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    FS: Dell XPS M1710 T2400 NVIDIA GEFORCE 7900 2GB DDR2 $600 OBO

    XPS M1710 Metallic Black Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2400 (2MB Cache/1.83GHz/667MHz FSB) Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 & other software 17 inch UltraSharp™ Wide Screen UXGA Display with TrueLife™ 2GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHZ, 2 DIMM 256MB NVIDIA®...
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    Dell XPS M1710 T2400 NVIDIA GEFORCE 7900 2GB DDR2 $600 OBO

    FOR SALE: XPS M1710 Metallic Black Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2400 (2MB Cache/1.83GHz/667MHz FSB) Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 & other software 17 inch UltraSharp™ Wide Screen UXGA Display with TrueLife™ 2GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHZ, 2 DIMM 256MB NVIDIA®...
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    Upscaling S-DVD to 1080P - quality improvement?

    Yes, it's been discussed. However lately there has been quite a bit of talk regarding the latest scalers, and how much better standard DVD's look when upscaled to 1080P. What is your opinion on the quality, is there an improvement? Or, is it all in peoples heads? I myself have never seen an...
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    What's the story on the 'newer' G80 cores overclockability

    I know that there was a change in the G80 cores, and the later models overclocked better, they had some sort of a core change... anyone care to fill me in on that? I had one of the first 8800GTS's and I managed to squeeze a max OC of 620/1810... unfortunately the card had some sort of a short...
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    Aerocool cases don't take punches well.

    I got pissed off at it because it rattled non stop, the doors would never go on right, and it was flimsy as hell, so in a fit of anger I slammed my fist down on it and it caved in like a piece of in foil - what a piece of flimsy shit this case turned out to be. Can anyone give me a solid...
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    Has anyone fit an Eheim 1260 or 77bonne system in a CM Stacker?

    Anyone running this setup in a stacker case? or know of any pictures?
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    [H[ to the rescue? 4GB ram instant shutdowns

    Alright, well I've run into a pickle. I recently purchased an additional 2GB of Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 for my system, and now I'm having instant shutdowns when under a prolonged load. I've loosened the timings to 5-5-5-15 and increased my NB voltage from the stock 1.25v to 1.40v and I'm...
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    WTT: 4GB (4 sticks) Crucial Ballistix 8500 for 4GB (2 sticks) Crucial Ballistix 8500

    My DFI board is having some issues with 4 sticks, and I'm looking to swap out for 2 sticks. Let me know if you can help.
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    Why the hell is Vista SO slow uninstalling?

    It takes literally 3-4 minutes after I click uninstall for just the menu to appear to allow the uninstaller to begin, it's been like this one every system I've ever built, freshly formatted or not... always takes FOREVER. what the hell is the deal?
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    Any AT&T U-verse fiber subscribers?

    I had a salesman come by the house last night, and return again tonight to go over the features - honestly I really like the pricing, and the features- but I told him no both times because of the speeds. Fiber optic/copper hybrid network... and all you can break off is 6mb/s down, 1mb/s up? I...
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    RAID newbie - how much of a speed increase am I looking at?

    I'm currently running a 500GB Diamondmax 3.0gb/s sata-II drive - I see they are for sale now for 94 bucks a pop... I was thinking about picking up another and running a RAID array of some kind... I don't know too much about them. I wanted to know which setup I should research, and how much of a...
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    The Crucial Ballistix PC2-8000 nightmare

    Has anyone on the forum been caught up in this particular model's nightmare? For anyone not aware - the PC2-8000 kits apparently have a quality issue - I've gone through 3 different sets of memory - all last about 2-3 months and then start failing memtest like mad - bluescreens, etc. This time...
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    Vista ultimate x64 system builder edition?

    Gentleman... please someone fill me in on any disadvantages to buying Vista x64 system builder edition for myself... it states it can't be installed on another PC... well what if that next PC is my next system...? Does it mean there is just 1 valid key... or does it mean only 1 instance one...
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    Can memtest errors be caused by anything but bad memory?

    I have crucial ballistix PC2-8000. I've already had a bad pair... I RMA'ed them and received my new set roughly 4 months ago... now I'm having the same problems alllll over again. Random bluescreens... then bluescreens on boot, then suddenly unable to get into windows.. I formatted, and...
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    Puzzling Vista problems... virus?

    Well, I must share... because I'm stumped... I'm about to format. Lately I've been having weird problems with vista, and it seems to be getting worse. I had noticed within the last week that I had random crashes from background programs. I would be browsing the net, and then all of a sudden...
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    Onboard Realtek HD codec or Audigy2 Value

    I have an old Audigy2 value in my closet... and I was wondering if you guys had any experience whether or not the new Realtek HD codec onboad my DFI Infinity P965 was compariable to my Audigy.... The reason I've avoided putting it back in is creative's drivers are TERRIBLE, and I just hate...
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    wtf? did my mobo bite it?

    Not exactly sure what happened here. I had my old 2.4C northwood box sitting in the corner for a few months. a few months ago, I pulled the battery off the board and tested it - it was completely dead by my measurement. I never put the battery back in it. I'm not sure if that is of any...
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    Do we have any electrical engineers on the forum?

