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    Google loses patent case against Sonos, will remove features from Nest and Chromecast products So apparently Sonos has a patent on adjusting the volume of more than one device at a time. Google has to remove that ability from its products. So now you have to adjust each...
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    A pcie 3.0 M2 drive should work in a 4.0 slot right?

    New build using a Asrock H570M Pro4 LGA 1200 and Intel 10700K. Board won't see Inland Premium 1TB m2 ssd in the 4.0 slot, only in the 3.0 slot. I know the 10700K can't do 4.0, but I figured it could use the 4.0 slot as 3.0. Am I wrong or is there something wrong with the board?
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    GPU for photo editing?

    So I've been tasked with putting together a desktop for a family member that is getting serious about professional photography. I'm told that Lightroom and Photoshop are the primary software used. I believe that Lightroom can make use of a GPU and maybe Photoshop to some lesser extent, but have...
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    My first attempt at rigid tubing

    So I upgraded my 2500k to a Ryzen 5 3600 and figured I would redo my loop while I was at it. I replaced the old XSPC soft tubing compression fittings with 14mm PETG tubing. I started out doing bends but I wasn't super happy with the way they looked so I ended up replacing all bends with 45 and...
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    Anyone have photos of delidded 3600/3600X?

    So basically I'm trying to figure out the best way to orient my water block on my 3600 and would like to know exactly where the chiplet is located under the IHS. I feel like I've seen some for the 3900X or the 3800X but nothing for the lower tier stuff.
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    Pressure sensitive pad/paper for testing cooler contact?

    In some reviews I've seen them use this pressure sensitive sheets to test the contact that the cooler is making with the CPU. I'm definitely having some contact problems (earlier tightening one screw down much more than the others knocked 20 degrees of my load temperatures) so I would like to...
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    Non-MSI B450 board that is compatible with Zen 2?

    So I ordered a MSI B450 Tomahawk from Amazon a couple weeks back in anticipation of Zen 2. Unfortunately MSI has really dropped the ball on BIOS updates and they don't even know when they will have a BIOS update for my board (mass reddit threads about how people with the B450 Tomahawk can't even...
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    How do new CPU releases work for purchasing purposes?

    So I think this is the first time I have ever actually been waiting for a new PC component to be released. I have all of my other parts ready, just missing a CPU. I have yet to see any Zen 2 CPU product pages to show up at the regular websites, and no pre-order info that I am aware of. Does...
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    Reinstalling windows 10 that was upgraded from 7?

    So I'm going to be rebuilding my system next month. I will be moving over to an NVME drive and will be doing a fresh install. My current system is windows 10 which was upgraded from a retail windows 7 ultimate. So my question is, will this actually work? Do I grab a windows 10 ISO and use...
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    Questions and looking for AM4 motherboard recommendations

    So it's finally time to replace my 2500K. I plan on grabbing a 3600X or 3700X next month. I don't really see the value of a X570 board as they appear to be significantly more expensive than a B450 or X470 board and I don't plan on getting a pcie 4.0 SSD any time soon. So first, X470 or B450? I...
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    Did Genmay disappear or is it just me?

    I was going to post something in GenMay then it said I don't have permission to view that page. My subscription says it expires in 2037. I'm panicking here, like realizing you've locked your car.
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    WTB Full Cover Water Block for GTX 980TI/Titan X

    I have a EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Superclocked+ ACX 2.0+ 6GB GDDR5 (06G-P4-4995) that I am looking for a full cover water block for. I don't care about brand but if it is EK I would prefer copper over nickel plated. Let me know what you have got. Edit: found a EK CSQ full cover block on ebay...
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    WTB Civilization VI

    I will pay $28 via paypal. My whopping 5 heat can be seen at
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    FS Watch Dogs 2 $25

    You know the drill by now, Samsung promo code for Watch Dogs 2. You sign into your Ubisoft account at then enter the promo code. Only valid in US. If you have $25 via PayPal and have heatware feedback it's yours. UPDATE: Sold to piker28
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    Positive or negative pressure? Fan direction?

