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    Call of Duty 5 modern weapons mod

    Anybody installed the Modern Warfare weapons mod for Zombies? I can't for some reason find the mod folder to put the files in... Anybody have any ideas or any other good mods for zombies?
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    MSI 1GB 4870 + 160GB Hitachi HD never used

    MSI 4870 1GB - $130OBO Hitachi 160GB 7200rpm sata 2 drive never used ever. - $30 Buy both for $145 MO only. I'll gladly ship to you first, if you have some cred. Local pick up in Southern Indiana - Evansville region - is what will go first. Cash only, no trades.
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    Desktop background not covering whole monitor

    Just resinstalled windows and did a fresh install of my Ati drivers. Now my desktop wallpaper will not cover my whole desktop. Everything is set to 1920 x 1080, which is my res but it still will not cover the whole thing. There are black bars on every side. Any ideas?
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    Free virtual cdrom thing like Alcohol

    Drew a blank on what I'm trying to say but... Any free programs like Alcohol for using on ISO's. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about.
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    Modern Warfare 2 comes with night vision goggles Neat shit.
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    Thoughts on my monitor

    Kind of a pointless thread, since I already bought the damn thing. Anywho, didn't know if anyone owns this monitor or anything. Just looking for some first hand reviews.
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    AA 3 IGN Review

    Uhh what? Rated higher then ArmA 2?
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    When did it go wrong for AMD?

    Last time I was into computers I had a very nice AMD64 3000+ Venice core and AMD was rulling the CPU market. Then came the awesome Opteron 165, great overclocking dual cores. AMD was killing Intel with the AMD64 compared to the Pentium D? When did it go wrong? Was it the Core2Duo's?
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    My power supply to blame?

    So I've been trying to OC my Kuma chip past 3.1ghz stable and I just can't. Everytime I raise the volts and to a prime95 test the computer just shuts off. Never an error on p95. Just shuts off. AMD Kuma @ 3.1ghz 2x2GB Kingston HyperX 1066 Ram Gigabyte MA780G0-UD3H MSI 4870 1GB and a...
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    Burnout Paradise and a Joystick

    Anybody else use a joystick for playing Burnout? Or any racing game for that matter? Found it to be surprisingly very easy and fun.
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    Crysis Optimization

    Anybody have good websites or a personal config or setup I could use. Game doesn't look that good but I only have it on mainstream. I tried the CUDDA or something optimization somebody posted on these boards that I found thru searching but it didn't work for some reason. 7750 @ 3Ghz 4870...
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    How high to OC Kuma 7750 to catch up with 4870

    Tried 3.2 with a slight bump in volts with my stock cooler. P95 didn't last very long. Tried 3.1 lasted a little longer but still not very long. Seem to be going strong at 3.0. Temps are at 53c with stock cooler and AS5. Not gonna bump up the volts too much until I get a new heatsink...
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    DFI Lanparty 4 red light debugger...Really need help

    I sent my computer off to a guy who bought it. Apparently UPS really wrecked the package, the front door on the Antec p180 got jacked up and fell completely off when he opened it, anyways. He is unable to boot the computer up, he tried to and it acts like it wants to start but it stops and...
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    Flashing your Bios

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    Forums help.

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    Antec P180

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    BF2 Keybind question

    I"ll make this simple because I'm sure everybody has had this problem I just can't figure out the answer. I want Left Shift as my crouch key, yet I can't and it drives me crazy. Ideas?
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    Question about my Opteron

    I bought my opteron off of newegg and it said it was a Denmark. CPU/Z though says that its a Toledo. I forgot to look at the core and get the numbers before I put my heatsink on but its a s939 Opteron 170 2.0ghz. Just wondering if this was even a big deal or if cpu/z is just confused.
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    DFI LANPARTY nF4 Ultra-D horrors

    Got this board today and have not had a very good time. I hooked up my Antec NeoPower 480w to the board and plugged in all 4 power connectors. I get the power LED light on, I don't even get the ram LED on, on the motherboard. I try to start it up and I get nothing. Nothing at all. I try clearing...
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    New Laptop suggestions

    I had a laptop awhile ago, a shitty ass Compaq which was the biggest mistake of my life. Anywho, I'm wanting to get a new one now that I dont play many computer games. Basically I'm just looking for something affordable $1000-$1500. Small and not to thick, reliable (my compaq broke all the...
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    Halo 2 for PC Didn't know if you guys already talked about this. Seems like somebdoy would have noticed by now. Expectations?
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    How to make a setup disc