    I was curious about getting a virtual circuit program, where I can design my prototype on the PC and verify all the currents are accurate before I go ahead and build it. I've been searching for some time and I've found a few different pieces of software, but they are not specifically what I'm...
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    Call of Duty 4 - best game ever

    I just finished it up. I played the demo, and it was pretty meh.. not that impressed. But I just finished the full version.. and wow.. that game is incredible... not only does it live up to the hype, it annihilates it. If you haven't played it, don't even think about it.. just get it.
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    Not a big UT fan..... but

    UT3 is real good... I must admit... I actually enjoy it.. and damn it looks good and runs GREAT at completely pegged settings.
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    Satan reports snow :eek:
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    WTB: Dirt cheap 6800GT AGP

    Looking for a dirt cheap 6800GT AGP... need it for a side computer - as long as it works that's fine with me, not interested in paying extra for aftermarket coolers, etc. I'm in the DFW area, if you're local, I'll pick it up.
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    Has anyone successfully hacked a G80 card in SLI with a P965 chipset?

    I know the 7x series can be hacked to work on the P965 boards, just wondering if a G80 hack works.. thinking about adding another 8800gts 320mb to my DFI Infinity.
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    Anyone have some tips or tricks for squeezing out the last bit of an 8800 OC?

    I'm running a tek fuzion block with an e6600 @ 3.0GHz and a P965 northbridge on the same loop. Things stay pretty cool - about 25-27c idle, 37c load for my 8800GTS 320mb superclocked. stock speeds are 576/850 and the most I can get otu of it seems to be 610/910 - which is pretty embarassing...
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    Before/After "Crysis Driver" Vista comparison

    I have an E6600 @ 3.0GHz - 8800GTS 320mb @ 615/1830MHz Vista 32bit Vista 167.44 Drivers ============================================================== TimeDemo Play Started , (Total Frames: 2000, Recorded Time: 111.86s) !TimeDemo Run 0 Finished. Play Time: 103.14s, Average FPS...
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    My Gallery - let me know what you think

    I've been on the forums for a while, but never bothered to post my any of my photos - take a look and tell me what you think.
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    What is the absolute worst piece of hardware you've ever purchased?

    Ever... on all your time in the PC world what is the single worse piece of hardware you've ever owned? Mine would be a Gigabyte DS3.
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    How will the PS3 fare against the Xbox 360's Halo 3 release?

    (Wii intentionally removed from this discussion) Sure, it's been discussed... pre-orders for Halo3 are outrageous, the marketing is outrageous... but... from what I've seen and read.. it lives up to the hype. This only means more 360 gamers out there. Sony is again going to drop the price...
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    I'm losing my mind, I must stop this vibration.

    I have an Eheim 1260 in my case, and it vibrates my case, desk, anything in the room all to hell. What can be done to stop this? I have it suspended by 2" of thick dense foam, and it still vibrates my desk substantially... the case itself has about 100 different parts that make noise from the...
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    Finished my custom reservoir

    here is the plans I drew up a few weeks ago: Here is what it came from, a q-tip holder from the container store. I had a previous thread, but since hardforum crashes and goes down every 2 days, it lost the thread. Here is the finished product, unfortunately I used the wrong glue...
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    Has anyone ever built a DIY DVR?

    I might be making an ass out of myself asking this, but has anyone done this? I remember reading an article saying it costs about 500 bucks to do, any cheaper now?
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    WTB ASAP: Swiftech Copper Ram Sinks

    Need a set of 8 for my next 8800 WC project.
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    Is it just me, or is google getting worse?

    It just seems in the last year or so google has started returning more and more bullshit worthless hits during searches for me. I must admit that I'm pretty damn good at searching, and I'm finding less and less of what I want. Has anyone noticed this trend lately?
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    Bioshock Atmosphere

    I think the atmosphere in my opinion can best be defined as American McGee's Alice meets Myst. discuss. ;)
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    Anyone care to explain Vista transferring data at 37kb/s

    That's right, Vista is currently telling me its going to be 5 hours to extract the installer for bioshock. It does this shit all the time to me, what the fuck is wrong with this operating system?
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    Bioshock demo freeze?

    My bioshock demo won't load for some dumbass reason. I click begin and I get a VERY dark loading screen as if its not fading in... the load bar sits at what seems 100% and theres no movement or anytihng.. I have to ctrl alt delete and close ?? wtf?
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    Is it a bad idea to step-up my 8800GTS to a 8800GTX?

    I have a second 8800GTS that I've wanted to upgrade for some time now.. unfortunately the step up program will run me $300 to turn my 320mb 8800GTS to a 768mb 8800GTX. What I want to know, is should I be waiting for the 8900GTX instead? Anyone have a timeframe yet on it's release? The...
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    Making a LAN cart ?

    Can you buy carts to put your PC and LCD on to cart around? Don't want to carry shit at quakecon for a 10th year in a row damnit! :)
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    Need help on etching acrylic - image transferring

    I'm just finishing up a nice custom vector based graphic I'm going to etch into my acrylic window. However, the acrylic is quite thick, and I don't believe placing a printed graphic behind the acrylic and then etching over it will be a good method, since my eye position will effect where the...
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    WTB: eVGA 8800GTX

    Need one, preferrably an evga w/ the lifetime warranty still transferrable.