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    OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

    Judging by the smaller Youtube reviews it's having major auto focus issues. That's a shame because they got a lot right about this phone.
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    Hard finding my desired features at reasonable price.

    You literally just described the LG V40. The only thing it doesn't do well is mobile VR as it's not Daydream compatible without root.
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    Samsung Loads McAfee Antivirus Onto Smart TVs

    So in other words McAffee will slowly consume and corrupt the TV to the point of not working in 6 months?
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    Whatever happened to removable batteries?

    Like it or not but those are the reasons. Combine that with the perception that plastic removable backs make for a cheap feeling phone and you have your answer.
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    Do you like Android or iPhone better, and why?

    I prefer Android because they are more intuitive to use and the hardware packages offered are better.
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    Still want to charge your phone while you sleep?

    I used to leave a phone plugged in as a security camera. It sat plugged in and constantly running for over a year when I discovered that the battery had swollen so bad that broke the phone frame. Since then I'm careful about what's plugged in and for how long. I'm not too concerned about...
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    How do I make my phone stop sucking?

    Stop buying Samsung phones. The new phones may be better but everyone I know with a 7 or older has the same problems. I have yet to see a Samsung phone that's a year or two old that isn't a complete dumpster fire.
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    Best currently available phone for recording video?

    The V40 records video in HDR10 at double the bit rate of the Samsung when in manual mode (just record in manual mode with auto turned on). The mics on the V40 are better but I've read the bitrate is lower however I have yet to test that as it might be a typo from the site I read that on.
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    Best currently available phone for recording video?

    The V40 is your best option for video. It's a pretty big step up from the V30 IMO.
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    LG V40 ThinQ - OMG this thing is crazy cool

    I really just want a better camera. If there V40 can improve on that it's the perfect phone
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    LG V40 ThinQ - OMG this thing is crazy cool

    I'm debating getting the V40 as the V30 has been the best phone I've ever owned. It's between that or the Mate 20 Pro or waiting for the P30 pro in April. The problem is that I can't find a decent camera comparison as camera reviews are all over the damn place.
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    Google Pixel 3

    I get that it's not important to everyone but here is why I found that stuff useful: I used to be big on updates but at this point I think they don't bring as much noticeable change when it comes to day to day usage as they once did so I'm OK getting them late or not at all unless there's a big...
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    Google Pixel 3

    I wouldn't say that. The V30 has wireless charging, a wide angle camera, a damn good headphone jack, stereo hd audio recording, an unreal flex mic in the headphone jack, microSD card support, and a comparable software experience. The only compromise I see in the V30 are updates and stereo...
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    Google Pixel 3

    At this point the Pixel feels like a phone full of compromises at an exorbitant price. Until they bring back the headphone jack I'm happy with other brands.
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    Anyone like the LG V30?

    I've had one since a few weeks after release so I paid full price for mine. It's been a great device so far. That being said the Oreo update isn't treating me kindly. Battery life is a little worse but it's not playing nice with one of my apps and is rebooting every once in a while. I think...
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    Anyone like the LG V30?

    A little late to the party here but the V30 is amazing. I don't think I could live without the wide angle camera at this point. That being said the gcam ports saved this phone for me.
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    top reasons people didn’t upgrade to the iPhone 8 or iPhone X

    Aside from camera advancements there isn't much of a need to upgrade. I'd still be happily have my Nexus 6 if I didn't break it. Today's phones are plenty fast enough, there aren't massive new feature enhancements, and the cameras are all really good. Why spend $1,000 when you don't need to.
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    Rhode Island State Representative Wants to Tax Violent Video Games

    The NRA's political wing is the smallest of it's factions. They do a hell of a lot of good work in the community through safety classes, youth work, and civil rights defenses. Those of you parroting the party lines need to stop looking at these issues in such black and white terms. Some of...
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    Kentucky Governor Blames Video Games for Florida School Shooting

    There's nothing lax about the background check system. The weak link in the chain is law enforcement and the legal system. The Federal government prosecutes less than 1/4 of 1% of background check violations by felons and criminals. Americans for Gun Safety did a study that found that less...
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    New PS4 Update Alllows Parents To Control Kid's Play Time

    I need to give my wife that code LOL. I got lost in a game last night and stayed up until 2 am. Whoops.
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    LG V30 (Coming Oct 5th, $800)

    FYI. Someone ported the Google camera app for the wide angle camera.
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    Subscriptions - How much you pay and what it gets you?

