn mouse! Thanks! Hey All.. I'm looking for any of these mice in good condition (no junkers please) - Logitech G9 - $35 shipped (must be in excellent condition) Logitech G9x - $40 shipped (good condition) Coolermaster Spawn - $30 shipped...
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    Certified [F]laming! $209.99 + tax free shipping Soyo 26" LCD

    Just a heads up. Soyo has a 26" LCD on sale with free shipping. You can also use coupons in conjunction making it as cheap as ~$195. It's a TN panel, but at this price it's hard to resist. I...