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    FS: 2 x 4TB Western Digital Red Hard Drives WD40EFRX

    All sold let her drop
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    Intel Devil's Canyon: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly @ [H]

    After recently building a system for a friend based around a 4770K and ASUS Z97 motherboard with a Samsung 250GB SATA III SSD and 16GB Kingston 2400Mhz Ram, I can happily report that my 4 year old core i7 970/X58 system with 12GB running at 4.2Ghz and 1600Mhz RAM and a SATA II SSD is doing just...
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    State of HD streaming over WiFi?

    We ended up wiring a Cat 6 cable across the house. Turned out to be much easier than we expected, and because the layout of the house allows it, we are now planning on installing a switch and wiring in the other bedrooms as well. Probably have a router upstairs serving as an AP and a switch...
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    State of HD streaming over WiFi?

    Thank you all for the suggestions, I'm gonna keep the replies in one response: Moving the server is not an option because it is also serving the downstairs TV for video, and both are wired into the router directly. So moving the server would simply create the same problem downstairs. I...
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    State of HD streaming over WiFi?

    This looks like the thread to post this in....hello all! I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to setup a wireless network that can stream 10-20 Mbps compressed BDrips at my niece's house. She just purchased a new Samsung 51" Plasma Smart TV so we want her to have full access to the home media...
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    FS: Intel I7 970 CPU Only

    3012B129 here, does 4.0ghz at 1.24v and 4.25ghz at 1.34v. Need water for more but I know it has it. Basically, someone needs to buy this cpu. It reminds me of the old 9700 was so much more than anyone ever needed at the time, and so nobody wanted to upgrade it for three years...
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    WTS ASUS F2A85-M/CSM motherboard / A8-5500 APU / 4GB of ram combo

    Kind of shocked this is still here. Any other info about the memory?
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    Got an older 1000w Silverstone PSU on the cheap... keep it?

    I had the Silverstone DA1000 (the modular version) back when I ran triple SLI. Its a beast of a psu. Only reason I traded it in for my 750W corsair was because it was more efficient and I didn't need 1000w.