    So I have a Thermaltake X71 case arriving tomorrow and I'm going to my system into it and out of my Xigmatek Elysium. I liked my Elysium but it is showing some wear and the cost of sprucing it up was not that much less than the cost of a new case. Anyway, loop will be tube res -> mcp35x ->...
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    Intel LANFest Infernalan Dec. 9-11 @ Washington State Fairgrounds Seats are currently $40 if you register now and $45 if you buy a seat at the door. I will be going up there with a group of friends from Portland. There are a lot of seats left for such a large and previously very popular lan. I've...
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    Water cooling is great

    So I recently traded a gtx 960 that I won and a heat sink to a friend for his gtx 970. A decent upgrade over my gtx 680. Anyway, yesterday I took the XSPC raystorm universal block off the 680 and installed it onto the 970. Load temps (using furmark) dropped from 75C at 33% fan or 55C at 100%...
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    Is this trade worth it? 680+960 for a 970.

    Friend offered me his GTX 970 for my GTX 680 4gb and an unopened GTX 960 2gb that I recently won. I am currently using the 680 and hadn't really figured out what to do with the 960. The 680 is water cooled so I wasn't going to bother swapping the 960 into my system when it would basically give...
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    Looking for some case reccomendations

    So my Xigmatek Elysium has served me well over the years, but the main reason that I bought it was because of how big it is; however, now I am looking to go a bit smaller. Lugging my Elysium to LANs is getting a little old. Basically I'm looking for something more in the cube shape with...
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    What do you do about misbehaving apps?

    So last night I didn't charge my new note edge because I wanted to see how long I can go between charges. This morning I take a look and discover that somehow facebook has jumped from no battery use last night to 22% this morning. I can uninstall it, or disable notifications but that is about...
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    Making my own illuminated tube reservoir

    So I was feeling like my cheap Chinese tube reservoir was looking a little boring so I picked up a 6 foot long rod of 3/8" acrylic from the local plastics store for $4.00 and started messing around with some LEDs I had. The 3/8" acrylic rod fits pretty nicely into a random g1/4 plug I had in my...
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    Enough is never enough!

    LOL, I was looking at my case the other day, in which I have a XSPC EX480 and EX360 for a single i7 and GTX 680, and I suddenly realized, I have room for a single 120 or 140 rad at the rear of my case! I found someone on OCN selling a used EX120 for $20 shipped. It was delivered today and is now...
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    Sigh of relief

    So I buy a gtx 680 4gb from a friend of mine to replace my 2 7850s. Things are running fine through benchmarking and games. I put a universal water block on it as well as heatsinks on the VRAM and VRMs, and head to a friend's place for a weekend lan. Suddenly I start noticing artifacts and...
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    WTB: Single 120mm Radiator

    Looking for a single 120mm radiator. Looking to spend $20 or so. I don't really care about brand or model as long as it doesn't leak, the fins aren't completely mashed, and it takes standard g1/4 fittings. Let me know what you've got. I have heat but I think I have maybe 1 transaction on record.
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    WTB GTX 680 Full Cover Water Block

    Looking for a full cover water block for a reference gtx 680. Heatkiller, EK, XSPC, I don't care. Let me know what you've got. We're talking about a 3 year old card so I am not looking to spend a whole lot. Thanks
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    Who would sell thermal tape locally?

    The adhesive on vram heatsinks turned out to be crap and I ran out of thermal tape in the middle of putting a universal block on my gtx 680. I can order some online, but who knows how long it will take to show up. I'm in Portland, Oregon. Can you think of any store that would sell this kind of...
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    Nothing sticks to my 680's vram modules

    I'm trying to install a universal water block to my evga 680 and I want to put some copper heatsinks on the vram and vrm modules but nothing sticks.Thermal tape falls right off. The stuff almost tears my skin off but will not stick to the vram. Suggestions?
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    Thoughts on going from CF 7850s to single 680 4GB?