    I was wondering how I could make a setup or iso file of a program I have. Is it just taking the setup file from the program itself and putting on a disk, so I could just run setup and install it onto a new comp?
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    FS or FT: BfG 6800GTOC

    Forgot the normal clocks on this card but it has been underclocked since I've had it, no need for that power for me. Now I'm looking to get rid of it. I know this thing OC's to Ultra and beyond speeds. Red LED on it, looks nice. Anywho... I'm looking for $200 for just the card or $150 and a...
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    Quick CoD 2 for 360 question

    It has 4 player mulitplayer right that you can play with your friends? Can you play with more then 1 person on xbox live like with halo 2? Thanks.
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    Noob to wireless

    I'm getting ready to move into a new house with some buddies who've already got wireless going and all. They said they have a motorola wireless router. I was just curious, it really doesn't matter what wireless adapter I get does it? I was thinking about going USB, with one that comes with a...
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    X2's VS Pentium D

    I was having a argument with this guy raving about how Intels are so much better then AMD's and that people only like AMD because they are told too and shit. This is what he said. asshats only like it because you have been told to like it... you are marketing scheme asshats.... and...
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    FS: BFG 6800GTOC PP only need cash fast

    For sale is a BFG 6800GTOC with stock cooler. PCI-Express btw Selling for $150, I know this seems low but I need the money pretty quick to put in my bank account. I will ship day after I receive payment. I have not taken the time to get any references but I have done business with mods, and...
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    Newegg and Bill me later...Plus the hardware I bought

    I bought a 7800GTX from newegg and a Antec P180. Bam my posts is relevant to thsi forum. Now my real question. Tomorrow is when my bill me later is suppose to be paid. But I have yet to receive a billing statement or bill. I've tried logging into there website with the info I gave newegg...
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    FS: CoD 2

    CoD2 1 week old. Completely badass and most intense game I've ever played, and thats just the multiplayer. Can be yours for $30 shipped. I was gonna charge 40 but since everybody ususally pm's me with a 10 dollars cheaper offer. I'll just do the job for you.
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    NeoPower 480 and Sli

    I have 2 PCI-e connectors for my Neopower480 and I was wondering if it can be done with 2 6800GT overclocked to Ultra speeds. I just have 1 80gb hard drive and a dvd/rw. AMD 3000 @ 2.6ghz and 1 case fan.
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    How many PM's

    I thought 100 pm's were the limit but i've got 114 now. So what is the limit?
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    FS: 2x1gb Crucial Value

    Never added volts but has been rock solid at 233mhz Crucial Value 184pin ddr 400mhz pc3200 $140 for the pair $ 80 each paypal only.
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    Draining watercooling

    I sold my kit and now I need to know how I should go about draining it and such. Its the swiftech apex kit btw.
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    System hanging problem

    I think this is a well known problem but I coulnd't quite locate it using the search button so I thought I'd just ask. When my comp boots up its pretty quick except for when it gets to the Windows Xp splash screen where the little blue things dash go back and forth. It seems to hang there for...
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    FS: 7800GTX Samsung Spinpoint 250gb, Maxtor DiamonMax9 120, Swiftech Apex cooling kit

    Everything is sold except for the... Swiftech Apex Kit, yes the popular one thats been in short demand. I am selling mine with the Swiftech MCW55 VGA waterblock $250 shipped Will look at Video card trades or a SLI mobo plus other goodies. Take MO and Paypal, but I prefer paypal. Will...
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    Page File

    How much page file should I be using? Right now its at 1536mb. Is that too much?
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    Swiftech apex kit and my p180

    Well I attempted it and I failed. I couldn't get it together. It was all going so good before I uttered those magical damning words....This is going way to good. Bam, tried to install the waterblock for the GTX and the tubing won't fit in it. The tubing is... Larger 7/16" ID (5/8" OD)...
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    What is Folding?

    Ok, what is folding?
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    Swiftech Apex Kit and the p180

    I'm about to break down and get the awesome Swiftech apex watercooling kit for my p180 but after examining it. I'm not sure if the damn radiator would fit. Anybody have any experience with these items?
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    Selling games

    I just sold my software on these forums. Now, I sold HL2 and I was wondering if just a simple uninstall would be sufficient enough. I want to make sure he can play online and everything. I also sold WoW. Any help would be appreciated.