    I'm on an ATT business plan. 4 phones, 16 GB per month. I don't remember what we pay but it's not a lot. I'll switch my personal phone over to Google Fi once I sell this business. The other three are my family members....two are iPhone users and I'm trying to get my wife to switch to a Pixel...
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    Bill Would Make It Illegal to Sell Electronics without Easily Replaceable Batteries

    It sure would be nice if the Government didn't try and regulate everything.
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    Facebook to Let Users Rank Credibility of News

    Good luck with that. Two local news organizations posted a false story last week and I posted proof along with two links showing that. Surprise surprise I was marked as spam. All of the sudden it made sense that every single comment on the article was leaning toward one political side and...
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    Today Is The Last Day To Upgrade To Windows 10 Free

    Walked into work today and my computer restarted for an update and I lost everything I had up on my screen. I had previously edited the registry to get rid of updates. I loved 8.1, Windows 10 is an absolute disaster.
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    LG V30 (Coming Oct 5th, $800)

    Mine has always charged fast. The only time it didn't the phone gave me a slow charge notification and I pushed the cable further into the charger and it went back to fast charging. I must have pulled the cable out of the USB port a little.
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    Thinking of upgrading from iPhone 5S to Samsung Galaxy S8, Pixel 2 or iPhone 8

    Buy a Pixel 2 directly from Google. I'd chose that over Samsung simply because it will be less of a learning curve as the process trees for stock Android are virtually identical to iOS. In fact t, most people probably wouldn't notice any difference. Samsung's skin makes it quite a bit...
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    Trump Wants Postal Service to Charge “Much More” for Amazon Shipments

    You're high if you think the Lend Lease program propped all of the fronts up. Less than 1.5% of the war's small arms and it's estimated that only 7% of what we sent to the Soviet Union actually made it there with the bulk of it arriving after the war shifted toward the Allies. What we sent...
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    Trump Wants Postal Service to Charge “Much More” for Amazon Shipments

    I hate to break it to you but the Allies were winning the WW2 when the US joined the fight. This notion that the US turned the tide and won the war simply isn't accurate. If our schools were more interested in teaching history rather than romanticizing it into a Disney movie for kids we...
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    Older people and Android phones.

    Try explaining that to an old person. They won't understand that....that's the entire point. I was expecting people to connect the dots from there. Listen dude, I've seen your post history and it's clear that you're looking for any excuse to froth at the mouth and rage and I'm just not...
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    Older people and Android phones.

    Try telling that to an old person.
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    Older people and Android phones.

    I think it depends on the phone. If we're talking about a Pixel or Nexus device I think they're better off as the process trees are very similar but the Pixel is easier to use IMO. The problem starts when they get something like a Galaxy that is heavily skinned. At that point there's a...
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    PSA: This Week Might Be Your Last Chance to Get Windows 10 for Free

    The only way I'm installing Windows 10 on any more of my systems is if Microsoft cuts me a big fat check. It's a glorified Windows ME IMO.
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    “The Last Jedi” Is the Most Divisive Star Wars Movie Between Fans and Critics

    The series has been entertaining over the years but it has run its course IMO. The last one was so atrocious I never finished it and have less than zero desire to see the new one. At this point Star Wars has been done to death.
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    Apple Seems to Have Forgotten about the Whole “It Just Works” Thing

    That was just a marketing slogan that was never true in the first place. Someone needs to pass that memo on to the fan base that still touts that phrase every chance they get.
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    France to Ban Mobile Phones in Schools

    I don't see a problem as long as they get it back after school. The school cannot legally seize property and not give it back immediately at the end of the day. I've heard of schools holding phones and things for a week, semester, etc and that's not acceptable IMO.
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    Why so excited for the iPhone X ? It's the same old thing running boring iOS

    There's a lot of talk about Android being unstable and I just don't see it. Android is point for point as stable as iOS IMO but I'm up for hearing about explanations about what's unstable exactly.....
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    Black Friday 2017: More Consumers Want Laptops than Smartphones

    I think phones have reached the point that PCs did a few years ago where they're powerful enough and feature packed enough that they aren't going obsolete overnight. Ten years ago you had to upgrade your PC regularly since hardware wasn't keeping up with software that's not the...
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    LG V30 (Coming Oct 5th, $800)

    In the phone dialer go I to settings -> calls -> more and turn on voice clarity. You're welcome