    I've got an opportunity to pick up a EVGA GTX 680 4GB from a friend for $150. I know it's been fairly treated and never overclocked or anything. I'm considering doing it because I don't really feel like I'm getting the most out of my CF 7850s. I mean, it just seems like every time I have...
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    Samsung 840 EVO 250gb hates my system

    So, wtf is wrong here? My system specs are in my signature. I've been running a 830 128gb ssd for over a year and it has been great but I needed more space so I ordered a 840 EVO 250gb from amazon. I pull out my 830, plug in the 840, change the bios to AHCI (previously had been set to raid as I...
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    Suggestions for prepaid provider?

    I'm in Portland, OR and need a basic prepaid smartphone (something like a moto g or an older iphone) for a family member. Text is more important than voice, 1gb of data is fine. So far it looks like Ting is more expensive than Sprint. Cricket is the same price as Sprint, but their network might...
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    Anyone have any Logitech warranty experience?

    My logitech G500 is having issues. More often than not when I left click or click and hold it does a double click which makes it impossible to click and drag files and such. Gaming is also out of the question for the moment. I contacted their support because it should still be under warranty...
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    Galaxy Nexus no longer has mobile network connection

    This afternoon I noticed that I was receiving text messages but any that I tried to send were stuck at "sending". I could also make and receive calls. I rebooted my phone to try to fix it but now I have no mobile network connection at all. Any thoughts? Everything is stock. I haven't unlocked it...
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    Best options for off contract Verizon phone?

    My contract with Verizon ended in January, but I don't want to give up unlimited data by renewing (plus I'm the only one out of five on my family's plan that has data and wants data). My galaxy nexus is on its last legs (the other day it wouldn't even turn on) and it now turns off if it takes...
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    Anyone have JKC pool suggestions?

    I was mining junkcoins on, but they have frequent problems and it has gotten to the point where people have given up on them so the pool hash rate has dropped to almost nothing (like 1.5 mhash/s and I'm 50% of that). Every single other pool I've found is no longer running...
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    LTC mining question

    Why would two cards of the same model with very similar khash rates have a big difference in shares accepted? I have two 7850s. The first is clocked at 1050/1320 and the second is clocked at 1000/1320. I started them both last night at the same time. The first is getting around 356 khash/s and...
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    Enabling/disabling crossfire jumbles my desktop

    The main games that I play right now are BF4 and DOTA2. DOTA 2 hates crossfire (at least for me) so I disable it before I launch the game (it's not like it needs it anyway). Whenever I disable or enable crossfire it seems to randomly jumble all of my desktop icons. Is there a fix to this? I used...
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    Any cheap 1200P monitors out there?

    I've been rocking a 22" 1680x1050 monitor for the last 5 years and I've been feeling that it's time to upgrade. I don't do anything fancy (in other words I've never had any complaints about my TN panel monitors) so I was surprised when the cheapest 1920x1200 monitor on newegg or amazon is $240...
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    Rebate problem

    I recently bought an MSI 7850 from newegg. It had a $30 rebate on it. The rebate is handled by 4myrebates. No problem, I've used them before. I go the their site, fill out my info, print out the form, get all of my documents together. I'm almost ready to mail it when I see that it says that the...
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    Worth grabbing a second 7850 for crossfire?

    So I've had my 7850 since they were first released (I do feel kind of bad for paying $250 for it but whatever). It's been a great card, and it can do a 40% overclock easily, but I'm starting to feel the need for a bit more. Today you can get an MSI 7850 2gb for $110 after $30 MIR from newegg...
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    PSA Verizon Unlimited Data, You might be able to upgrade

    So slickdeals is blowing up right now because it's been discovered that if you log into your verizon account, and you currently have unlimited web/email, you can upgrade and it apparently lets you keep it. There is a lot of confusion. Some people are saying they work for verizon in store and it...